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Rush Limbaugh Oct 22, 2019


Well folks, we are almost a year out from the 2020 presidential election. Los Angeles Times editorial board got a dismal view of America.

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Bowling branch sheets. They are the softest, the most comfortable sheets. You will ever sleep on and they only get softer overtime. Bowman branch uses a pure one hundred percent organic cotton. They have thousands of five star reviews. They are loved by hundreds of thousands of Americans, including former. U S president's got a bold and branch not come today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets and free shipping. With the promo code rush me, spelling Bee O L, l and branch dot com remembered a promo code rush, while folks we are almost a year out from the twenty twenty presidential election in LOS Angeles times. Have a Tory aboard got a dismal view of America in an editorial titled undoing the great mistake it two thousand sixteen. I wonder what that was. They complained. The country's bitterly polarized wages aren't going up fast enough income. Inequality is out of control. Homelessness is reached.
Crisis levels? The american dream feels out of reach too many, and even though unemployment is low, dark anger and anxiety are gripping the voters there not done colleges or in bad shape, because on culture wars, global alliances are cutting up. Climate change threatens our very existence and for only the fourth time three, the american president is being investigated with an eye toward impeachment. Things are bad folks, really bad there dismal their rotten out there. So what is the point of order Gilman glow. Well, according to the Times Editorial board. Donald Trump is the reason for everything. Bad in America has the most dangerous precedent in modern history. He has hoodwinked people. He must be driven from the presidency at the ballot box couple a quick points, despite what you liberals. Thank President trumps Election
It was not a mistake. It was largely a direct and long overdue answer to you and your lawless, ruinous socialism and prove to you. It wasn't a mistake. We're gonna, do it
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