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Rush Limbaugh September 1st, 2017


Senator Dianne Feinstein declared that if Donald Trump would simply grow and become more like Liberal Democrats he could end up being a great president.

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Where's Tuesday Senator Diane Feinstein appeared in San Francisco and sold out event, the Commonwealth Club of California. You can't afford to get in here. standing all when she came on stage for an hour long conversation with former congresswoman Ellen Torture, No, nothing unusual happened as the two liberals chatted. Until nearly end, Senator Feinstein was asked why Democrats are being more out front in their attacks on Trump. What do they think they're being Darfur
Anyway, instead of playing their audience, Feinstein serve them cold water. From the back of a truth, she reminded them trumps only been present for eight months that they should all forget about. Impeachment Dan should be prepared to deal with trumpet the first four years of his term, and then she said the questions whether he can learn and change. If so, I believe it can be a good president. Well that was like showing Dracula the cross, but she went further. She said attacking Trump. All the time is making it hard for her and Democrats in Washington getting done. The crowd was in shock. First, there were stun silenced and some hisses in a nervous laughter. They totally misunderstood her. What she was saying was that, if trumpet simply grow and become more like liberal Democrats, he could end up being a great president, but they're so filled with eight. They didn't get it.
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