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Rush Limbaugh November 7th 2017


A year ago, liberals were screaming an early victory that Hillary Clinton was going to take House on November 8th. Unfortunately, that victory was cut short as the polls surprisingly shifted and gave the victory to our now President, Donald Trump.

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and use the cord USA it and get a free pair of both sound link wireless headphones. When you book your first trip, it's called USA for a free pair of bows, sound link, wireless headphones upside. You deserve a better business trip. Minimum purchase required see site for complete details on the morning of November eighth. One year ago, liberals were giddy with anticipation. everything pointed toward victory. The poles, in a big data, showed Hillary Clinton. Winning a big landslide. The day began with predictions trumps. Presidential perspiration were doomed his chances of reaching the oval office said to be between seven and twenty. Nine percent, in addition of breaking a soul glass ceiling. Hillary Clinton is election meant Barack Obama's legacy was safe. President Hilary would keep her promise to protect it. Yes, the morning in November,
eight one year ago was a good one for liberal Democrats on the evening of November eighth. One year ago there was an error of happy confidence throughout the drive by media, as the polls begin to close, was obvious. The stories were already written. The coverage had been mapped out in advance. Media liberals were thrill. Their unrelenting pounding of Donald Trump was about to pay off on establishing republicans, were also giddy that never trumpery their hatred of the outsider would be vindicated, and even if it meant an election laws, their hold on the party would remain intact
at two hundred and forty a dot m in the morning on November ninth one year ago, it was all over to getting his collapsed into waves of despondency, tears, gloaming anger a year later, the fury remains. The rest of the country, however, was celebrating a year later. We still are, thank you, Russians
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