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Rush Limbaugh May 31, 2019


NBC News says that Democratic presidential candidates are having a hard time getting noticed because there are so many of them.

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are in fact opting for the opposite of what the expert said they want a familiar face. So the poor Democrats, who are not well known to voters, are having big time trouble. They have take every interview that comes their way as they keep trying to catch fire with the public. It doesn't want them what it really doesn't matter. What most of these Democrats do there? Never gonna get noticed beyond, however, notice they are now because they are an indistinguishable blob. They are a blob of leftism of liberalism and they are trying to out liberally each other and it really doesn't matter if it's one of these old faces, like Biden or Bernie, or a new face like Mayor PETE, whoever the Democrats in choosing from their blob is still going to be too wacko to win.
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