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Senate Dems Target Filibuster Rule


RUSH: Paula in Hartland, Wisconsin, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Rush, so cool to talk to you. Anyway, I’m gonna get right to my point like I was instructed. Rush, I had a thought doing some reading this morning. I understand that Harry Reid and some Democratic senators are gonna try to push through some changes in the filibuster rules. And as I got thinking about it, I said, ‘Man, I hope I can get Rush today because I need his input on this,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Well, the House is now Republican so it’s really not gonna matter as far as legislation goes,’ but I’m thinking, ‘The Senate does all the judicial and federal nominations, approves them,’ and I’m thinking that since Obama’s agenda is really going nowhere legislatively, that the Democrats are looking at this as a way to load the courts with as radical judges as they can to try to keep their agenda moving forward.

RUSH: Well, now —

CALLER: What do you think?

RUSH: — you know, you are incredibly shrewd, and I mean this. You are incredibly shrewd. I just want to bring one small correction. Their desire to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate goes beyond judicial nominations. They really want to get rid of it. They’ve lost and the filibuster is now an obstacle. So of course, ‘It’s outdated, it’s outmoded, it’s a fetish, and we have to get rid of it. We’ve gotta get rid of this requirement that says we have to have 60 votes to get anything done. That’s just antiquated.’ It held them back. So they’re serious about it in terms of legislation. But the way this breaks down legally is quite fascinating, and a lot of people are calling Republicans hypocrites for opposing the change in filibuster rule, and the reason…


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see capital wondered com for details. Paul, I note your heart room was caught some bled. You waited welcome to the russian Bobo Grim Rush, so called the top you anyway, I'm gonna get right to my point like I was instructed rest. I hadn't thought I'm doing from reading this morning. I understand that Harry read in some democratic senators are gonna. Try to push through some filibuster changes, the filibuster rules and I've got thinking about it s a man I hope and get rushed to take. They need his input on this and thinking while the house is now republican. So it's really not gonna matter as far as legislation goes, but I'm thinking the Senate does all the judicial and federal nominations approves them, and I'm thinking that, since o bombers agenda is really going, nowhere legislatively that the democratic looking at this is a way to load the courts with is radical judges they can to try to keep their agenda moving forward. Well, no, thank you know. You are in credit
A and I mean this- you are incredibly shrewd. I just want to bring one small correction. Their desire to get filibuster in the Senate goes beyond judicial nominations. They really want to get it. It's that they they blossomed, they filibuster, is now an obstacle solve course. It's out dated it's out. Moated, it's finished I, and we have to get rid of it. We ve got to get rid of this requirement, is that they have to have sixty beginning not assist antiquated and held them back. So there are serious about it in terms of legislation, but the waiters breaks down legally is quite fascinating and a lot of people are calling Republicans hypocrites for opposing the change and filibuster rule and the reason it's a fallacious reason, you're. The reason Republicans are being called hypocrites
because the Republicans objected to the filibustering of judicial nominees and all of us are. The Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster they Republicans are opposing that you are probably bring hypocrites. Why you're yoyo you wanted to stop the democratic asian filibustering jewish nominees. There's a constitutional reason. Do Issue nominees cover both branches. You have the president who makes the nominations and the Senate, who confirms and salt, filibustering of judicial nominees is something that affects the executive branch and that my layman's mind after consultation with several legal scholars unconstitutional the Senate can't pass. Legislation limiting the things the executive branch can do. That's why there's a separation of powers in the first place.
So it is in my mind and a lot of people on our side by the way who are calling the Republicans hypocrites, and I think there long, and I say this with a modicum of respect. I dont think detour the same thing the Senate can make whatever rules it wants for itself Paula. If it really wants to try to overturn filibuster rule and get rid of sixty votes in the scent, let him try if you can get the boats for than they got a new rule, that's how they operate. Finding Danny it's up to them to make their rules the president can't tell them what they have to do and in the court's can't tell them what they have to do, but the Senate cannot. anyway restrict what the executive does using the filibuster to get in the way of judicial nominations. That is what's happening, hypocritical that is what's unconstitutional and Republicans were totally right to oppose that, because that impacts the. As I say the president,
he has a role in the selection of nominees because he so lax that make. Then they go to the confirmation process. But it's it's it's if it really wants to get rid of the filibuster. It's not automatically covering judicial nominees. When he does it, that's their two separate things. Well, I understand that on I just think of another power lay by red and company to try to nullify the election result. We, of course it is no vampire, of course it is about the throw it out the window this without warrant him. Why didn't you do with two years? The fact that they do not. He had sixty votes two years ago until we lost Scott bread. Securities amply exactly my point exactly my point: either
I just look at him so until January, just Euro ignoble you're right, but not the first time they ve done things. I can't remember. We have taught my head, but Democrats lose power. All of a sudden. Certain customs and laws and rules are almost an outdated and they look as far as we are concerned, a whole constitutions caput now The whole constitution is a main Egypt d on junior and washed and post recently had a piece saying essentially that the constitution of the sacred about adjust. It was just a political document and it was put together by virtue of political compromise and therefore the people who do not agree with some of the political compromises of the day when the constitution was ratified, don't have to support it, I mean that's liberal thinking that it's not the law of the land. It is not everything, it is it's no more than a piece of legislation from two hundred and fifty years ago, and if you don't like it, you don't like it. You have to abide by it. That's their new thinking there
they there the sorest losers and- and- and this is why I have always said there is no common ground here. The only thing for us to do is keep winning. The only thing to do is to keep beating them. They have no interest in working with us. They have no interest in common ground or by part. Is there anything they are pure, unadulterated, stalinist, Terry tyranny, type people all they want do is rule not govern and they have to be defeated. Every election go a little history lesson. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason We have the sixty vote rule in the Senate today for closer meaning sixty votes to stop, debate and move to voting on the bill, essentially they both to pass the bill. The only reason we have that the so called filibuster is because the Democrats changed
rules in nineteen. Seventy five. when they have a big Senate majority after Watergate and they were trying to make sure they couldn't be stopped, and I have sixty vote rule. That's when it started Watergate, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. The change was initiated by
Walter S Mundell, who was soon to become a vice president for Jimmy Carter. Who then, would then get shall act in nineteen? Eighty, four, the second term of Rinaldo Magnus, but that's when his whole sixty vote business in it in the old days my old days emitted sixties. If you're going to filibuster you damn well had to stand up and her filibuster, you understand start talking and not stop and they changed. The rules. Filibuster can mean gap. You did sixty votes, sixty votes to stop debate, sixty votes to stop somebody from speaking who is really not speaking with it. And that happened a nineteen, seventy five sort, but again the Senate falls. The house can change their room, there's new rules in the house of debate. It was an answer them they gotta
rules. Committee, the Republicans run it. They can set the rules and a democratic, no choice, because the votes to beat them. So that's the way it set up and the Democrats run the Senate still and they can set the rules they want. Now get rid of sixty because they nowhere near sixty and their art enough olympian, snows and Susan. Islands is in there to get him to sixty, even if all Democrats holds, of course, sixty fair. The Democrats can their running the how descended, but they keep getting done because it's stupid sixty vote requirement that we put in ourselves back in autism, revive and how they want to get rid of it, since they can't get there. It is what it is and we'll see about that
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