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“Killer Ex-Cop” Christopher Dorner Pt. 2


Holed up in a cabin in Big Bear, California, Christopher Dorner was trapped. A perimeter of 40 officers with guns drawn was waiting in the snowy forest. Police wanted the standoff to end sooner than later. But the method they would use would be controversial.

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of racism, police brutality and killing. We advise exe caution for children under thirteen on February. Third, two thousand thirteen christopher doorn killed a young couple in cold blood. Four days later, he fired at multiple police officers wounding to end one dead practically law enforcement agency in southern california, was on his tail possible. This was exactly what doorn or wanted he thought of it help as a hunter luring the authorities to their graves, but he wasn't stupid, He knew we never when a direct confrontation against an entire police force continue as one man war and the lapd. He had to be strategic, so after take
officer, michael cranes, life in riverside california. Donor fled east to the resort town of big bear there. He would lead police on one final chase in the land step episode. We followed the police, as they turned big, bear upside down, searching for the killer today will remind a bit too what Doorn did during that time, but it will also cover some of the public's reactions during and after the hunt because while doner evaded. The police is crucial against the lapd, was fiercely debated in the court of public opinion, is ready. Divided southern california. one of the biggest questions at the time Whose side, where are you hi, I'm gregg pulsing. This is serial killers, spotify original from forecast every episode
We dive into the minds and madness of serial killers, and today were returning to a special series about the most dangerous and heart pounding man. Hans in history will learn the top secret methods used to track down fugitives and the text they used to stay one step ahead. This episode concludes the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, next lapd officer who, in two thousand thirteen turned on us My comrades and became a killer. I'm here my co host vanessa richardson high everyone you can. Find episodes of serial killers and all other spotify originals from power cast for free on spotify last time, We followed ex cop christopher donor. As he carried out a blue and vendetta against the lapd years after the department fired him dorner, murdered both civilians and cops in what he claimed was a quest to clear his name and expose police. discrimination. This time the man hunt draws to a close law enforcement. Finally, traps donor and slowly closes in rwanda.
all said and done. The public is left with more questions than answers. We but all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode brought to you by booking dot. Looking back dot are a kind of escapism, but when you need to act We get away, there's booking dot, you can choose from power since a unique stays across the. U s from hotels and beach houses to wooden cabins and dreamy vacation runs so whatever type a trip you wanna take lying on the beach camping in nature. Exploring new citys find your perfect place to stay. Looking back on booking dat gear, tap the banner to learn more This episode is brought to you by night from suspicious breaks. Them is to check engine late with the mind of its own, a vote those road trip mysteries by making the trip before the trip tonight is saved. Twenty dollars
most emphatic oil change would make an appointment by the sucker In the early morning, hours of february, seven donor pass through big bear main street, and drove deeper into the wilderness, but when he tried to. I'm an icy mountain rode, his nissan, got stuck there, much time to think the police were right on his tail, so he abandoned vehicle. He left behind stash of weapons, a tent and a small camping, stove, perhaps hoping to Investigators often maintain the element of surprise. He tried to burn the other before he left using a canister propane now saddled with a few guns and all the supplies could carry. He thought the decision he could try and make
