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Rush Limbaugh September 14th 2018


The Washington Post wrote an article about a new research predicts hurricanes are going to intensify from a category 1 to a category 4 faster than ever.

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Have you noticed? More people began the sentences roared so now, like so even before Hurricane Florence. Had global warming like us in a dry by media, use the storm to push their agenda so case in point a front page item: the washed in post, supposedly new research predicts hurricanes, are going to intensify from category one to behemoths category for faster than ever and as the climate continues to warm, will have more behemoth, hurricanes and ever so the bad knows doesn't and there the faster, bigger and better hurricanes could be so bad scientist need a new category of badness. So right now, category five hurricanes are the worst, but we could soon see category six. The new research based on computer models. not from all computers. Now these new horrible storm models were created on super computers, so you should be super
Scared scared enough to vote for Democrats will get us back into the Paris climate accords, so we won't ever have to face a category six Herc Hurricanes decreasing in intensity. Folks, don't doubt me proof on radio later.
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