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Rush Limbaugh Nov 24, 2020


Over the weekend, eight Democrat mayors, some cities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, wrote a joint op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post.

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fifty over the weekend, a democratic mayors from cities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky wrote a joined up. Add that appeared in the Washington Post These gang ape mayors claim we need a Marshall plan for Middle America. For those of you who went to public school, I'm explain after world war. Two american taxpayers spent thirteen billion dollars to rebuild Europe under the direction of general. George Marshall got all kinds of accolades for being able to figure out how to spend thirteen billion dollars or so that some sort of unique achievement
So today we had eight Democrat mayors, one of the Marshall Plan for their cities and boils down to what it always boils down to money. Your money bailing them out. They want sixty billion a year for the next ten years to spend on their wish list. Some of the money would go toward their environmentalist Flacco agenda. Some of them would see the regional investment which means that cronies are. These mayor's would get very rich. I forget this we've seen what Millions of new jobs and opportunities that resulted from lower taxes and fewer regulations on businesses and individuals that produced record unemployment across the board. What jobs returning to our shores lasting. We need yet other big government welfare plan for Democrats, cities at scheme fails every time it's tried, I'm tired of paying for it. You should be too
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