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Rush Limbaugh November 23rd 2018


According to a news study by The Travel Industry that Americans got 17 vacation days last year on average which is the most in 8 years.

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According to a new study by the travel industry, Americans got seventeen vacation days last year on average, which is the most in eight years, good news right. While the study also shows that a majority of Americans fifty two percent do not use all their allotted vacation time. In fact, twenty four percent have not taken a vacation in over a year. The main reason is guilt, people think they'll look less dedicated to their jobs if they take some time off and it will be more easily replaced. It turns out that science now says it's just as well that Americans don't take off as much as they could. A new australian study warns that tourism has a horrible impact on global warming. According to the integrated sustainability analysis, that's a team of people at the University of Sydney, ten percent of all greenhouse gases supposedly come from tourism. You realize what a crock.
That is an these also global warning. Researchers say the number one offenders are. American tourists will, of course, so here's some advice for your liberals who believe this rock got stay home. Don't travel, get back to work, save the earth Savior jobs all at the same time, and leave the sea in the USA in the world to us.
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