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“The Beauty Queen Killer” Christopher Wilder Pt. 2


In 1984, Wilder went on a weeks-long killing spree across the U.S., abducting, raping and murdering as many young women as he could find. As he targeted malls across the country, the FBI launched a manhunt for the Australian fugitive. 

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions. Kidnapping, rape, violence and murder that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Today's episode feature: some crimes that are still officially considered unsolved, but we've included the version of events that the evidence indicates is most likely in the spring of nineteen. Eighty four nineteen year old, college student, Linda, Gruber needed a break from studying finals were approach. And the stress was mounting to clear her had she drove to a local, mall and Tallahassee Florida, but she browse the seasons, latest trends Linda. Just a middle aged man was watching her every move. She told
His name was Christopher Wilder and he was a photographer here. What did know if she Deborah aspired to model his shoulders, relaxed relieved. He was just solicitor looking for his next client and she couldn't care less about modeling Linda was a surf girl who had never been concerned with appearances. She left often told him, no, unfortunately, wilder wooden take no for an answer. Instead of leaving to find another young hopeful. He kept staring at Linda, uncomfortable she excused herself and headed towards the exit but ass. She hurried into the parking lot. She realised that wilder kept pace. He was following her fuelled by fear and adrenaline Linda, muster the courage to turn around and confront the agent, but before she get the words out wilder punched, her in the stomach through into the trunk of his car and slow
dead, shot hi, I'm Gregg pulsing. This is serial killers. A Spotify original from power cast area so we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers today, will take a look Christopher Wilder, also known as the beauty queen killer. I'm here my co host Vanessa Richardson high everyone you can and episodes of serial killers and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on spot I or wherever you listen to podcast. Time. We explored Christopher Wilder's, many run in with the law in both Australia. And the United States, but even though he was accused of heinous crime, he saw little to no punishment is managing to manipulate his way out of serious consequences. Today
will follow wilder on his killer road trip across the United States and see how crimes were finally de toward We ve got all that in more coming up stay with us before this episode take a moment to think about those that go rogue like the rogues in your family, who play by different rules, their law, abiding citizens, of course, but they are not afraid to go off script. That's the all new twenty twenty one Nissan world was made for this slavery imagined, with five DR moods the only rogue spilt to help you go rogue where ever the road takes. You learn more at Nissan USA com This episode is brought to you by Ford. Have one fifty the only weapon.
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The only rogue spilt to help you go rogue where ever the road takes you learn more at Nissan USA, dot com. On March 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four thirty nine year old, Christopher Wilder, pulled his Chrysler New Yorker onto the highway. He headed north away from swamps of merit, island Florida leaving behind dead body twenty one year old Teresa Ferguson hours earlier wilder, had abducted Teresa from a local mall. Then he stood. Mangled the young woman and disposed of her corpse in a marsh. She was just one of an estimated six women and children who fell victim to Wilder's sexual depravity, but after
witnesses and linked him to the disappearances of race track, employ Rosaria, Gonzales and School teacher Elizabeth Canyon, authorities in the United States were onto him and time was running out. As Teresa's body, sank deeper into the murky water wilder Sped along the winding roads of northern Florida intent kidnapping raping and murdering as many young women as possible before they, lock them up for good he's going to take over the psychology here and throughout the episode as a note that is not a licence. Psychologist your psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research. For this show. Thanks Greg, while Wilder's classification as a serial killer remains unofficial. His behaviour suggests he fell under the category of a hedonistic killer according to knowledge is Ronald HOMES and James to burger hedonistic.
