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Rush Limbaugh Sep 09, 2019


Thee creative genius at Netflix have come up with a new series and it's not from the Obama's who are now Netflix producers..

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Can you solve it? Be creative genius, Netflix have come up with a new series of its not formally Obama's who were now Netflix producers. I think for the record. The Obama's wouldn't touch this project with a ten foot pole, its call girls on the bus, it's about four fictional of female journalists as they hit the campaign trail covering fictional presidential candidates. Won't following the candidates. These female journalist, fine friendship, love, Andy scandal. According to the pr hype, this scandal could supposedly take down the presidency and our entire democracy. The story line was inspired. What do you think it was inspiring? Hillary Clinton failed campaign, as covered by Amy chosen a reporter aunt for the New York Times. Girls on the bus is adapted from her novel chow.
Sing Hillary, ten years to presidential campaigns and one intact glass ceiling, the Netflix Series described as coming of age, romantic comedy or set on the campaign trail. Something like that since it's based on Hillary. It can't be purposely funny, but it's got to be scandal, ridden not for those of you reluctant to watch the entire series about MRS Clinton. Try this just tune into the last episode. If it's even loosely connected to reality, you'll enjoy watching what happens on election night, she will lose and her mind. Just like the real Hillary Clinton turned out to do in real life. We can hope
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