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Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Flu Cured? Rush Figured It Out for You in January



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I was talking about the flu earlier. I think that it worth noting here that we may have cured it. We They have cured the flu woman, explain what I mean we ve I'm from seven thousand seven hundred three positive. Ten to thirty. Six flew, tells you to one or two years. That sounds like cure to me. Why? You think that is what The possibly be. explanation for this? Have you heard of a new flu vaccine? Have you Seen people lining up to get their flew shots and vaccines in record numbers of using? Have you seen any news reports about the new successful treatment for the flu there is no greater student of quote on the news than I am Even when there isn't any knows anymore. I know where to go to find the nose and I'm telling you
until the CDC announced this? I hadn't seen anything like it. there is even a little little blurb here cities. Reports record low positive, flew tests as corona virus cases surge nationwide. The flu has seen a remarkable dip. Where did cases of influenza reached record loves. Washington, examiner some miracle We ve cured the infections, call a flu driven. Legging mankind for hundreds of years did covert, though it May I be so maybe so
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