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In 2005, the disappearance of 22-year-old Tamara Chipman changed everything. Her case brought enough attention to the Highway of Tears that the Canadian government was forced to act. They launched a task force to reexamine cases, hoping to find links between crimes. But despite the momentum, their investigations have stalled out — leaving residents to live under the specter of the next murder. 

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To order today, due to the graphic nature of this episode Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder. We advise extreme caution for children under three team for more information about the highway of tears and ways to support the search for missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in canada. You can visit w d you w dot highway of tears, dot org. By the time the police had found jessica, Patrick's body. The animals had already gotten to her, the eighteen, Old was underneath the spruce tree on hudson bay, mountain in the town of smithers british columbia. She'd been missed. For a little over two weeks in that time, her father MIKE baltimore had helped led the search for jessica, putting up pliers. In the streets and then in supply
of two thousand and eighteen it was all over. She was dead and no one knew who killed her frustrate. really MIKE says the arcy mp didn't tell him anything, so he decides that it was up to him to do something about it shortly after and his daughter mike joined, a group called the crazy indian brotherhood, dressed as a biker gang mike fellow brothers patrol the streets of smithers with one goal protect the women and girls of their community. Its sentiment that has become more common across the highway of tears. If no one else will protect them, they will protect themselves. MIKE balter, is just like countless other people along the highway of tears. So why are we talking about his story here? The answer to that question is the subject of today's episode. The way that people have tried to combat the the cycle of violence, that of plague this region, individual people activists groups Even the arcy mp have tried to do that. Exact thing bubbles.
Everything else about the story. It's a complicated endeavour. After all, It isn't like just one issue is at play here: the highway of tea, This has been marred by structural problems. Racism neglect, poverty. The list goes on and how, in the world, do you fight all of that at once hi, I'm greg paulson and I'm vanessa richardson- and this is a special series on the highway of tears, presented serial killers were taken, A closer look at this lonely collection of roads that criss crossed the british colombian landscape or region. It's been the site of countless missing persons and homicide cases This time we took a deeper dive into the structural failures, the plague, northern british columbia and how these issues leave people more vulnerable to violence today,
little episode. We're going to follow the story of the highway of tears into the present day. How did this place become the subject of a month? larger conversation about indigenous women and girls and, crucially, how did the country react? we've got all that and more coming up stay with us. In some ways, it's hard to chart exactly how the highway of tears reached an international audience, because for so long that place and its reputation existed almost as a myth to anyone. It didn't live there. You might hear about it. Why sir twice on the news, a grainy photo a smiling girl, something about how she went missing out there in the wilderness, but then onto the next thing: the weather sports. Anything else of course people have lived these stories whose lives ran parallel to the highway of tears. They simply couldn't look away. The threat of violence was everywhere families,
for more action from the police, more resources for their communities, something to combat the ever present threat of violence, but their cause. Rules, often when ignored as we vote He covered that still an issue. Today, the highway of tears hasn't been tied up neatly in a bow and its structural problems haven't been fixed with the wave magic wand. There is a lot still left to do, but now at least more people are watching. taken a long time to get there to force more people to pay attention to the problems along the highway of tears, it was like a way Gaining momentum as the years passed, each new victim at its height to the swell, but by the to them since it was becoming very difficult for the rest of canada to pretend that the highway of tears didn't exist. The first creation and anger of native communities was turning into a larger scale. Discussion especially awry the subject of violent crime. two thousand one author warren goulding published a book that underlined
The larger problems are play along the highway of tears titled. Just another indian, a serial killer and Canada's indifference. The book offered escaping critique of the racism that native books deal with every day goulding. but a voice to the feeling that many native people, shared their lives somehow mattered less than their white counterparts. He emphasized this, especially when it came to homicides, quoting of victims, Mr who said it seems that The time a native is murdered. It isn't a major case, the sentiment being discussed wasn't knew, but that wasn't the point. His book was an important step, much larger conversation about the topic of racism against native people in canada. Discussion didn't stop there in two thousand for the highway tears became the subject of a report by amnesty international, canada. It revealed horrifying statistics that, if women between the ages of twenty five and forty four or five times
