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Rush Limbaugh March 4th 2019


Last Week, Maryland State Lawmaker Mary Ann Lisanti is under fire after her use of a racial slur to describe Prince George's County.

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Democrats. If she used that slur to describe the majority black area, she claimed that she didn't remember when the reporter If she had ever use the inward she sent all sure, she's used that everybody as well a fire storm ensued and eventually Mary endless Anti democratic issue.
An apology to her from a law makers and our constituents, a third of whom are african Americans. Now her apology was the usual drivelled Democrats say when they are caught business Anti said she was sick, and if the inward came out, I heard democratic mouth. She said that she'll take sensitivity, training to become a better democratic. Only use that word when talking about Republicans and she holds the one day regain the trust of our constituents. But despite calls for her to quit from lawmakers of both parties Maryland Democratic, Mary, endless anti did not budge she's, taking her cures from Virginia Democratic, she is staying put and anybody who doesn't like it can kiss her. What ever and go do a late term. Abortion
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