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The Trojan Horse Affair - Trailer

2022-02-04 | 🔗
A mysterious letter detailing a supposed Islamist plot to take over schools shocked Britain in 2014. But who wrote it? From Serial Productions and The New York Times, “The Trojan Horse Affair,” an investigation that became bigger than we ever imagined. All eight parts are available now, wherever you get your podcasts.
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Everybody its brain, read here and if you liked S town or fear listening to it now I won't let you know that I have a brand new show out this very moment that you might want to check out to its called the Trojan horse affair. It brought you buy cereal and the New York Times its edited by cereals, own Sarah Canuck, and I'm really really excited about it. It takes place in Birmingham, not Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham, England and it's legit british mystery tail. You see there was this strange unsigned letter that wreaked havoc in England some years back when all the way to parliament and the Prime Minister, this letter had huge repercussions for the country and yet no one ever figure who wrote the letter. So that's what I set out to do like S town, I started the Trojan horse affair trying to answer one question, but then my investigation ended up taking all these very unexpected and dramatic, turns and leading me into them. Shocking and, quite frankly, in reading, discoveries are really hope. You listen.
find the Trojan horse affair and subscribe. Oh and one other thing I should mention, and this is different from s town. I didn't do this investigation alone and I don't tell the story alone. I've had a partner on this quest, someone new to investigations like this and working alongside him. It's been fun, but also it's really changed the way. I see my work here check out the trailer you can hear how it all started. I happen to be in Birmingham England, one night when this journalism student
To me in an event that he was Talkin fast, like I might walk away any second there's a sinon me that hit Birmingham. Birmingham does not get national attention, it was a circus. May I caught him in described to you. His name was Homs assignment was, and you wanted held on his first ever story about a mystery in Birmingham, his home town, but no one had ever solved. It had begun a few years earlier when news of a strange letter exploded in the press and the latter outlining a plot by hardline Muslims. The letter looked to be well homes. Are you and explain this part? The letter looked to be a secret communicate between islamic extremists who had been infiltrated the city schools, suppose it plop called operation Trojan horse. The letter was bizarre. Unsigned can coherent badly xeroxed, yet still its fogged. When the biggest school scandals can british history governed investigators descended on blaming him, the country,
we ve done its counter terrorist policy by the time or died down. Schools revamped teaches lost their jobs. Some people were banned for life from education. The fall out has been huge. Prime Minister David Cameron is research, is calling a special meeting of the government's extreme. Isn't a task force. The former born I was found suspiciously about this whole affair is that this dodgy letter suggesting extremists were taken over our schools, nobody ever find out who wrote it or why? Remarkably, none of investigators even tried So I convinced by read over here that we should go for it is supposed to be the first radio interweave ever done here comes and I spent years running Miss down I'll. Give you clue. Who is the letter defending he's the question you have to answer, but figuring out who wrote the Trojan horse letter? I didn't write it. I don't know who wrote it or module to find out a wretched, I'm not the or say ah situation, whole Ceta. There was only the first
street? We were up against it started to seem, like officials knew more than what they were, letting on all the way from a local primary schools, so the highest levels of british governments and their homes, and I were poking at something that people did not want to talk about. Can you give us a bit details about a situation which is particularly important that I don T said, and she just immediately start saying I'm busy, I'm trying to shut the door on me, Yokul confused. It's a very unusual line of questioning why torture about. Why can you talk about that leaving us your waving us goodbye coming February. Third from cereal production and the New York Times, I'm brine, reed and among decide its the Trojan horse affair, a mystery in eight parts. A lot of people don't want you to hear,
he's got a letter of rending injunction. Anybody.
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