when the freezing woods, but without a tent and stove, it wouldn't be easy and a fire was bound to draw the authorities attention anyway. He might be able to steal another vehicle and escape, but he wasn't interested in turning his back and becoming a fugitive. He wasn't. A criminal He was a soldier cover this moment in our previous episode, but from the police's perspective, If you recall the lapd saw the abandoned car and ask themselves, did the killer flee or what, planning to make. One final stand in big: bear as donor side. His former employer had dragged his name through the mud and he would make them pay by any means necessary until they admitted day were wrong. So no, he would run forever. To give what he wanted, he would have to meet. The police come to him after burning his car, during our hiked through the snow sting
to avoid being seen. He looked carefully for a safe smart to hold up in Eventually he saw the mountain vista resort in the distance breaking through the trees it was a modest thirteen unit in its quaint would exterior made it a warm attractive resort for many tourists, but as a true the former naval officer donor. Was likely more interested in the inn, strategic position from the anti had a wide view of the road and entrance points, while the the end, was protected by the tree line. He crept up to the poverty think carefully for the sounds of tenants, eventually, came to unit two or three he couldn't hear One inside so he tried the door and bounded unlocked. He peeped in and started securing the it meant room by room enforcement calls this process clearing an area. It's a potentially D
deadly task since it can leave cops exposed from all sides, the safest response system. For back up and use a method called push where multiple officers, enter a room and spread out within the space. So no matter where the suspect tides at least one officers in a position to engage them. That way. Blind spots are limited, but when copies on their own, they are taught to use a method called peak. Instead, that's what an officer carefully looks around a corner or through an entry way only exposing head and arms. This allows to stay in a position to fire if necessary. It all reduces their exposure, making them the smallest possible target. There also encouraged to keep moving as much as they can to that can pretend fleet thrown assailant off guard during early We used a version of this method to scour unit two or three methodically check. The corners and bathroom for signs of life.
With so many cops, swarming big bear. He couldn't be too careful but in the end it seem like the place was vacant. He was safe for moment at the end, dorner made himself at home. He locked the door. bowed down on some trail makes or one of the quick survival meals he brought along a small boat He was behind him blanketed inside the snow. The view ben enchanting to most guess, but for donor it was practical. Another advantage you could use to shoot and kill According to the los angeles times, donors stayed in unit two or three four five long days. For the most part he kept quiet and watch through the windows for any approaching authorities through didn't or to be any looming danger just elderly couple who maintain the units now and then so with
else to do doorn or watch them for a while and even connected with them. A little bit here were diligent honest working people. Those are exactly the kind of people he wanted to protect when he joined the fall worse, though, the meantime, the authority searched every nook and cranny of big bear all told the police canvassed at least eight square miles of forest in the bitter cold, but somehow they missed the small mountain. Mr resort, georgia and at large a threat to their lives and their reputation again, thanks to his twenty one page manifesto likely talking. in our previous episode Doorn had railed against what he called quote the site of racism in the lapd. and, as you know, this was all in a document he'd published on facebook in it he is certain that nearly every officer was guilty of either perpetuating corruption or Staying silent in the face of rampant injustice, including
discrimination based on race, addressing his former comrades donor, wrote. Luckily I do have to lie every day. Like most of you concerned, the misconduct you were a part of is going to be discovered, look over your shoulder scurrying at every phone call from internal affairs or from the captain's office. The picture painted was of an lapd teeming with unethical practices, and it was harsh. The debate and was likely motivated to deny his allegations. But for me he who remembered the lapd's past donors- words rang very true for exam. Both manifesto reference, the brutal beating of rodney king in ninety. Ninety one king, a black man, was pulled over for driving while intoxicated he was ordered. his car and onto the ground. Where police struck him repeatedly, as he lay helpless, the blue were so severe. He suffered broken bones and permanent brain damage camera.
