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Rush Limbaugh November 8th 2018


Thank you, Diana Feinstein and Christine Blasey Ford, 9 out of the 11 candidates that Donald Trump stump for and rallies for won re-election. Donald Trump is the one person responsible for the Republican victories on election day.

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There is still a college in America where students can debate ideas openly and honestly, where they can work with their professors and respectful ways, its hills, Dale College, we student of hills, their lives by an honor code, and it's not a list adducing. Don't it's a simple pledge, and this is it a hill he'll college student is honourable in conduct, honest in word and deed, dutiful in study and service and respectful of the rights of others through education. The student rises to self government that it every incoming freshmen, amidst the followed that code and throughout their heels, Dale Education, their character is built to be true and good. You don't find grievance list safe spaces or identity, politics, Hills, Dale Graduates go on to serve our country. Is teachers, doctors, stay at home, moms lawyers, journalists and more the excellent education they get produces, proud self. Confident people learn
more apt rush for Hills, Dale, not Tom folks, a few thoughts here after the election and the Senate side that Cavanaugh effect. Thank you. Diane Feinstein, Christine Balls. Ford nine out of the eleven candidates that Donald Trump stumped for and did rallies for. One reelection, a budgetary organs in the house. That said, Donald Trump, embarrassing that we don't want pizza. President talk that way. They lost not an albatross. Donald Trump is the one person responsible for republican victories on election they on Tuesday, but the houses where it's gotta be really interesting, because a bunch of these young Socialist millennial Democrats of one and they don't like this aging octogenarian leadership policies, Demi Warrior and I don't think
Democrats in the leadership of the house, you are going to have any idea what is headed their way. I think o kiss your Cortez and the others are gonna actually use community organizing tactics to take over the whole house. And the democratic leadership is going to be among the targets. This is gonna be fascinating to watch, because I dont think policy in the rest of the democratic leadership have the slightest idea. What's coming, there used to being able to El the Rockies, how to behave, how to vote and if they dont than they are sent packing, it's gonna be the other way around and I think we're gonna benefit benefit time. From this. On the republican side, we'll see
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