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Rush Limbaugh Sep 11, 2019


The president of the Teamsters James P. Hoffa the only son of Jimmy Hoffa who was also a president of the teamsters now dead. Jimmy junior says, he is disappointed the Democrat presidential candidates have not discussed kitchen table issues.

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At stifle? We believe investment advice is about more than helping. You manage your wealth. Our investment advice is about. You It's about realising your dreams may become a reality, because you have a plan. We believe in you. And your new stifle financial adviser, stifled outcome. That's sd, I Effie L, Stephen Nicholas in company, incorporated member S Ipc, and then why asked the president of the Teamsters James P off the only son of Jimmy Hoffa, who was also a president of the Teamsters now dead
is disappointed. Jimmy Junior says the democratic presidential candidates have not discussed kitchen table issues that are important to the union's now short, the last democratic debate. There was plenty a talk about health care and trade. Both are important, but there was not a word from the Democrats about pension plans and retirement security. That's a huge oversights, Jimmy Junior who still alive now. This is a warning folks, a Teamsters half a million and a half members union do some Teamsters. Another big unions provide the manpower and the money to help get Democrats elected every election cycle Union boss, Jimmy Hoffa Junior. He wants to get what his union is paying for. He wants to know what the Democrats are. Gonna do to hold up there into the bargain in this unholy.
Jimmy Hoffa Jr wants democratic candidates to spell out how they plan to use the federal government to shore up union pension funds and how they're going to make sure that his union members get their retirement money. Even if unions are too broke to pay for what they promised at least democratic hopefuls, they can ignore boss offer if they want to, but if they do they're going to pay for it. Rest assured the next stadium construction site, you watch
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