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Rush Limbaugh March 24th, 2017


New website names college professors that spread leftist propaganda and are biased to conservative students is considered the newest threat to American freedom by New York Times.

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was the promo code rush. Well, the high and mighty New York Times as a new threat to academic freedom is emerge. It's not Donald Trump. It's a two new website launched last week, while professor watch list, the watch list names two hundred college professors who, according to students, spread leftist propaganda in their classrooms at are biased against conservative students. The mere existence of this list is supposedly a threat to academic freedom. Who do you say our opinion and associate professor of history? Kent state is on the list. He complains that the goal of the site is to shame and defame professors. Other critics warn the site will be used to harass. Professors are maybe even sabotage their careers not so says, Charlie Kirk, the executive director of turning point USA.
started the watch list. He says that it is a secret that some college professors are totally at all it's time to expose them. I cannot tell you how many calls I've taken over the years from college students and parents describing the liberal propaganda. These kids are routinely exposed to in class and the hateful treatment they receive, that liberal universities and when they have to endure ridicule bullying of blatant hostility, bad grades. All of that in silence for fear their grades will suffer if they speak up. They. Professor watch list is not a threat to academic freedom. It makes the point that conservatives have academic freedom to which is a point long overdue.
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