did. The assault was leaked, confirming the abuse claims against the department. Afterwards, and only due to the video as some claim for officers were charged with using excessive force. They were soon acquitted by a majority white jury. Public ray over. The verdict sparked the infamous and riots in the year to I was in the: u s: department of justice got involved, overseeing a series of reforms to the lapd Karen it's a journalist friend pr reported that department of justice ways, arms, believe the reforms had been effective in reducing officer misconduct, Even so, donors crusade brought up memories of the lapd's past scandals, The angelenos understood his rage. Some even created facebook pages shearing him on, of course, the vast majority of peace, condemned donors violence. There weren't many who endorsed his actions, even among those with their own bone, to pick with the police,
when it came to his accusations of corruption and discrimination, it all came down to who you believed the city. Divided one side were those who didn't trust warner because he was a cold blooded killer on the other were sceptics who couldn't believe the lapd side of the story either because of its past. So back in bear in February two thousand thirteen. The departments task was clear: hunt doorn or down the longer, the killer was at large, the more the lapd's reputation suffered and the We're danger its officers wherein, but while the public debate raged doner was biting his time by, point he may have been restless donor, probably had expected to stay hidden in the inn. For so long especial with around two hundred officers patrolling the city day and night
again. He soldier he was ready to act at a moment's notice and february. twelve, he heard sounds outside the entrance of unit two or three a couple of officers, maybe and then look creak of the front door. Donor cocked his gun. He quietly to his feet and waited in the hallway ready to mow down any cop who showed his face if you wanted to The jump on them now was the time he whipped around a corner waiting his hand gun within moments he came face to face with a woman and her fifties: caring reynolds, caring froze donor could hear a man of an extreme fiddling with a curtain, rod totally oblivious. He level Pistola Karen yelped spun around and tried to run. She was half way out when she rose for a fraction of a second giving daughter,
trying to reach her. He grabbed her arm hard there was no escape coming up. The final showdown I'm darnel ishmael guest host of vast He's no master but beauty the special form part of many serious from solved murders. I am, hard to take you on a journey deep into the old west to meet one of the greatest crime heroes- you may have never known existing bass reefs- no master, but to duty reveals the true story of a formerly enslaved, a man who went on to become one of the most legendary. U S, deputy marshals in the american west, bringing justice to over three thousand criminals follow
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iv of owners, Karen and Jimmy reynolds as told to and reported by the allay times, a february twelve thousand, thirteen, Karen and Jim, came to unit two or three for a little routine maintenance. For the past few years, couple had managed the resort as something to do in their retirement as they claim this that day they had no idea. They find a killer ex cop squatting in their place as donor the at gunpoint. Karen and Jim, sat quietly completely terrified was to retirees against the most wanted trained killer in southern california. Donor was more talkative than they expected he insisted he wasn't out to kill them. They had the wrong idea here. one of the clearest name he told them. The yacht owner he held hostage a few days earlier and how he spared the man's life turner insisted he didn't want to hurt karen and Jim, but tee
their car, and that meant he had to tie them up He passing zip ties around their risk. The pistol pushed against them ass. He worked with each passing more The couple likely fought back their panic. They could see a kitchen I found the dresser and worried dorner was going to hack them to pieces. They each thought about something drastic, but it seems like there was no escape, they were frozen in fear and the whole time donor kept talking. He told the couple he'd spotted him from the window. seen them cleaning up the property over the past few days. He called them good people, hard workers, somehow, knowing that a killer thought well of them didn't exactly come Jim Karen down once or brought out the pillow cases. The couple is more certain than ever that they were gone. They tried not cries. They stopped wash clause in their mouths and secured the gags with electrical corns, the pillow cases.