times more likely to die by violence than women in that age group, it also data from the native women's association of Canada, which estimated that upwards of Five hundred indigenous women had gone missing in the last twenty years across the country. along the highway of tears. Specifically the report stated that over thirty women had been murdered or gone missing, and overwhelmingly. Those victims were indigenous. For people living in that region. This data probably wasn't a revelation. It was something made known their entire lives, but for people outside of british columbia, the amnesty report might have been a huge shock. That one document illuminated the real stakes of these issues along the highway of tears and, crucially, it help, bolster the subject to a larger audience. A summer drew to it in two thousand five in look there was a new large scale sense of urgency about these issues. Finally, the rest: The country was starting to take notice, but that
mean that the violence had subsided on september, twenty four of that year, another woman disappeared. Twenty two year old, tamar a chip. Men like we said the highway of tears. didn't become a subject of international concern overnight, but timorous cases worth a bit more attention. Because in some ways she was the straw that broke the camel's back. Her disappearance and the response to it inspired activism that echoed four years after the fact, and crucially, Finally got the canadian government to act in two thousand five we're chipman was living in the small town of terrorist near the pacific coast, had a reputation for being a firecracker. Someone who wasn't afraid to give our opinion her aunt, it is radically later commented that tamerack wasn't afraid of anything. She had her fair share. troubles, though her family speculate? the terrorist struggled with drugs man. She seemed to spend time with a rough crowd, but by all accounts
she was trying to make it work. She had stayed close with her aunt and she a regular habit of visiting her mom who lived in prince rupert Molly that meant taking her mustang about an hour and a half drive down highway. Sixteen then back again, but at some point in september of two, thousand five her car broke down, and tom was forced to leave it parked until she could get it repaired that left her with one option hitchhiking, Timber? Twenty second timber was looking to catch a ride home after spending time with your mom and prince rupert. It was a cold and windy day, the sky, a grey slate above the trees, a little after four p m, family friends spotted tamara's standing on the shoulder of highway. Sixteen hitchhiking with such common thing. It's unlikely that this person thought anything of the sight of tamar on the side of the road, but that was last time. Anyone saw her alive. He took
while for any one to realise that something was wrong. Her father Tom was out of town, weeks long fishing trip and tom friends knew she travelled a lot. So far. little while no one thought it was strange that she wasn't around, but when Tom chicken, returned home in november. He quickly realized that thing was very, very wrong. He felt around asking friends and family if they heard from tamar. By that stage, she'd been missing for over a month like so many other parents. Over the years. Tom was stuck in that terrible, familiar process. He talked to the police, told the rest of his family and then the search began Tom probably knew about the many other cases like this, the ones that never solved. That seemed quickly. Forget by the arcy mp, but Tom
mr Gladys were determined. They wouldn't stop looking for tamar, not until they found her whenever it took to get answers they do it tomorrow, wouldn't be forgotten. Coming up the hunter tamar garners national attention and help spark a larger movement. hi listeners, its vanessa, I'm so excited and tell you that our first book is on sale. Now this is such a big moment for the whole Parkhurst family, and we can't wait for you to read it. It's called cults inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them and you can purchase it today by visiting parkhurst dot com. Slash cults: this is a passion for jack years in the making, and only made possible by you with your support. We ve been able to get back to us, retelling roots, this time, with a wealth of research
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over a month, since anyone had seen tamarac that made it difficult to retrace our steps. As we discuss before canadian police don't have a great track record when it comes to looking to cases of native people going missing, but for whatever reason, there are seven p chose to take on cameras disappearance with gusto, at least at first within a week, the police. I can investigators to her case but tat. His family wasn't gonna sit back while the arcy mp sorted things out. From the moment tom and his daughter missing, he started searching for her. He was to the eighty nine miles along highway. Sixteen tracing his daughters possible step along the way he stopped to check ditches the shoulder of the road and the woods for any kind of tomorrow and once he got to prince rupert turned around and walked all the way back to terrorists, but terror could be anywhere.
