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Rush Limbaugh Oct 29, 2019


The Los Angeles Times just ran an Op Ed about Elizabeth Warren's elitism problem the author is a guy named Joel Stein he's a Warren fan-boy.

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percent off at lifelike, not come LOS Angeles Times, just random, not bad about Elizabeth Warrens, EU leaders in problem the authors, a guy named Joel Stein, he's a Warren fan boy. He says that she is a member of the intellectual elite ended he to him. He says the fact that she's a Harvard Law- professor filled him with so much joy, that it makes him sworn, which is no surprise. Coming from a guy who wrote a book called in defence of a lead ism, but here's the problem says: Mister Stein, people don't like intellectual elites, people don't appreciate Ivy league pedigrees, and he says that. That's why Donald Trump as President Trump One, because these an anti latest who beat up on the elites trump voters cheer went to everybody in the media or academia or government are taken down and not now guidelines as if he wishes that he lived in a time when progressive intellectual leaders like Elizabeth Warren WAR, appreciated
as he claims far right. Nationalism is imperiling democracy all over the world. Now this guy may be smart, but how do we define smart because this guy doesn't get it he and his fellow liberals embraced a Harvard law grab for eight years. She lied, The gig censure words, Indian Obama was a member and good standing of the intellectual elite and he imperilled the american way of life. The reason most voters will avoid Elizabeth warrant at all. Costs is because we ve seen her and the elite in action, and we have learned they aren't smarter than we are
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