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Rush Limbaugh October 9th 2017


American Intelligence Specialists Reality Winner, was denied a second bond by Court Judge Brian Epps for being accused of leaking classified government information.

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Twenty five year old reality. Winner served me air force for six years as a linguist, and then she went to work for a federal contractor connected with the USA in May a day after she started the new job, she's accused of using her Topsecret Clarence to download an M S, a analysis of russian attempts to influence the election. She mailed it to a left wing online publication, call the intercept. She was arrested. She was charged with violating the Federal Espionage ACT this week she was denied bond for the second time by. U S, magistrate Court Judge Brian Epps. The judge found that reality, winner acted with premeditation before leaving the airforce. She had researched. What could happen if a thumb drive was inserted in.
we're Topsecret computer and how to anonymously. Send information to drive by media outlets. Judge Epps also found that reality, winner wasn't joking ass. She claims she was when she expressed hatred for America, including wanting to burn the White House. Now she was not kidding. He ruled that she presents an ongoing threat to national security and is a flight risk. Now under Obama, leakers could simply ask for a government paid sex change operation. Not a left wing. Public relations campaign got a federal Prison with a pardon Bradley Manning but times have changed so for now reality winner will stay put in a secure lock up until her trial, sometimes folks reality bites and it can hurt in office in the wrong place,
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