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“The Broomstick Murderer” Kenneth McDuff Pt. 2


After his first three murders, Kenneth McDuff was quickly apprehended and brought to trial. But while it seems like that should be the end of the story, the tale of Kenneth McDuff still had a long way to go…

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Due to the graphic nature of this episode. Listener discretion is advised. This episode contains discussion of murder, rape and sexual assault that some listeners may find disturbing extra caution is advised for listeners under thirteen in the fall of nineteen. Ninety one, the women of Waco Text, I didn't know what was going on. Nothing like this has never happened before, at least not to the people. They but for some reason, sex workers were being picked off one by one as if they were being hunted. These women would go out like always off to motels parking lots wherever they needed to go to be with a John, but then our would pass then days and they never came back already. Two girls had vanished within days of each other disappearing without a trace. It just didn't make sense and it was clear that their line of work wasn't safe.
But what could they do? They needed the money and sex workers couldn't just go to the police and ask for help their profession. outside the law and many of women were under age, they were stuck vulnerable and getting desperate truth, was that no one was coming to help them all they could do was stick together till it, other know when they were going off for a job and where they were going to be, but even That was no guarantee something was out there and it was hungry, and though no telling when it would come to claim, its next victim hi, I'm Gregg pulsing. This is serial killers. Spotify original from poor cast every episode we dive into the minds and madness of serial killer.
today. We finish our look into the life of Kenneth Alan Macduff, also known as the broomstick murderer. I'm here with my co host Sir Richardson high everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all others, Spotify originals from part cast for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast. Last time we discussed kind of early adulthood, which was marked by an obsession with sadistic games in nineteen sixty six. He carried out as most groups. Crime. Yet, over the course of a single night, he murdered two teenage boys been raped and murdered a teenage girl using a broomstick ass, his weapon of choice, today will dive into the aftermath of this murder and cover the three horrific decades that followed. We ve all that in more coming up stay with us. This episode of serial killers is brought to you by future. Finding the time for a fitness programme is hard to harden
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so for large hand, task or thin first pizza, fully loaded with over a pound of six bold needs and cheese loud in bursting with flavour at twelve for a limited time. Only it's the pizza. People that too much is suggested now order. The me love, pizza now for concept was deliverable. Curbside pick up on the pizza, at that time, no one out pizza As for offering not available in some location, some precise cause more by the summer of nineteen. Sixty six twenty year old, Kenneth Ellen Macduff had evolved into an entirely different kind of criminal his days into mom and pop shops around his home town of Rosebud Texas were over that August he became a harden killer.
On the sixth Kenneth murdered three teenagers and a gruesome attack known as the broomstick murders. Two boys seventeen year old, Robert Brand and fifteen year old Mark Dunham, died quickly, but see thirteen year old, Edna Sullivan, wasn't so lucky before killing her Kenneth raped her multiple tyres and had his accomplice. Eighteen year old, Roy Dale, green raper to afterwards Kenneth used the end of a broomstick handle Choke Edna to death. Fortunately, Roy came forward to tell police what had happened and where they could find Kenneth. After a brief frantic- ass. They arrested him and charged him with murder, as Kenneth paste angrily and sell the news gruesome murders, began to trickle through the gossip channels of rose bud and the surrounding towns. and it was already known as a troubled person- and only some one who had caused more than enough problems, but this crime,
Brought to light a new kind of sadistic violence that was beyond the pale one of the most Are elements of the murder was Kenneth manipulation of his friend before that fateful night Roy it's just another young man working hard labor do the casual observer. He seem unremarkable, perhaps a little cowardly and definitely not someone with a big personality and then out of nowhere he was embroiled triple homicide, but really wasn't anything like Kenneth for starters, He wasn't cut out for the criminal life he'd folded the weight of his own guilt in less than twenty four hours, and though Roy owned up to his role, he made one thing clear: Kenneth was the true mastermind really described his friend is a stone, cold killer and tried to help investigators locate the gun he used to kill the two boys thanks
is collaboration. Police had enough evidence to build a strong case against Kenneth. Of course, voice assistance didn't get him a free pass, no matter what Listen sentence was in the near future, but Roy couldn't just sit back and do nothing is guilt, seemed all consuming and he felt compelled to make sure Kenneth pay. The price for what he did. Three months later, Kenneth trial began in a pact court room in Fort Worth the trial pro to be a speedy one. After all, what defence could care possibly make already had Royce detailed confession, but Kenneth wasn't down and out not yet he had his own plan. After days of tearful testimony from the victims, families, he took the and and declared that Roy was the real monster. Kenneth was simply a victim of circumstance. There was more than enough evidence to prove otherwise, but Kenneth didn't care in his mind,
