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Rush Limbaugh November 6th 2017


Donna Brazile's new book details how Hillary Clinton took control of the DNC before the 2016 primaries.

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not calm. Your solution to perfecting casual on target dot com, Donna Brazil has opened a Hornets nest for the Democrats, the politico as published excerpts of her no book in this book Donna Brazil details how Hilary took control of it. and z. Before the two thousand sixteen primaries after Debbie Blabber Mouse Schulz was forced out. Brazil took over his acting headed the DMZ and she discovered the agreement, giving control of Democrat Party financing strategy and fund raising two Hilary. It was signed in two thousand fifteen a full year before Hilary became an almond eat. Now, after the story broke Thursday morning, CNN Jag Tapir asked Senator Elizabeth Warren. If the democrat primary was ring for hilary- and she said yes,
Can I told you that fact I did tell you that last year, during the primary, so Trump and the supporters of Bernie Sanders the victims of this crooked deal. Focus harvests got elected the Senate by promising voters. She had the courage to speak truth, the power. Yet when Hilary power was stopping on Bernie, Foger Highness remained silent after first playing coy supporting neither Hilary nor Bernie she folded to power and, through her support behind the woman who ring the election, Hillary Clinton Donna Brazil exposed how the game was written and also exposed. What hacks and frauds Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren really are.
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