Over the tops of their heads lights out. He also took the he's too there purple nissan, rogue and snag Karen cell phone from her pocket is full no order was to tell them to be quiet, just loan for him to escape in darkness They waited until his footsteps faded down the stairs after some time had passed, the couple tried to wriggle free still blow. did by the pillow case karen leaned down and felt for her husband's fingers with some straw and he was able to slip the fabric off her head. She did this for him and staggered to her feet, Looking around karen saw the glint of a butcher knife on top of the dresser. She hop toward it and put the handle in her mouth. She thought maybe she could cut this ties with it, the prince. Wasn't practical donor had tied them up tight, but in
his rush to leave he hadn't thought of everything, For some reason, he left Karen's phone in plain view on the table. She hoped to it in time. Yourself around with their hands still tied behind her back. She fumbled with the touch screen. It took some effort, especially defined speaker phone button, but eventually she managed to dial nine one one and told the operator everything if you recall This is where we left things off at the end of part, one at this point less than thirty minutes passed since dorner left. So the police knew this. Their best chance to end things once and for all Man hunt kicked back into high gear police all over me bear got the message through their radios, donor was on the move and purple nissan leaf figured he was trying to skipped town so officers dispersed, hoping to block all. sits in the mountain community,
wait. Thirty eight, a couple of wildlife wardens pitched into help some deputies lay down spikes trips. They spread them across the two main highway and drop the heavy equipment onto the icy road. once it was all said and done, it would be an ideal checkpoint tower. trees and uneven rocky terrain. Lay on both sides of the road donor. Wouldn't have an easy time, avoiding the spikes, even if he saw I'm coming, but before that finished. Setting the strips up, one of the wardens caught sight of a couple of school buses down the road behind them. There was a flash of purple donors nissan. He was tailgating, the buses trying to hide behind them, the wardens and officers scrambled back into their cars, just donors slammed on the gas swerving around the buses ledge it was on the suspects bed right past. The authorities, luckily, the police, picked up his trail about a mile down the road. It was hard to miss turner,
split on the ice and slammed into a snow drift. officers a race to the crash site, but the killer was nowhere to be found. the chaos he'd abandoned the car and most of his remaining supplies including a mean looking sniper rifle on this Out of the stock donor, had carved message in jagged letters. It spells one word in all caps: vengeance, police Is the rifles lay scanned the snow banks looking for signs of life down there A few other wardens were also driving around searching for donor as a dutch pickup truck pass them. One of them noticed who behind the wheel and the span of a couple of minutes door had somehow already hijacked another vehicle, one of the ward, reached for radio to alert his comrades. Just then door swung into our fifteen out of the window and started blasting the warden,
duck down and drove straight through with a blizzard of bullets, though it seem counter intuitive police train advises officers to drive through when ambush whenever possible. Suddenly lobbying or attempting to turn around without getting to safety. First only the assailants more time to inflict harm, so the wardens followed protocol doorn bullets, shattered their car windows and covered them in glass, but they got more There were no serious injuries, they turned around once they were safely out of donors range, one of them hopped out vehicle and shouted donors pick up within a soldier. He emptied and entire clip into the real bumper, no good. The truck the within minutes, more police were speeding towards highway. Thirty, eight one of them was deputy Jeremiah mackay he'd been focus on this case for days like many
officers, he likely saw donors rampage as a personal attack and he wanted be the one that put an end to the killing, no matter the cost when colleagues just did that the officer who finally found doner would be in the most danger of being killed. Mackay wasn't phased according to the allay times he told his friend quote: I'm gone to get him he's a cop killer, mackay had grown up near big bear, so he jumped at the chance to be the one to face Doorn or their blood. Pumping mick approached a section of the road where a couple of other officers were already searching data. Eddie gotten out of their cars and marched through the snow guns. ready, one of them was detective, Alex collins whence looked down the side of his rifle scanning for movement on the road for a moment fond of his wife and their new baby back at home as is this was all over he'd pilates phone tucked in his chest pocket and give them a call. However,
