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Rush Limbaugh Oct 19, 2020


At the end of Senate Judiciary confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett, Republican chairman Lindsey Graham and the ranking member Dianne Feinstein shared a Hallmark moment.

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Bird Diane, Feinstein, shared a whole mark moment, die. If I praised Gram for conducting fair hearings with good back and forth exchanges, she said, and it made her hopeful that they might be able to come up with good by partisan legislation. That would make our great nation even better, and then she gave Lindsey a quick hug. Well, that's all it took folks. Liberals erupted in a five alarm. Has if it a democrat strategy set. Excuse me what I go punch a hole in the wall. The left is dark. Money group demand justice immediately call for Senator Feinstein to resign from the committee. They said that she won't go quietly her fellow Democrats, oughta stage and intervention in throw her.
Lawrence tribe Leftist Harvard professor norm. Orange Steen from the Atlantic magazine joined Obama leftovers. In calling for her resignation, they don't want her put out to pasture folks. They want her sent to the glue factory now now when I helped orchestrate the smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. She was a hero, now she's a zero with horns. All this over a short gracious comment and a hug just imagine what these people would do. If Di I had actually given Lindsey a kiss, oh yeah, that would be tough.
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