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Rush Limbaugh June 7th, 2017


Presidents turn to faith in times of crisis, that seems unlikely for Trump.

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On Sunday as details poured in about the London terror attacks, CNN pushed out a news notification, perfect timing, here's what it said. Presidents often turned to faith in times of crisis. That seems unlikely for Trump. The story at linked to God, and the dawn was just a typical CNN hit piece on President Trump. It claimed to take a deep look into Trump's church habits from childhood to the president. They concluded that Trump is not as religious as CNN thinks he should be. The fact that CNN is is what shocks me now after claiming Trump does not have a hometown church CNN doesn't either CNN says the congregants of his childhood church and queens might not welcome him back today because of his political views and because the congregation is now mostly minority, the article goes downhill from there.
This is the take away when questions come up about Obama's faith. A dry by media did two things ignore or defend. When stories emerged about the openly racist anti american teachings at Obama's church led by the radical preacher draw my right, they buried the story, then after Obama misspoke during an interview with George Stephanopoulos and cited his muslim faith. They circle the wagons, the accused. Anybody who dared question Obama's faith of bigotry, racism and troglodyte ignorance, but now smearing Trump over his religion. Why that's? In order how times change- and it still shocks me that anybody at CNN even knows what religion is
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