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From 1972 to 1983, the gay community of Southern California was plagued by a vicious killer. His name was Randy Steven Kraft, and he would later become known for the morbid murder "scorecard" that he kept beneath his car rug.

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I listen as its Gregg. First and foremost, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for listening to park. Hast, like you, we ve had to make some major adjustments to adapt to these unprecedented times, but with your loyalty and the park ass staff, we ve been able to do so. We thank you for your patience and with that I am pleased to announce that there will be no more interruptions treaty. Listening experience due to cope it, my team were bringing you all new episodes today and for the foreseeable future from all of us here at park. Hast we, but you and your families are safe and healthy. Thank you again for your patience and we hope you enjoy these new episodes due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised This episode includes discussions of murder and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen
in March of nineteen seventy thirteen year old, joke fancier awoke to an unfamiliar voice. He looked around head ringing Naked in strangers bad law, haired man stepped out of the bathroom and flatly stated that he was going to work. Then he left a bewildered Joey alone and the apartment the frightened boy tried, deprived self out of bed, but waves of pain crashed through his body, he could barely move as he recalled hazy, but poor fine memories from the night before Joey Wretch, Jesse. Remember the shaggy haired man pinning him down. He tried to fight back, but everything went black in a pen. Joey staggered into the living room, aching all the way he from when he heard a knock at the door. The voice the other side called for Randy Joey, we quiet and after a few seconds, the voice left
The boy waited until the coast was clear before leaving through the front door. The foggy memories of the previous night would forever haunt him. Decades later. Joey venture realized he narrowly escaped one of the most sadistic murderers, California had ever clean I'm Gregg pulsing. This is serial killers, Parkhurst original every We dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. Do they were covering Randy Steven Kraft, the scorecard killer, I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast, destroy
serial killers for free on Spotify, just open. The app and type serial killers in the search bar at park asked were grateful, for you are listeners you will. I was to do it. We love, let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram Afterpart cast and twitter at park. Ass network, between one thousand nine hundred and seventy one and one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Randy Steven Kraft Stock, the streets of southern California torturing and mutilating somewhere between sixty in and sixty seven boys and men. This week will look and crafts early life from his sheltered, suburban upbringing who is first three violent murders next week, will cover the height of crafts violence as his sinister rampage trends formed him into one of the most prolific serial killers in history,
to parents, Harold and Opel Randy Craft was the perfect son. They, along with crass three sisters doated on the boy. Everyone spent law hours nurturing him, taking him to church and encouraging him. Crafts childhood was characterized by sea. Long, love and support from his family. His upbringing was much writer than the childhood of a typical serial killer. Vanessa avoided it over in the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note, Vanessa a licence ecologist your psychiatrist, but she, has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks, Gregg experts have long studied and debated the role of nature versus nurture and the development of psychopathic killers, and although the list of criminals with trauma They childhoods is long those with nor up rings are rare either. The Minnesota Twin study, led by professor of psychology, Thomas Joseph Bouchard Junior, showed that site
The path of traits are due more to biology than to upbringing. The study points to mean abnormalities as the immediate source of psychopathic traits. It's likely that Randy Craft either inherited a psychopathic tendencies or they were trigger by damage to his brain early on The latter is more likely, given that he expects reinstall serious head injury as a young child in nineteen. Forty six Many was two years old, Randy tripped and fell down a flight of concrete steps but his craft grew into adolescence. He showed signs of brain damage. In fact, he was highly intelligent, his middle school classmates just bribed him as a likeable nerd, quiet and courteous craft wasn't just books march. Seemed to excel in any activity he undertook. He played the saxophone the school, marching band, participated in boy scouts and placed as one of the top foresee. In schools, varsity tennis team. He was