Others are psychopathic. Sexual sailors who torture and kill for pleasure there also described as the thrill seekers of the serial killer world the very act The violence and murder fuels that with a euphoric high, and they often wait to get another fix, wilder likely enjoyed abducting and murdering Teresa Ferguson, Rosaria, Gonzalez and Elizabeth Canyon. So much that he had to do it again. He was addicted Unfortunately, wilder new law enforcement we're close behind. If you wanted to feed this addiction, he would have to keep moving and act fast less than three days after killing Teresa Ferguson, Wilder's, opt in Tallahassee Florida at the governor's square, mall Wilder try he put his mind at ease ass. He moved through the throng of people, but his heart was racing. He had no. I
how much time he had left He saw a woman who made all of those worries fade away. Nineteen year old, Linda Gruber flipped through a rack of clothes inside a store she his young, beautiful and just his time wilder made sure his camera was visible and approached her with a smile using practised, lies wilder, told, Linda that he was a professional photographer and if she let him take a few pictures, he could get her on the over a bold magazine, Linda laughed at the thought. She was a serious student. She had no intention of becoming a model. She also likely did believe Wilder was a real agent to her. He was just creepy middle aged man, stalking, young girls at the mall. She refused his advances and walked away Even if the rejection caught wilder off guard, it didn't dissuade him first
distance was all part of the thrill as Linda left them all. He followed after her in the parking lot wilder quickened his pace. It was obvious was onto him and if he didn't hurry, there was a chance she could slip away as she neared her car wilder started to run it was now or never win They turned to confront wilder she punched her in the stomach ass, hard ass. He could then he picked her up, carry her to his car and threw her into the trunk after locking her inside. He checked to see if there were any witnesses, but the parking lot was empty nobody had seen a thing your drove out of the lot and headed in the only direction that seemed safe north Trunk Linda started to screen to dry
The noise wilder jammed cassette tape into the radio and turned up the volume MAX as the sunset older, crossed the state line into Georgia as stopped at a motel. He rented a room and parked his car as close to the room door as possible. Then he cracked, open the trunk and ICT in Linda after hours, trapped inside it trunk. The young woman looked exhausted. Wilder She wouldn't put up a fight. He covered her with a sleeping bag through her for his shoulder and carried her inside Linda was relieved to be out of the trunk, but her night, air had only just begun, while dropped her on the bed and told her to close her eyes. Then he and her lids with super glue seal. Them shot next wilder Hook Linda up to a homemade torture device, presumably inspired by his child
visit to the psychiatric ward. It was a bundle of electrical cords he wrapped expire most, why around windows, thinkers and toes and plug the device into a wall socket the device allowed wilder to control how much electricity flowed into Linda's body if she made any noise, he shocked her if she tried, escape he shocked her with Linda completely under his control. He raped her. Between these sadistic sessions of torture. Wilder pause to watch so TAT S, favorite television show Dallas, but while wilder remained glued to solve this, bridge glue along lent, his eyelids came loose Her vision was blurry, but she could see where he was sitting in the bathroom door was open fearing the end was near Linda made the decision of her life. She read:
off the wires from her fingers and toes and ran to the bathroom before she could shut the door wilder burst inside and grabbed a nearby blowdryer. He hit list the head ass, hard ass. He could and she fell to the ground with her eyes rolled back wilder hesitated sure if she was unconscious or dead, she was neither Linda waited until one there was within striking distance Ben, he reached up and gouged her fingers into his eyes temporarily. Blinded he stumbled backwards giving Linda enough time to shut them out of the bathroom and war. The door. Then she screamed until her lungs burned, afraid her cries. What truck detention, wilder who his belongings into a bag and ran out the door later at the hospital detectives took down. Her account then deduce that wilder was behind the attack because
wilder had transported Linda across state lines. Fbi investigators took over the case they showed her a series of photographs of men who could be her attacker without hesitation. She pointed at wilder it was all the evidence they needed the FBI. Started a hunt of their own. Coming up, wilder fuels his killer addiction the snares looking for something a little spooky to dig into then check Spotify original from power cast superstitions every Wednesday explore the varying beliefs, people around the world fear and follow in this area. New series each week step inside stories that illustrate the horror here is an truth behind humanity, strangeness codes of conduct. Why do black cats represent witchcraft? What's the point of carrying a rapid spread around with you