and the woods alongside highway. Sixteen were dense, dark and massive darcy m p. We're doing their own closed investigation and working Tom much in the way of updates. If he wanted help in his search, he had to find it himself. Luckily, the people of terrorists were more than willing to lend a hand. Within a month, Tom and his sister gladys had been joined by dozens of others at Seven a m. Every day, groups of volunteers met at the kit, some callum fire holland terrace ready to plan out that, search, each track covered up, of a dozen miles through the brain and on the side of the road, the community response to it, most disappearance was truly incredible, that it reflected the way that local people reacted to this kind of tragedy. After the tone of terrorist sat along the highway of tears. The folks who lived there we're abundantly familiar with this kind of crime and they knew that the art, m p: weren't, always the most reliable source. When it came to investigation. It was a cop
unity effort more than anything else, so they got to work, The BC forest service donated maps and local search and rescue teams joined regular folks on the ground, as they wandered through the woods virtually every logging, road or highway between terrorists and prince rupert was extensively search, there was no stone left unturned. There was real moment some building behind tamarisk case and not just at the local level either within those First. Few months of the investigation Tom Shipman gave few interviews to local papers, about his daughters, disappearance and quickly that story spread to other papers throughout the province, suddenly, the search for tamar was being covered in Victoria, in vancouver all over its worth, noting here that this first should press isn't all at unusual. For these cases, many other highway of tears. Investigation saw a few articles at first, a split, She dramatic headline paired with a grainy photo
the missing woman in question, but then them Madame falters. No one and, if I so solid suspect the case never get solved, sudden the story of the missing woman doesn't grab audiences anymore, so the story gets swept aside and is quickly forgotten, but tamar his case was alluded. front. Maybe it was because of the growing activism around the highway of tears, but the coverage around town a chip. Men was more pointed journey, Ass were more willing to give the context around this one case to show her story as part of a long terrible legacy, one that need. To be resolved now into of two thousand five. The can west new service published a story about terror. Linking her disappearance too many others that had taken place along the highway of tears for the last decade. It included a harrowing detail that timorous disappearance brings to thirty
three, the number of missing and murdered women along the highway all, but one of those victims was native. We have to pause here to really appreciate that law. detail think back to Gloria moody. How easily her story faded to the background, it's very possible that hurt This was the reason why her murder got so little coverage compared to white victims from the same region, but at the time There was little to no conversation about that possibility. At least not in the mainstream press. Camera shipments average was a mirror opposite to that of Gloria moody. Now the you have racism was front in centre and rather fading away. Her story, stuff, two balloon out a much bigger conversation about the highway of tears in general and to better under down tamarisk place? In this conversation, we need to spend some time. Looking at the more recent cases, that remained unsolved along the highway of tears, because tamar fit all too well into that pattern.
Tomorrow was just the latest death in a long line of similar cases. By the time she disappeared, the highway tears had already claimed six other women and girls. Within the last decade, these roads I mean Nikko ramona, Wilson rocks Anthea era, alisha germane, laana, Derek end Nicole whore, every one of them Nicole, was indigenous. The coverage of cameras case tried to grapple with this idea. The issue, wasn't just that a woman had disappeared or that her case was so some or two others in northern b c. The question was why this was happening and, crucially, who was doing it we have already talked about the massive structural issues that made the highway of tears, the perfect breeding ground for violence, but that second thing, the question of who started above Up to the surface, as articles explored, pattern of violence in the region, writers started to wonder: was this the work of a single person
did the region have a serial killer on the loose. It certainly wouldn't be the first time ready cover the stories of two separate killers that frequented the highway of tears, and it's out defined similarities across many the cases alongside tamara's hitchhiking, the race of the victims, even the age of many. These girls was the same. All of them were. Natures or in the early twenties. There was clearly a pattern here, one that was possible to ignore and was made all the more obvious when, in february of two thousand six foot ten year old, Elias Eric, augur, went missing and prince george about a later, a passing driver found her body on an embankment on the side of highway. Sixteen yet again, the cycle of disbelief, grief and hopelessness began anew camera Minced family knew it too. Well, even now, five months after the fact, they were still searching for her