mild mannered in every respect, except when it came to politics at ten years old, he identified himself as a fervent republican and frequently engaged in heated debates with his classmates. This continued into high school there he became best friends with two other boys. Who shared his passion for conservatism and academic achievement. By now, one sixty the three of them were inseparable together. They cruised around town mingled, with kids from other schools, ogled girls at and beach and picked up dates to his friends seemed just as enthusiastic as the other boys. When looking for a girlfriend, but in reality it was all just an act craft realized early on that he had no interest in girls unable to come out. He became an expert is hiding his sexuality. Ass, he grew used to hiding parts of himself. He also hid his growing darker impulses. Most of his class me
and teachers found him to be congenial bright and gifted, but one teacher noticed something sinister about him crafts, chemistry, teacher, Lee Manly, found into be obstinate a defiant student to thought rules didn't apply to him. Manly even noticed that craft as far as to make up his own rules when it suited him. No other teachers where did having the same issues with craft, which could show his uncanny ability to suppress his worst impulses when he wanted to. According to a study, a Virginia Commonwealth University, successful psychopaths, described as those that lead successful and socially integrated lives are able to go undetected because of their more developed ability to inhibit their anti social pulses his behaviour and manly class stood out, but otherwise craft had few slip. Ups, despite the failing great he received in
mystery. He remained an honor student throughout high school in June of nineteen sixty three. He graduated tenth out of a class of three hundred ninety that fall. He rolled Claremont College and all male school in Northeast, LOS Angeles county. He studied economics and during his first couple of years, He remained a staunch conservative. Almost colleges became a hotbed of anti war activity in the sixties craft participated in Claremont Pro WAR. Demonstrations Ironically, when he received his own draft notice, he requested a deployment postponement, so he could finish school while his early college experience, as did little to change his paw takes Claremont did change one major aspect of his life: it allowed him the freedom to explore his sexuality. More year, craft quaintly began his
First relationship with another man named MIKE Craft, recalled being deeply in love with him and even brought him home to meet his parents. Although we didn't present MIKE Ass, his boyfriend craft hoped his parents would read between the lines back on campus craft contain to keep his sex life private view of his fellow students suspected he had a part time. Jobs bar tending at a local gay bar called the mug. Bar opened a whole new world to craft. While there he learned about cruising subculture, a gay bar hook up culture defined by easy flings and a lack of emotional attachments, using, was prevalent in Huntington Beach only miles from his conservative home town. His sexual asked AIDS grew more and more daring in nineteen sixty six, twenty one year. Old craft was arrested for proposition in an undercover vice officer. The charges were dropped since it was his first offence, but the arrest spooked,
and it was another two years before he tried again by the time he graduated Claremont in February nineteen sixty eight craft seem like a different person. He became a Register Democrat and campaign for Robert Kennedy. Years later in a letter to a friend he reflected on his right wing adolescence. I have two chuckle remembering about this kids. Do the darkest things Although craft was now anti war, he still had to fulfil his draft summons. His deferment from his required military service ended once he graduated in June nineteen sixty eight. He joined the air force and was stationed at Edwards AIR Force Base in the California desert. He was charged with painting planes and if there was nothing else to do houses as well, he deeply resented this assignment, as he felt it was beneath him. As one of the only college educated men of the base, he thought he deserve more challenging
point, perhaps motivated by the perceived disrespect. Twenty four year old craft made a bold decision in nineteen sixty nine. He was tired of living in fear of being out did about the lifestyle he led outside the base on one of his visits back to Westminster he. Finally, revealed to his family. He was gay we'll see his family's reaction and the impact it has on his life. After this now back to the story by nineteen, sixty nine Randy Craft had fully embraced a gay lifestyle while, pending college. He decided it was time to come out of the closet and at some point during the summer he told his parents about his sexuality, his ultra conservative father fluent a rage while his mother, hoping it was only a phase, continue to show him support. One of his sisters blamed his all male
school for his sexual orientation, but his family, reaction didn't dissuade him from being completely open about himself a year into his air force, assignment he poorly walked up to his commanding officer and a answer. He was gay precautions soon followed on July twenty six nineteen sixty nine. He received a general discharge from the air force, citing medical reasons although not as bad as a dishonourable discharge, a general discharge is still considered a slight craft struggle to find his footing after leaving the air force. He worked out of our time. At various gay bars along Orange Colonies, Pacific Coast Highway, this occupation, this the a new hedonistic lifestyle that craft embraced fully around this time he also entered an open relationship with a new partner, Jeff Graves which led him to experiment further with drugs and casual set,
