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Rush Limbaugh Nov 19, 2020


Well today we have distressing news from South of the border Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is asking for compassion and understanding.

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homo called CD, fifty levels, the like c b d, dot com, promo code, C, B, D, fifty, while today we have distressing news from south of the border mexican President Andreas Manuel Lobo Antunes daughter, is asking for compassion and understanding ever make a very tough decision because of her reigns, as gruelling decision was where to open the floodgates. If he opened it one direction a city of Vienna Hermosa would be inundated if you open them in another direction. Indigenous people, poverty, stricken indigenous mexicans- would be. Flooded now this should have been an easy choice for El President. They a daughter he campaign with the slogan the poor come first but
liberal politicians everywhere. Have one thing in common slogans come easy and talk is cheap. Therefore, President Andres Manuel Lopez over the door opened the flood gates on the poor. The poverty stricken indigenous people were flooded, so the rich city dwellers in via Hermosa would be spared open. Our door says that opening the floodgates and the poor indigenous people hurt him a lot, but that it had to be done now. We don't know how many indigenous people lost the few possessions that they had. We don't know if any lives were lost, because the drive by media reports don't bother to mention what happened to the poor indigenous people of MECO, because their lives apparently don't matter, but we do know that President Obrador is hurting and we are supposed to feel compassion and sorrow for him.
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