seconds later. He thought he saw something went to the side and then pack, a bullet shot through his front teeth john shattered it, but, like he'd, been upper cut it with a cinder block. He probably didn't have time to says. The pain before his mouth went nuts a second shot hidden below the knee. He staggered as a third hit him squaring the torso his love burned. His chest stung more bullets nearly whizzed. By despite the pain he gathered enough strength to roll behind a car, as he tried to catch. His breath is efficient. Blurred he knew we didn't have much time before he bled out. He thought of his wife again he reached for his cell phone, but the screen was shattered. It had deflected one borders, bullets, saving, Collins's life, the good bye,
would have to wait. He wasn't gone yet. Jeremiah mackay, saw collins, go down and knew he needed to act quickly, he radio to rescue chop or to save his comrade with knowing exactly where the bullets were coming from. He had to pick out from behind cover to direct the chopper. Did their location to say, collins life in single second door nor fired again. He struck mackay in the chest and the deputy collapsed mackay was dead moments. or more officers arrived. They threw smoke, grenades blood donors line of sight. Then they rushed detective collins to the hospital. By that point he was delirious. He blamed him for not taking donor down. He told us fellow officer, he was sorry
back at the scene. The authorities could now tell where the barrage of bullets was coming from a small cabin tucked into an icy forest they wasted. time forming a perimeter with around forty officers. It seems like doorn. Was trapped. Even so, it's still wasn't safe to approach, he was a well trained marksman and as he'd already proven a force to be reckoned with, and there could hostages inside as well law enforcement able to figure out who the owner was and gave him a call. He told me The cabin should have been empty when donor founded hearing that the com breathed a little easier. They might I have to worry about civilian casualties after all, now office, We're champing at the bit to take doner down, but the official in charge knew the safest option was to take things slow after about an hour. or they urge donor to surrender the loudspeaker. When
you didn't answer? They launched tear gas into the cabin that the flush him out either by this point donors back against the wall. There was one man against many, so around Four pm he set off a smoke grenade trying to Stir the officers vision didn't accomplish much dorner, I dunno his time was coming to an end. His only Options were to surrender or to prolong the siege. He had food with him, so he might have been able to stick it out for a few days, but he couldn't keep things going. forever and the police That too still they wanted to speed things up night. would fall soon and no one wanted to find out what dorner was capable of in the dark coming up by your and brimstone and now at the end of the story,
During his rampage, thirty three year old, christopher doner, killed two police officers and put to more in the hospital. He took three civilians hostage and killed two others. He dangerous. He was trained and According to his manifesto, he was will to die for his vendetta. Now after nearly ten days the police had him trapped in big bear california and they decided that take, The killer down sooner was better than later. They didn't have long before the sun set and they weren't going to restore nor escaping through the forest and the dark. It was time extreme measures, already tried standard tear gas on the cabin now officer prepared to c s. Gas. This compound is a type of tear gas exposed. it causes severe burning in the eyes and throat leading to pain and uncontrollable coughing breathing.
of it and the chemical will spread to the lungs it'll feel likes suffocating inhale a little more and respiratory failure is a possibility But there is one more feature of cs gas: it gives off intense heat and is high. Flammable so much so that the grenade like canisters, are nicknamed burners and four suddenly starting fires, journalist criminal justice, professors and social media users alike, have speculated that before they launched the gas. The cops new ablaze would likely engulf the cabin that said, a spokesperson for the san bernardino police when later tell the press that they were not trying to set the cabin on fire regardless corner state inside now. He neither choke or burn cannon thereafter, canister flew toward the building does The police officers aim there gun at the door as the gas dispersed, They watched ass, he radiated from the burners soon it ignored
the buildings wooden exterior fire snake up beans to the rafters, the blaze consumed one wall but another, then another answer no sign of christopher gorner, then around four twenty p m a pistol shot. Out from inside after that nothing could be heard over donors stockpile of rifle shells exploding like firecrackers law enforcement, listen waiting for the flames to totally consume the cabin the authorities denied the fire was intentional recordings of least, radio transmissions reveal they were at least happy to, let it burn make sure the flames reached every square inch of the place too. rise, the man that had terrorized them for the past ten days to try in a race what he has done.