as the months went on craft, felt more and more directionless frustrated with the state of his life. He leaned harder on the fleeting pleasure. The drugs provided soon, he was almost completely free of innovation in this state craft began to grapple with dark sadistic sexual urges the more he tried keep them in check the more frustrated he became until May of nineteen. Seventy he finally reached his breaking point. One night on a trip to Huntington Beach, peered in search of casual sex craft noticed thirteen year old, Joey fancier blocking all alone. After a short conversation, he discovered Jelly had run away from
home. The suave twenty five year old had no problem luring the teen boy with promises of weed and alcohol Joey couldn't believe his luck as he hopped on the back of crafts, motorcycle and rode up the pc age towards his seaside apartment. At his place craft kept a giddy teens wine glass full all night. When shall we complained to the headache craft happily offered some pills? It wasn't long before the boy became dizzy and started to black out. In the midst of this haze, craft showed Joey pictures himself having sex, he asked the drowsy teen. If he'd ever had sex with a man, then craft is rolled him. Joey floated in and out of consciousness, craft sexually assaulted him multiple times over the course of the night. Later he
only remember the pain and craft constantly threatening his life. The next morning, craft matter of factly, informed Joey that he was leaving for work once craft left, Joey stumble to a bar across the street. Asking for help an ambulance rushed him to the hospital his stomach was immediately pumped. He was told that if he'd taken any more pills, he would have died when the lease and his parents showed up Joey directed them to the apartment. He'd fled from that morning he told police that craft had drugged and beaten him too young and embarrassed to reveal the sexual assault in the empty apartment. The cops found bottles of medication, proscribed two doors Lane Craft sister Joey then identified his assailant through the pornographic images still on the table. Despite the evidence, long Beach detected
claimed that they saw no obvious crime, because Joey admitted to taking the drugs voluntarily making matters worse. Authorities had entered crass apartment without a warrant. Therefore, any evidence was inadmissible. Thanks the police's incompetents craft, got away with his first crime easily the near Miss only encouraged him to further act on his sinister urges. Authority had not only let a rapist slipped through their hands. They may have helped create a killer immediate aftermath of the case craft laid low. He worked on improving its day to day life and even have some contact with his family crafts. Parents although distanced from him since he had come out to them, worried Their son was wasting his potential. He no longer resembled the ambitious young boy and academic over a cheaper. They once knew after a string of
turning jobs and extent as a forklift driver for air had water craft went back to school. His parents were relieved when he decided to follow in his elder sisters, footsteps and become a teacher. It seem like he was fine. Getting his life back on track his personal life, also seem to be on an upswing. He lived freely and openly, this partner Jeff Graves in a small beach apartment. They seem to be. A model. Couple been going on vacations together to Europe and Mexico, although they both agreed to but open relationship. Crafts jealous nature, sometimes got the better of him. Just constant visits to the local bar an overnight absences anchored craft on such a case He was known to drive around four hours fuming with rage other times. Craft picked up men solely as retribution for Jeff's absences after one particularly
nasty argument with Jeff Craft when our driving he went to his usual cruising spots, try out of gay bars along Sunset Beach on September twentieth. Nineteen, seventy one police believe he picked up Wayne Joseph do cat a bartender at stables. It was likely the end of ducats shift when he accepted craft offered to go home with him. That night, two weeks later, ducats naked body was found in a ravine off the Ortega Highway, a winding mountain road that cuts through the Santa Anna mountains. The body had been spoke to the sun for so long that it was bloated and decomposed, making it hard for investing, it is to determine whether foul play was involved. The only reading, forensics good good from the still unidentified corpse was his blood alcohol level at the time of his death. It was point thirty, six enough to cause
fatal poisoning so lacking any other leads police decided. Alcohol poisoning was the official cause of death. Even though do cat had been stripped of his clothes and any identifying markers. It didn't take long for authority to identify their John DOE. His car had been parked in front of stables. Four days which had raised concerns LISA. Two cats, fellow employees, who we might have left with that night, but no witnesses ever came forward and they reached a dead end in the investigation Wayne Joseph do cat was the first person to go on crafts scorecard a twisted right, good. He kept of his murders. Duquette wasn't mentioned by name on the hand written list only read stable a reference to the are, the men worked at craft, would continue to refer to his victims by code words right.