and how come certain film seen cursed and others don't New episode of superstitions presents a story that, unlike the mysteries of unorthodox traditions and surreal phenomena they may seem, mystical or illogical or completely insane, but then again do they followed up or cast SIRI Superstitions freon Spotify over every you get. Your pot casts. As you enjoy. This episode take a moment to think about those that go rogue like rogues in your family who play by different rules, their law, abiding citizens, of course, but they love to escape the ordinary, whether it's for a few minutes or an entire weekend, the all news when you twenty one, Nissan Rogue was made for them, the ones that can from getting their hands dirty in the kitchen to getting their boots. Dirty on high get a moment's notice. The all new twenty
twenty one Nissan rogue We re imagined for where ever the road takes you are, wherever you take the road with five unique. Dr Modes, sport off road, snow, ATO and Eco. You and your family can explore almost anywhere with a turn of a dial so get out. There and go rogue, discover more Nissan USA. Dot com. Now, back to the story: in late March of nineteen, eighty four Thirty, nine year old, Christopher Wilder, abducted, raped and tortured. Nineteen year old college student, Linda uber, but Linda, manage to lock herself inside the bathroom and scream for help worried her. Eyes would attract unwanted attention. While jumped into his chrysler and sped away. Despite her
her eyes. Glued shut Linda was able to identify wilder to the FBI, kicking off a nation wide man Hunt feeling the heat wilder fled west driving through the back roads forgotten highways along the Gulf Coast. Thanks to Linda, the police probably knew what kind of car he was in to be safe. He would have to teach it on March. Twenty four. First, the day after Linda had escaped wilder pulled it the small town of Beaumont Texas, there He crews, the parking lot of Lamar University searching for. Replacement vehicle. That's when an attractive twenty Oh you're old, nursing student, Terry Walden, caught his eye. Terry, was married with two kids and had lived in Beaumont all her life friend, in family knew her as a very careful person who was not trusting of strangers. So it was no surprise.
Is that when wilder Approach, Terry, her guard went on wilder pull, up next to Terry and told her that he liked her one thousand nine hundred and eighty one mercury cougar when she died. Respond. He tried to turn on the charm wilder mentioned that he was a modeling agent and that she was perfect for a job Terry insisted that she wasn't interested, but instead of leaving wilder in closer the encounter shook Terry up so badly that she immediately drove home and told her husband. He agreed that it was. Close call and assured Terry that she was safe. Now, unfortunately, he was wrong to days later on March, twenty third wilder turned to his familiar hunting ground. The mall in I'd witnesses, remembered seeing while just solicit numerous young girls asking that they wanted to be models. All of them said now rejected
older decided to try his look elsewhere, but ass. He, sit at the mall. He spotted someone he recognized tear, Walden. After dropping her four year old, daughter off at day care? Terry had come to them all to do some shopping, convinced that it was destiny, wilder Approach, Terry, asked her if she changed her mind about modeling, again we said no but wilder wouldn't be denied followed her out of the mall as she the door of her mercury, Cougar Wilder forced her over the passenger seat and got behind the wheel himself, a few Hours later employs the day CARE Notify Terry's husband that she had not picked up their daughter, yet he really knew something was wrong. Then called police reporter missing. Meanwhile back in the Mercury Wilder headed west. He found an ice aid area to park. In then, he said
Terry, multiple times and through her body into a canal evidence suggests that wild you didn't have to Terry for sexual gratification with police, just a few steps behind him. He likely killed simply because he wanted her Cougar Wild return to the open road in Terry's car for two Days wilder drove north out of Texas and into Oklahoma there, on March twenty fifth, he resumed his insatiable hunt at PEN square mall. In Oklahoma City, armed with a camera here, please twenty one year old, Suzanne, Logan Ass. She peruse the local department store, unlike carrion, Linda, Suzanne had real aspirations of becoming a model to one there. She was easy prey. He likely offered Susanna hundred dollars and told her to follow him back to his car as they walked. Crossed the lot wilder boy
about all the other models. He'd photographed ashore would Suzanne that she was in good hands. Wilder forests and into his car and drove her north into Kansas. There. He checked them into a hotel room where he tore third and raped her. The next morning, Wilder took her to a desert area near a town called Junction city. Under this shade of a cedar tree. He stepped Suzanne to death. Meanwhile, back in Florida, the F b I had set up a field office to hunt wilder down equipped with a positive identification from Linda Gruber and assuming Wilder had stolen Terry Walden car. They issued a nation wide bulletin now Every cop in Amerika was on the look out for Terry's Mercury Cougar, but wilder still manage to avoid detection on March twenty eighth, Wilder pulled off the highway and Rifle Colorado and checked into a hope
