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Rush Limbaugh Sep 01, 2020


Well as the Coronavirus took hold New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had one of his bright ideas. He moved the homeless from shelters to some of the city's finest hotels to protect them from the virus. Now, what could possibly go wrong?

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also available at food lion not available in Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota, while as the corona virus to uphold the Ark City Mayor build the Blasi all had one of his bright ideas. He moved the homeless from shelters to some of the city's finest hotels to protect them from the virus. Now what could possibly go wrong at mid term and haven't hotels. Drug attics flourished they used heroin in broad daylight residents were subjected to verbal abuse and threatening behaviour. No cops were despatched and nobody from city government responded. The multiple complaint calls a homeless migrated into the fashionable Chauncey Neighbourhood and created their own encampment. They blocked the entrances to local businesses, which are already struggling because of the lock down. I should say, struggling residents became increasingly Frightened want the streets once thriving New York neighbourhoods, of had their economy shut down by Democrats. Then they had to take me home
Wasn't that our hotels with no supervision, no law enforcement to speak of and no protection given to the residents or businesses? Are these neighborhoods new problems gotten so out of control that the Idiot Democrat Mayor finally says it's time to get the homeless out of the hotels and back to the streets and the shelters but De Palacio providing though timeline on when that'll happen, things are so bad in New York. It almost makes you feel sorry for the people who elected these lip. Almost I said almost.
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