Only when the smoke clear did they. Finally approach officials entered cabin and descended into the basement there. They. dignified donors burnt body, an autopsy found that he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound and for the families of his victims. The conclusion was a morbid relief police office, there's across the country celebrated as the chase came to a close once the media frenzy died down a feeling of calm settled over los angeles, crystal four doner was gone, but while the Wings Bree was done. He left scars behind all this andrew attack. He was wounded when donor fired at him and killed his partner Michael Cramer, at a red light he lost. The use of his left arm then to be right as well. The shooting traumatized him
lay times reported that he doesn't often feel up to talking about it even years later, detective call and who sustained three bullet wounds during the final showdown with doner, miraculously survived his phone had deflected what would have been a fatal bullet, it twenty surgeries and significant rehab to heal, but in time he was able to walk again. Doctors call his recovery, a miracle. He went back to the forest and said but two thousand thirteen, but it wasn't it the physical wounds or even the psychological impact. Undaunted victims that had to be reckoned with his words, had been forgotten either ever since doorn or posted his infamous manifesto teresa. Evans. The training officer who was the initial target of donors rage, bent, her days, locked in a hotel room at an undisclosed location, every power, Since our left, her agonized
little noise had her fearing for her life, the terror. didn't go away when donors cabin burned either, because now Her name was the one on the line Critics of the lapd evans has become a symbol of police brutality, occur to the allay times. Some graffiti found near her police station red terry, ever This is a liar. It took. While for evans to return to the force when she did she found she just couldn't do it anymore, couldn't even be sure her fellow officers trusted her, so she left the department in two thousand teen evans, who was white sued the lapd or racial harassment. She claimed that she was discriminated against by her supervisor is because of a race address, initiation with dorner said she was made a scapegoat after Donna's rampage and at her opportunities for promotion. All but evaporated
a county superior courts later dismissed the case, but now, let's take it back a bit to two thousand thirteen Soon after the man onto the lapd, launched a review of donors, dismissal they vowed to look into that claims that this manifesto and the sword stance is that letter was firing, including the accusation against Evans critics cried found some called for the department of justice to intervene with its own investigation, as it did back in the year two thousand others. Just add a third party organization- should oversee the process. For example, jasmine kanak columnist and community activist. She had harsh words for that Parliament saying quote having the lay pd conduct. An internal investigation is like asking bonnie to investigate clyde. It was sentiment shared by many, and the criticism only grew five months later when they completed their review. Internal
investigators determined that dorner had lied when he claimed theresa evans used excessive force in two thousand and seven. They once again, is firing, was without a doubt, justified These findings really didn't sit right with many in the public, but even more frustrate was the lack of significant reform com. rice, a civil rights attorney has a lifetime of experience. Collaborating with communities of color and police groups. In los angeles. She told him they times reporter quote the community. Still sees the same hyper, aggressive, pre, emptive, policing and she concluded with who are dying because they had a broken tail light police still on a mission of search and destroy rice, believes at the top of the lapd or officials who want to make real change, but that full if he doesn't necessarily penetrate the lower ranks of the force former lapd chief Charlie Beck,
who took charge of the department in between donors firing and the man hunt seem to agree He felt some issues in the lapd arose from a warrior mindset. One began when he was just starting his career in law enforcement. He believed that declaring or on drugs in gangs, as the department did during the eightys and ninetys was a mistake. He said you can't declare. War without creating a soldier mentality and once you begin demon rising people. You run the risk of becoming a demon yourself. It's easy to see. Christy for donor might have fallen victim to that mindset. Charlie back mention, instead of reach, out of the community for support. He turn this issue into a war. He divide people into enemies and noncombatants. He viewed situation is a violent contest instead of a collaborative human struggle for rights and dignity. And in doing so he forgot and essential truth. The culture
discrimination in law enforcement agencies of facts all thanks again for tuning into serial killers, we'll be back next, with a new episode for more information on christopher dorner. We found the los angeles times article, the manhunt for Christopher Dorner by christopher golfer, Joel Rubin and Kurt streeter extremely helpful to our research. You can find episodes of serial killers and all other spotify originals from parkhurst for free on spotify. We'll see you next time Stacy felt. Their cereal killers, spotify original from power cast executive produced by max cutter are headed programming as Julian borrow her supervising sound designers, Russell nash with nick johnson as our head of production and quality control by spencer, howard stacy.
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