hell using a stolen credit card when the hotel clerk process credit card payments at the end of the day, the stolen card, up a red flag. The clerk was instruct to call the F b I as door. Broke. On March, twenty nine federal agents surrounded wild yours hotel room with their guns drawn, but they stormed inside. The room was empty by chance wilder at hit the road early. That morning It was a frustratingly close call for the FBI, and- and Fortunately, there only lead now. All they could do was to wait for wilder to strike again. Sadly, they didn't have to wait more
a few hours later wilder arrived at the May Mall in Grand Junction Colorado there, he lured, eighteen year old, Cheryl Bonaventura to his car. She went willingly blinded by wilder's, lies and her own aspirations of becoming a model. By this point, he perfected his verbal trap well, it's unclear whether wilder was ever officially diagnosed with any mental or personality disorders he's been, paviers suggests he had psychopathic tendencies according to middle psychologist, Robert Hair, psychopath simple, high emotional intelligence to manipulate their victims, they're able to hawk their way around situations and use the victims. Emotional wants and needs against them. We're not sure exactly what Wilder told Cheryl do know that she went with him voluntarily. We also know that she agreed to leave town with him later. That day,
The two arrived at a sandwich shop in a small town, some one hundred ten miles south of Grand Junction there they appeared, relaxed and friendly Cheryl. Even reportedly Toto interests that they were on their way to LAS Vegas details of what happened next are unclear, but it appears that for them two days wilder and Cheryl, ventured West record indicate that they stayed together at hotels in Durango, Colorado and Page Arizona But around March thirty first, while drew, grew tired ever company along a patch of gesture, near the Utah Arizona border, wilder, stabbed Cheryl in the chest. Then he left her for dead in the desert as wilder continued his journey alone. The B. I warned malls across the country that Assyria killer named Christopher Wilder was on the prowl. They provided shopping centres with flyers of Wilder's name and picture.
Recommended against holding events where young girls may gather The meadows Mall in LAS Vegas did not heed their warning. On April. First, they host the model in competition promising the winner, the cover of seventeen magazine the event a huge success and grow for miles around came to try their luck, but they the only ones who showed up armed with his trusty camera wilder brazenly walked into the mall and sat down next to the cat walk he. Why does the teenage girls came out one by one, hoping for their big break one and titular cod, as I said nineteen year old, Michelle Coffman. She was the perfect victim and, after the event was four wilder told Michel that she had, but it took to be a professional model and that he could help her get to the next level.
Ecstatic Michel agreed to follow wilder to his car, to see his portfolio and then Wilder followed his horrible script, kidnapping, torturing and raping Michelle Then he dumped her lifeless body near a southern California. Rest stop wild continued west for a day or two, Julie arriving at the California coast, but just ass. His modus operandi was becoming routine. He met, a young woman in torrents that would be altogether different, one that He would connect with on other level. Up next wilder turns a victim into an accomplice. As you enjoy, this episode take a moment to think about those go rogue like rogues in your family who play by different rules, their law, abiding citizens, of course, but they love to escape the ordinary, whether it's for a few minutes
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hacking and murdering Michel Kaufman in April of nineteen. Eighty four he set out to abduct yeah another victim on April. Fourth, wilder. Added to the dilemma: fashioned centre in the coastal town of Torrents, California, there, sixteen year old, Tina Marie receive ECHO was searching for a job ash filled out an application in one of the stores Wilder approached her from behind? He told Tina that if she wanted a job, he could give her one that lead to fame and fortune. He was a modeling agent and offered her one hundred dollars to let him photograph her Tina. Happily accepted the blossoming trees of a nearby park Tina pose for the camera. At first, it seemed innocent and but as time moron familiar seen, emerged when Tina said it was for her to head home wild