Than their names. As the list grew into the dozens twenty six year old craft made sure to keep us list close tucked under a floor. Man in his car. The list the heightened his excitement ass. He later drove around hunting for victims hungry add another tally to his scorecard in the months following his first murder craft maintained a low profile in nineteen. Seventy two. When he wasn't stuff for his teaching credential at long beach state. He and Jeff began to cruise together near Camp Pendleton. A military between San Diego and Orange County, it was filled with the type of men they like to pick up Marines They knew that on weekends Marines hit the nearby bars looking for drinks in one night stands before reporting back to the barracks. On Monday morning, when craft first began seeking out casual sir
x in his early twenties. He tended to gravitate towards older men. Now, twenty seven, those tastes changed his sexual party and would be victims were now in their late, teens and early twenties. The change in its preferences could have affected crass relationship with Jeff or the next year. They grew more distant. Eventually, they stop picking up men together, but craft continued to crews the and Pendleton area on his own around this time, craft also started to suffer from constant migraines and debilitating stomach pains which put him in and even worse, mood than usual more and more craft looked forward to his trips to Camp Pendleton as a momentary scape from the stresses of his failing relationship and worsening health due to his health issues. Craft was steady died of pain killers and antidepressants, it's possible. The pills may have even contributed to his growing sadistic, urges arrest,
study out of the Carolyn Skit Institute in Sweden, found that there was a statistically significant increase in the rate of violent crime during the period someone was taking the anti depressants compared to the intervals when they weren't. The hazard ratio, pointed to a forty percent increase likelihood of violent behaviour, whipping instability and crafts relationship with chaff and is abuse medication. He may be prime to explode soon. He found himself completely unable to suppress his murderous thoughts. On December twenty fourth, nineteen. Seventy two craft down on his luck, marine Twenty year old, Edward Daniel, more More was once a member of the first Engineers First Marines division in Camp Pendleton foreseen unknown reason: he'd gone AWOL and became adrift near the base, often seen the harmonica on the beach craft likely employed is
swimming charm and patient ear to disarm more. As the former Marie opened up. Craft would have no trouble earning his trust at some point, more likely followed craft to his car eager for the promise of a hot meal and a warm bed to sleep in, but December night crafts intentions were more twisted than ever. He wasn't just going Kill more instead, more would become craft Guinea pig, the first victim subjected to the full extent of his sadistic violence coming up crash scorecard, gets its second entry. Now back to the story,
by late nineteen seventy two twenty seven year old Randy Craft, was on his way to his stable career. He was working towards his teaching credential, while laboring part time as a forklift operator to his friends and family crafts. Life seemed to be back on track for the first time in years, but behind closed doors crash life was a nightmare. His relationship with his partner Jeff was crumbling. You'd go tired of their open arrangement and wanted to be monogamous, but Jeff refuse to stop seeing other men overtime. His repress jealousy built up and pushed him closer to the edge until finally, on December twenty fourth nineteen, seventy two he fell off the deep and that night craft made the hour drive south to Camp Pendleton. He knew Christmas. Eve would be a perfect time to prey on lonely soldiers missing,
home at a beach near the base craft came across twenty year old, Edward Daniel more marine was out that night searching for a holiday meal as soon as the smooth talking craft struck up a conversation with him craft knew he would make easy prey. According to Moors Lover, Charles Mines, the young soldier was an open book. He would pour out his soul to anyone who is willing to talk.
Craft was a patient listener and more likely let his guard down easily odds are that after some food and drinks, they both headed back to crafts, hotel room, more had exchanged sex for food and shelter before so, it's possible. The two had consensual sex early in the night. However, things soon took a turn for the worse craft, somehow convinced more to follow him to an unknown secluded location away from the hotel listeners be advised. The following descriptions are graphic once the two were alone craft bounded, the naked marine by his ankles wrists and neck with more restrained craft was free to torture, him craft raped, more scratching and biting his body leading deep lacerations on his genitals. It seemed craft slowly s It has brutality through the night growing more.
Cited, has he pushed his violent desires further and further? He ended the attack with a brutal beating, clubbing moors face repeatedly until the soldier finally died with Moors death and exhilarated craft added his latest victim to the score card. The entry Red Ye D am Moors initials, although this was crab second kill. It was filled with many firsts that Christmas night. He got us taste of torture and mutilation. He relished having that kind of power over some one and would go on to do the same to every victim that followed craft may fit the description of a hedonistic serial killer according to criminologists Doktor Scott Bonn, hedonistic, serial killer.