walking along highway. Sixteen, but the slowly dwindling group of volunteers. There was still no belle elements in her case no updates from their cm. The newest Was just another cruel reminder how the regions seems to breed violence and death? unstoppable rate, but mingled with those feelings was also a growing sense of urgency. This has gone on for too long and it was our time the community's banded together to put a stop to it. If you would except acerbic augur, was found. The lately chinese banks so put out a press release. They called upon First nations, the arcy mp, the government and even the public, to ban together against the violence that was threatening the lives of native women and girls in their state and members cited the most recent deaths as proof of larger structural issues, namely race poverty. Women's rights along with the isolation of indigenous youth and the stream
the relationship between them and the justice system. At the end of the press, release the council offered one thousand five hundred dollars to put together a symposium on the subject hoping to bring together. The can in the that have been affected by these tragedies, and the response was astounding. donations came in from the busy government from first nations from Our mp from all over so a date was set march thirtieth and the first two thousand six for the highway of tears, symposium was also the moment where the highway of tears awareness walk was first created. It was originally build as its own event: Adam straight to raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, but once the news The symposium spread across the province, the conceded the walk changed now. The plan was too well over four hundred miles from prince rupert all the way to prince George, where this imposed was going to take place. It was an extremely and
hence emotional experience for the people involved. Many the participants had law someone along the highway of tears, the work itself passed by many harrowing markers the spot where temperature and was last seen various place, were bodies had been found, pests these landmarks. It was impossible to ignore the legacy of violence that at stained this place, the tree took a little over two weeks with many participants only choosing to walk for sections of the overall journey, but finally us my group arrived at prince george in time for the symposium after the walk, posing promised its own kind of intensity, it was built hasn't opportunity for local communities, the r c and the provincial government in britain colombia to sit down and create an action plan for the highway of tears but it was also a moment for grieving families to share their stories with an audience that was actually willing to listen to them. On the first day of the event, people wearing
courage to get up on stage and talk about their lost loved ones after they were done. Another person would go up and joined them soon. There were hundreds of peoples. Ending together each step, was unique, but the pain, the prostration, the lack of closer but was always the same. Some cried others saying one woman recited a poem in cree tears running down her face ass. She clutched a photograph of her daughter who had disappeared two months earlier. He was looks like a massive funeral for people who hadn't had the space to commiserate and that first day set an important tone for the whole weekend that it was time to make up for the decades even centuries of nickel, act and a huge part of that was creating an action plan over the course of the week, and that's exactly what the participants of the symposium set about doing it was a tall order. After all, there wasn't just one issue to be dealt with the task.
Finding a way to grapple with the systemic failures that made the highway of tears a dangerous place, but by the end the event of plan had been set. The highway of tears recommendations report was a joint effort. The lately tonight burst nation, the curious economy, tribal council and native advocacy groves. The document listed thirty three recommendations, change That the canadian government could act in order to make northern b c a safe place to live. These were things like added police but rolls better self service and more available transportation. When the group officially, published a document in june, two thousand and six. It received a surprisingly optimistic reception Even the arcy impede publicly endorse the report stating that recommendations were realistic and completely achievable. This was a huge moment there,
He had been such a source of frustration and distrust throughout the years, and now suddenly it seem like the cops were stepping up to the plate. There was a long road ahead, but in june two thousand six it looks Change was on the horizon. Maybe now, after all this time, the tide was finally going to turn. But that's not what happened not by a long shot. Coming up, we'll see exactly how the wheels came off now back to the story. The summer of two thousand and six was an unusually hopeful moment for the community's surrounding the highway of tears. It really like now after so much pain locals, could work together with the police to put a stop to decades of violence, but worse still talking about these issues today in twenty twenty two. So what went wrong?