dropped, his nice guy routine and got aggressive as Tina gathered her belongings. Wilder pulled out a large three. Fifty seven Magnum Pistol then pointed directly at her he ordered Tina into his car in fear, for her life. She obeyed his every command for two hours Tina silently as wilder drove them south along the coast to San Diego there. He rented a cheap hotel room once inside wilder attached is makeshift electrical torture device to tennis fingers in time. Then he spent the next few hours shocking and raping Tina. Over and over again, between these sessions of torture and rape, Wilder watch television, but instead of his favorite soap, Dallas, a special news bulletin came on screen Chris, differ wilder now dubbed the beauty queen killer was wanted for the disappearances,
several young women, he was on the FBI's ten most wanted list wilder couldn't believe the news he assumed The police were looking for him, but he didn't expect to be next. It is so many of the abduction so quickly. Suddenly, the situation seem dire. He had to get out of there Wilder untied Tina and told her to help him pack his bags struggling comprehend. What had just happened to her team. Did ass. She was told, as the to read De Wilder's car. A strange, sincere you came over the young woman. She felt like she had wilder. According to psychiatrist. Dr Frank, Auberg, Stockholm syndrome is a rare phenomenon, were victims of abduction bond with their captor. Initially, terror find that their life is on the line. Victims. Experience
Seeing Stockholm Syndrome welcome any act of kindness with immense gratitude. As a result, the hostages experience a powerful, primitive positive feeling too words. There captor therein denial that this is the person who put them in that situation and in their mind, they think this is the person who is going to. Let them live in Tina Receive goes case, it's hard to know why she was susceptible to this phenomenon, but the intensity her traumatic experiences may have played a role despite being abducted, raped and tortured by wilder she seemed to be great Full for her life, and so she did ass. She was told, fortunately, her compliance didn't go unnoticed. The more Tina helped I'll do the longer he kept her alive, wild guarantee returned to the safety of the open road heading northeast. He he had a friend Canada, where they couldn't lay low until the authorities quit looking for them, but they
we're still a long way from the border and he's who had an each to scratch like any addicts, The longer wilder waited the harder it got to control after six long days on the road wilder and Tina arrived in. A small town called Melville Indiana Bear I'll do concocted a new plan to satiate his knees he promised to Latina go if she found him a replaced, Tina was in no condition to say no. For a week, Wilder had kept the sixteen year old prisoner, frequently raping and beating her on the urge of a mental breakdown. She agreed to his plan on April. Ten wilder and Tina scanned the crowd at the south, like mall in Phil events The wilder settled on a sixteen year old girl was short, dark hair named Don NET wilt. It appeared that, like Tina done, it was at the mall
applying for jobs, Tina approached on it with a friendly smile. She said she knew the perfect. To work. She motion wilder over Praetor and he was a manager at one of the stores wilder said he had a spare application in his car and invited Danette to accompany him to get it with Tina. Beside her Danette, safe enough to follow wilder outside, but once the trio guy to his car. Instead of pulling out application, Wilder pulled out a gun, he ordered both done that and Tina to get into the vehicle wilder drove the girls a nearby hotel and rented a room once inside. Tina realised that wilder was never going to keep its promise over the next two days he's Tina watched in horror as wilder, tortured and raped Don at, but on April, Twelve. Another news report popped up on the tv screen accept this time. Instead of the FBI,
Tina mother appeared before reporters. She begged why elder to spare her daughters life once again, wild flew into a panic. He told Tina to pack. Their bags and tied down at from the bed. Then the three piled into while just car and fled wilder headed. For the state line and cross over into New York in an effort to keep on net under his control. He forced her to take sleeping pills. He was agitated scared and desperate to stay free, but to do that, he had to get rid of one of the girls. It was to risk gate travelling with both of them. So Wilder found a back road that lead deep into the woods he park the car and told Tina just stay put. Then he dragged on at outside and told her to March into the forest even drugged that realised that she was going to die. When Wilder Poor
out his knife. She asked to shoot her. Instead, she thought it would be quicker and less painful, but while refused and stabbed her twice in the chest. And he ran back to the car where Tina was still waiting, but ass. They drove away Wilder was overcome with a feeling that done it wasn't dead, he's and the car into reverse and backed up to where he left her wilder suspicion was right instead Finding done it's dead body, he saw a trail of blood. Leading away somehow Don neck, had managed to escape while struggling to stay, conscious, she'd found a road and flag A passing trucker fury, es Wilder got back in the car and sped off. It was a matter of time before the F b I caught up to him and in order to cover his tracks, he told Tina they had to switch cars. Luckily, for them he knew just one.
