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Rush Limbaugh Oct 29, 2020


Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and if California Governor Gavin Newsom, gets his way it'll be a Thanksgiving that you and your family your friends will never ever forget.

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Switch your cell phone service to pure talk. Usa, you get the exact same coverages the larger carriers, but of half the cost, with no contract or excessive fees, get unlimited talk text and to gigs of data for just twenty dollars a month. Pure talk, USA's excellent customer service is right here in the USA. Folks, it's easy to do, though. The pure talk, USA, dot com and enter the promo code pure talk to get fifty percent off your first month. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and if California, Governor Gavin Newsom, gets his way, it'll be a thanks. You and your family. Your friends will never ever forget. Governor Newsom and the California Department of Public Health have issued new regulations, determine how citizens are permitted to celebrate Thanksgiving Every single thanksgiving gathering held in California must include no more than three households.
Because governor no seven is state. Health bureaucrats have determined that if people from more than three different how. Sold gather the increased chances of transmitting covid are too high to risk California. Residence must also hear, learn and obey the following Governor Newsome says that his checks must wear masks in the house before after they eat and residence should have singing enchanting and shouting so you have to show up with the mask. You have to leave it on until you eat and then after you eat, you put it back on and shut your pie until the Thanksgiving celebrations over by order of great governor, Gavin Maximus Caesar Newson, the one true ruler, California and all of its provinces. So he'll know some
California, subjects need to bow down, be thankful that new, suddenly generous and magnificent has allowed Thanksgiving to happen at all
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