like everything else. The problem here is a complicated one, but you still down to most essential parts. The issue is one of over simplification, in other words, well meaning jake's take on one specific problem, recognising that it's just part of a larger, much more convoluted system. There's one group in particular that exemplifies this conundrum that good intentions- d, necessarily make good results. So we're going to look at project ii panna, it seems like previous it is a solution for the highway of tears was a simple one figure out who was killing these people and stop him serial killers at play. The region in the past, It stood to reason that it could happen again. It was this idea. Led to the formation of project, a pen at the end of two thousand five so named for panama, the inuit goddess, who it is over the souls of the dead, the task Force- Sir Reginald started with a very small group of our sea mp officers, but as these detail,
They started digging into old case files. They knew they'd have get more help. The small, team, soon grew to a multi precinct effort spanning the entire province. Their plan was true, forward, enough examine old these files look for similarities and see. This really was the work of a serial killer. This sentiment behind a panna was an admirable one. After all, so many murders are missing persons. Cases had fallen by the wayside over the years e panel hoped to find much needed answers and finally put these cases to rest however, the reality of this process proved to be much more complicated than anyone seem to anticipate what the first major hurdles was simply deciding who got to be included in this list of victims and why, in an attempt to deal with the issue: a panic establish some criteria to help them choose cases that already had some similarities,
parameters, included elements that we ve come to recognise as standard for highway of tears cases. The victim was female and involved in high risk activity such as sex work or hitchhiking. The victim is found was located around highway. Sixteen five, ninety seven or twenty four all the sudden, murders that hadn't been discussed in decades were back in the news. In total, the group originally chose nine homicides or missing persons. Cases that had remained unsolved, including both Gloria de in camera. Chapman things were looking promising: sending a strong message to the native community that their grief was being taken seriously, but for never reason the scope of the project started to shift and as it did original aim got lost in the shuffle in two thousand, seven e panel doubled their of cases from nine to eighteen, but these were different. They took place all
over british columbia, one even came from Alberta and overwhelmingly the new victims were white. According to authors, jessica, Mcdermott. First nations group An indigenous activists immediately criticized this decision them. It was another example of white victims being prioritized over every one else. Pan, as leaders were quickly found their decision saying that serial killer wouldn't necessarily stay within the confines of the highway of tears that expanding their scope. They had a better chance of noticing a pattern of behavior, but for many people, dilution of a very real regional problem and one that disproportionately affected native women and girls. At the very least, it wasn't a good start for the task force things didn't get better from there as part of their work. A pen ought sir, how to gather information about the cases they had chosen to reexamine. doing so wasn't easy. Many, the victim
were originally listed as runaways and their cases disregarded by the officers who originally handle the missing persons reports a pan office, there's regularly discovered that evidence from the original investigation had been thrown out, so the e panicky was often left with nothing at all. Working on key is that had already been so mishandled that it was hard to move forward. Predict aids native communities along the highway of tears, having complaining about this very problem that the death of an addition, Person does not often inspire the arm c p to act. That kind of legal act comes with real ramifications as well tension as the e pan a task force was they couldn't create evidence when there wasn't any they couldn't. And old evidence that had already been destroyed in some ways the cards were stacked against them from the start that the problems that plague deep weren't, just external issues within the task
Is it self biases and ambivalence continued to get in the way of the actual investigation? One of the early goals for a panel was to build it. team of investigators out of season well respected, arcy mp officers and to a degree that did happen, lots of retired homicide and missing persons. Detectives joined the task force early on eager to help. But as it turned out, they weren't the majority of the investigators who were brought in former too Members claimed that over the years, a panel became a hot spot for young inexperienced officers who had just joined the arcy mp but asked. This seemingly bizarre choice, senior members of a task force reportedly said that japan panel offered a good place for infield training so that new office This could gain experience that would help them later on in their work. It's hard to look at that decision without feeling frustrated E panel knew how the arcy mp had disregarded highway of tears. Cases in the past
surely those involving indigenous victims to see inexperienced officers taking, large of e pan his own efforts could seem like another four of neglect as Even now, the cases aren't being offered the kind of care they deserve. Regard this is the reasoning behind their decisions. A panel has mix success in its original promise. Similarities among these cases and identify serial killer as a soul. Perpetrator, the closest they got was in two thousand twelve. That year. E pan examined dna evidence from the case file of sixteen year old, Colleen macmillan. It had been thirty Eight years since her naked body was found near highway. Ninety seven with very few, leads to investigators pinpoint her killer, but modern day. Knowledge is opened a new door allowing detectives to take another harder look at her case. Nearly four decades after her death, the arcy mp struck