There are three seekers who derive immense pleasure from their murderous, exploits and from the torture and prolonged suffering of their victims, so they typically kills slowly hedonistic killers, rubble and the pain of others. Though craft had gotten some satisfaction from his first murder. He realized that ritualistic torture and defining as victims bodies made the thrilled that much more intense
The second murder also marked the beginning of crafts trophy taking he took polaroids of more while he lay unconscious after killing the young soldier. He also took the only thing more treasured. His harmonica Nottingham Trent University psychologist Mark Griffiths explained that for some murderers, a key part of their enjoyment comes in taking trophies like photos or personal items from the victim having these objects in his possession reminded craft of his crimes and likely served as a stimulus to act out again. But of course, the crowning piece of craft twisted game was his makeshift scorecard without simple slip of paper. He made killing into a sadistic sport after marking e g m on his scorecard craft disposed of Moors body. It didn't take long for it to be found,
December December, twenty six nineteen. Seventy to around one forty five, a M authorities received a call from a shocked passer by the police arrived just on the side of the four or five freeway and seal beach. None of the officers were prepared for the gruesome seen that awaited them. Moors face had been so badly battered that he was unrecognizable. Detectives were only able to identify the body because he wore a jacket bearing a. U S. Marine or patch with his name stitched on it. He had no shoes and only on suck the other was lodged in his rectum medical examiners later concluded, he died from the blunt force trauma to his face. The perpetrator had likely used a pipe. The toxicology report showed there were no drugs or alcohol in more system. This was a major difference from crafts first victim. The only thing the two murders had in common was that their bodies had been thrown.
Out of a moving vehicle, the clear brutality of more death may do. Cats murder scene Kane by comparison authorities would make the connection between them until years later. Instead, they started at Square one after the discovery of Moors Body Orange County police zeroed and on his stamping ground near Camp Pendleton. Due to the apparent rage of moors killer, police were convinced. His murder was a crime of passion, people familiar with more all pointed police toward Charles Vines, his on again off again lover when two detectives showed up to mine's trailer on December twenty sixth, it didn't seem like he was a person of interest, or at least that's not the impression that binds got from their questioning. They said they only wanted to speak to the person who knew their victim. Ass. They were trying to understand what kind of man more was and who he might have gotten mixed up with during the interrogation.
Authorities presented vines with a picture of an unnamed mad, a local hustler they suspected was behind moors killing vines, told them. He'd never seen the man before, despite the lack of evidence, police almost immediately focused on this unknown hustler the wrong man entirely, and they had trouble letting go of their incorrect assumptions. Randy craft never made a blip on their radar. Instead for years, police insisted that Wayne Joseph Duquette and we're Daniel more were killed by someone close to them. These conclusions were almost entirely based on the victim sexuality and therefore high risk lifestyle. Their own biased views against the so called gay killings prevented them from realising a serial killer was at large, and now they craft had gotten away with murder. Twice he was emboldened to lash out
much more frequently, crafts third victim known as John DOE. Sixteen was discovered. Less than months later on the morning February we re six nineteen. Seventy three, the body had been dumped by the side of the terminal island free way in the city of Wilmington, a few miles north of law Beach authorities noticed immediate similarities between Edward Daniel, more and John DOE. Sixteen who is simply listed as Wilmington and Crafts scorecard. Although this new victim didn't exhibit the same. Disturbing level of torture is more. They were both strangled with a thin metal, cable likely piano wire. Another similarity was found in the victim's rectum. Both corpses had a single sock, stuffed inside, which made police
suspect they had been killed by the same person. They would soon learn that inserting objects into his victims, orifices and defining their genitals was crafts signature. The raw sadism was baffling two detectives. To try to get a better understanding of the unknown sadistic killer police consulted with Doktor E Mantle Patterson, but you see Irvine psychiatrist Patterson wrote to them that the killer desires to be masculine and virile, but does not feel masculine. He vicariously identifies with the beautiful masculine image of the victim sodomizing. The victim affirms that he is a potent aggressive, virile heterosexual mail and makes the victim of female, thus reinforcing the killers. Self image of masculinity. Doktor Patterson argued that crafts
sexual sadism was rooted in self hate. He temporarily felt better about himself when hurting those younger and better looking than him. Perhaps it's no coincidence. At most of his victims fall within the same age group lay teens, timid, twenties. They were attractive and predominantly white, Your Patterson also warned investigators that the killer felt no remorse over his action. Therefore, another attack was inevitable. Patterson birds, were truly prophetic. The following year would be his most deadly by the end of nineteen. Seventy three He dad for more names to his scorecard thanks again for turning into serial killers, we'll be back thirst.
With a new episode on Randy Stephen Craft will cover the height of crafts, sadistic murders and the growing list of names on his. Or card for more information on Randy Stephen craft. Amongst the many sources we used, we found angel of darkness. The true story of brandy, craft most heinous murder sprit of the century by Dennis Macdougall, extremely helpful to our research. You can find more besides of serial killers and all other park has to regional free Spotify, not only to spot, if I already have all of your favorite music, but now Spotify, making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite park. Originals like serial killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker strict serial killers on Spotify, just open the app and type serial killers in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help the shell and, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review and
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