To find one. A few hours later wilder and Tina arrived at east view. Mall in Victor New York. He drove lowly scanning the law for the perfect ride when Wilder pointed out a beautiful gold, Pontiac Firebird pulling into parking spot. The car belong Thirty three year old, single mother, Beth, Dodge she'd gone to the all the grab, some lunch before picking up her four year old, daughter from day care, wilder the pistol into his waistband and stepped out of the car. Then he told Tina to get behind the wheel of the mercury and follow him as Tina slid over the driver's seat. She watched with dread as wilder crept across the parking lot towards Beth before Beth could even step out of the car, DE drew his gun and forced her into the passenger seat. Then God behind the wheel and spread out of the parking lot,
now alone in the safety of the Mercury Tina was left with a decision She could either drive away to freedom or she, could go along with Wilder's plan, its to put ourselves in teens mindset at that moment, but it's important to remember that she was terrified young woman was experiencing of very traumatic event, ultimately Tina shows the ladder followed wilder to a vacant, gravel pit outside of town there Wilder marched Beth into a dense patch of forest and shot her. When he reemerged soon after Tina that Beth was dead. It's as the wilder wasn't interested in raping Beth at all. He just needed her car as wilder and Tina sped off in Beth's Firebird. He assured his captive. But she would not meet the same fate in esteem.
In a way wilder had also bonded with Tina when they reached Boston. Wilder took Tina to the local airport. He told her that he was going to die and he didn't want her there to see it. He accompanied Tina inside and bought her a one way. Ticket to LOS Angeles California, before they parted ways. He asked her to kiss him on the cheek sky, that at any moment wilder would pull her back to the car. She did what he asked then, as she cautiously walked towards her gay He told her to write a book about their time together, although Tina had escaped her ordeal was far from over after landing. In LOS Angeles, she met with authorities and was forced to answer some difficult questions when they discover, that Tina had assisted in Wilder's crimes. The media blame Tina for her role. However, it was
to team as brave testimony that the F b I was able to narrow their search to New England and more Fortunately they knew what kind of car wilder was driving. The FBI, I radioed all the police officers in the area telling them to be look out for wilder, who was last seen: driving a gold Firebird on aid. We'll thirteenth nineteen. Eighty four, while drove the Firebird into a service station in Colebrook New Hampshire. He was just fifteen minutes from the canadian border, as he shouted an attendant about the best way to get across a patrol car. Are rounded the coroner junior, Hampshire State, trooper, spotted the gold fire bird and pulled over one of the Off sir jumped out and cautiously approached wild but Wilder Dodge the officer and drove into the fire bird. The trooper tried to go. Him from behind, but Wilder was too strong wild
Claude, his way across the console and grabbed his gun. Then Wilder turned the gun on himself and fired two shots, one: the bullets pastures. Through wilder's, mid section, injuring the officer, the other bullet pierced Wilder's heart killing him instantly it was the end of an extensive man hunt in the few Ex. That wilder was on the road he had travelled. Thousands of miles abducting, raping and killing several young women, but on that fateful day, wilder claimed a final life. His own while Christopher Bernard Wilder was infamously, dubbed the beauty queen killer, many visits said, never even entered a pageant most for a young. Hopefully, women who were taken by the empty promises of a middle aged man, armed with a camera Instead of landing, the cover of a magazine, they're beautiful, face
we're on the news bulletin of every station as a warning to young girls and women across the nation. Beware ray of strangers who grant your every wish bacon can be monsters who turn dreams into deadly night theirs thanks again for turning into serial killers, we'll be back soon with the new episode invite more episodes of serial killers and all other Spotify originals from park asked for free on Spotify metal. Spotify already have all of your favorite music, but now Spotify, making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite Spotify originals from PAR cast likes. You
he'll killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker will see you next time have a killer. Weak serial killers is a Spotify original from PAR cast executive Users include max and wrong. Cutler sounded and by Michael Motion with production assistance by Run Shapiro, Carly Madden and Bruce Couteau bitch. This episode of serial killers was written by Adam Bowland, with writing assistance, Abigail Cannon fact checking by on your barely and reason, by Brian Petrus and Chelsea, would soon killers Stars Gregg, Paulson and Vanessa Richardson. Bad omens good fortune. Pure luck, take a closer look at what you believe him and follow the spot of my original for power cast superstitions
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