old dna found at the scene was a match for Bobby Jack foller a convicted criminals who had died. Prison. Back in two thousand six, this was an incredible victory for leans, family and for project e, panama, but it was also an exception. Unlike many the other, a panic cases. Collins had well serve dna evidence on file and importantly, Colleen was white. Those two details likely have to do with each other. After all evidence from other murders, was not treated with the same care as it was in collins case and that had direct consequences. For example, please actually found a bloody shirt near the spot where adelphi Nikko had gone missing and ninety ninety, but when a pen unlooked for that piece of evidence, they couldn't find it It's easy to start with the maybe he's here, maybe There was a miscommunication during that first investigation, maybe
steam, wasn't blood after all, and the cops decided to scrap the evidence. But it's hard to look at details like that. Compare them cases involving white victims and come away feeling satisfied. The breaking colleagues case was an important moment, but it's one of the patent only real successes to date. The task forces, so, an operation and its website still ass for information about the eighteen case, files on their list, but most of them death seemed no closer to being solved than they were all those years ago we ve seen the arcy mp have not had the best track record when it comes to solving murders along the highway of tears, so for many people lived in northern b c e panel was just more of the same, but a pair of shoes, common problem that comes up when people, including the arcy mp, try to fix the highway of tears. Solving called case seeking out similarities and looking for a serial killer. All of that is a worthy cause
but it's only one symptom of a much larger, much more complicated issue and treating the symptom, is not the same thing as treating the cause. That's why it's not surprised to hear about the many roadblocks and e pan faced in their investigations we ve set before, but it's worth repeating. None of these cases happened in a vacuum. There are reasons why so many murders have gone unsolved and why so many young women and girls were never found. It has ever thing to do with race, with lack of infrastructure with poverty. With many issues we have covered during this series, even if he passed identifies a suspected serial killer, an solves multiple cold cases in one fell swoop that still wooden picks everything wooden addressed the ongoing issue of racism in biases within the arcy mp, and it wouldn't keep these crimes from happening in the future because the problem here isn't just that there might be a serial killer. The bigger issue at play is
Whatever killer or killers are out there they're taking advantage of an already broken system, and until that system is repaired, hard to imagine anything getting fixed in a meaningful way. The highway of Here's isn't a place that offers us much satisfaction. It is story with a happy ending, because it still being told that it would be released. active finish. Our series of everything could be neatly tied up in a bow. So where do we go from here? That's the The people who actually live in northern bc have been asking themselves. The arcy mp seem stuck in the mud, the canadian government has offered much relief to the region, but that's not exactly new people in this region are pretty used to having to take care of themselves. so that's exactly what they ve been doing. Folks have continued to advocate for better resources and put pressure on the government to take action. Many groups have been founded with
express intention of providing help to native communities. This sentiment across the Lord is always the same. If no one else will protect the locals, they will protect themselves. left to indigenous communities to keep the momentum going so be it they'll take up that mantle just they keep the memory of their lost loved ones alive in twenty twenty, gladys radically help. Commissioner totem Paul to be built as a memorial tourneys and the countless other women and girls who have been lost. The monument was placed on the side of highway. Sixteen outside of terrorist, where tamar once lived. The pole is over twenty three feet: tall coloured with striking red and black paint that sets it apart the trees, the face of a matriarch peaks out at the top surrounded by children's faces. An orca makes up the base nodding to the fact that the total pull stands on. Kids Kalen, orca clan territory, them
figure in the middle to pick a woman in a red dress. With her face painted she could be any the people who, in lost along the highway of tears, camera chip in romania, Wilson, Gloria moody. The list goes on surrounded by symbols of protection. This figure stairs out toward the highway. She greets passing drivers with unblinking eyes, her gaze, fixed and unflinching he looks even beyond the road into the trees to the mountains. she's, a memorial, yes, but she's. All It was a silent, constant reminder that one way or another things are going to change they have to thanks again, for turning into this final episode in our highway of tears, special we'll be back next time, with a brand new story you can find out.
so of serial killers and all other spotify originals from power, casper free on spotify, from morn mason on the highway of tears. Amongst the many sources we used, we found the book highway of tears by jessica mcdermott extremely helpful to our research and from information about activism around the highway check out highway of tears. Dot org see you next time, Serial killers, spotify original from parkhurst executive producers, include max and wrong cutler soundness. by Michael motion with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro nick johnson, trent Williams, and carly madden this episode of serial killer was written by Georgia. Hampton edited by Joel callin fact checked by on your barely researched by Brian petrus and chelsea wood and produced by joshua kern serial killers, stars gregg, pulsing and vanessa richard
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