His words should automatically be taken as truth as gospel. He don't we displayed narcissistic qualities, but this man which showed the depths he was willing to go in defence of his own image vessels going too gopher furama psychology here at throughout the episode. As a reminder, she is, the licence psychologist your psychiatrist, but we have done a lot of research for this show thanks Gregg in it thousand five study. Doctors, Kelly AID, Dickinson and Erin L Pinkus noted that Narcissus find creative ways to view their own actions in a positive light. This is especially who, for grandiose, Narcissus a group of self obsessed people who display aggression and dominance over others grandiose narcissist, fails it's nearly impossible for them to accept that failure as their own doing. Rather this, and a person is so convinced of their own exceptionalism that they find it
another target to blame someone else who will conveniently bear the load of accountability. While we do no for certain. If Kenneth was ever diagnosed as a grandiose narcissist, he certainly splay. The tell tale signs he was aggressive. Dominant and manipulative his trial should have been a moment in which he confronted his own many shortcomings, but for him that's seemed an impossibility during his testimony. Kenneth painted his accomplice, ESA lustful agitated or who was driven to murder out of a hunger for violence. It was Roy and not Kenneth. Who'd been prowling for girls on that night. as he re imagined. Roy is a cold blooded murderer. Kenneth described himself as the more passive, disinterested one. If this testimony stood alone. Perhaps it would have carried more weight, but he was the only one allowed to speak. When Roy took the stand, he was completely different from the person that can attach ascribed instead of a roof.
killer. Roy was a remorseful young man. During his statement he was inconsolable shaking it sobbing ass. He went over the events of August. Sixth, Fortunately, the jury were more inclined to believe Roy. They word full bike. For a minute and as prosecutors, Bro Fourth more evidence: the road do a conviction became even clearer. The most damning exhibit was a blue strike, shirt belonging to one of the boys Kenneth killed. It was found in Kenneth Car and Roy confirm that Kenneth used it to wipe off the broomstick. After killing at that it was a final nail in the coffin Kenneth Sphere It was sealed the troll concluded after just a few weeks and on November fifteen nineteen sixty six Kenneth was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. And the Electric chair, justice was served and the citizens of Rosebud could finally breathe a much needed sigh of relief to close the Balkans.
dramatic saga. Roy pleaded guilty to murder and was handed a twenty five year sentence. Both men were hauled off staring down many years behind bars, of course, for Kenneth. That time was expected to be much. Shorter. I wish we could tell you that the story ended there, that Kenneth Macduff served out his sentence and leave the rest of his life without hurting any one else, but unfortunately, this and where things ended for him, even the nineteenth sixties, a death sentence wasn't carried out immediately, which meant Kenneth had time to think and reflect. Oh, not to better him self. He didn't see the error of his ways and seek to atone for his sins. No, he used his time on death row find a way to escape his fate in the past
first things that always seem to turn out in his favor, and he had no reason to expect that this time would be any different. Coming up. Kenneth proves that is more than capable of evading justice Imagine living with a secret so big that if anyone found out? It would change everything Imagine carrying that secret with you every day. Pretty one day, get it off your chest. Do you think you could take a secretly got to the grave I must definitely Hagen hosting you Parker Series, deathbed confessions, the show where we dive deep into the most explosive things people have admitted to, while drawing their last breath from murder, fake identities, heist illicit affairs, even top government secrets, this season on deathbed confessions, we investigate cases like Frank Thoroughgood, to construct worker who claim that the drowning rolling stones founder Brian Jones was no
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to death row to awaited date with the electric chair, but the his weren't as urgent as they seemed carrying out tests. sentences is rarely a speedy process. All Kenneth had to do was prolong his execution for long enough. He hoped that if he bought himself enough time he could find a way to lessen his sentence, get off death row and returned to the real world. A free man In the meantime, Kenneth apparently enjoyed his new surroundings, unlike most other prisoners he thrived behind bars, as convey did murderer. He behaved as though he carried a certain level of clout. An air of danger that then worked in his favour with the other inmates. People his name and knew that brutally murdered at least three people they knew. Kenneth wasn't, and to be messed with. According to his own accounts, he stood out as a tough guy, scaring and intimidating other inmates, what's more Kenneth, seem to have remarkable luck in the first few years,
of his prison sentence. He received execution dates on two separate occasions and was hunted stays both times. It is not clear how this happened or whether Kenneth himself was the one, a petition for the delayed execution dates, but we do know that he made a point of better himself in prison, at least on the surface in nineteen. Seventy three when he was twenty seven, he completed his g d and began to in college level courses. It's likely that Kenneth didn't do these things as a way of truly improving himself. Rather, he was probably in full eating, is already massive ego Annie. freezing the means by which he could manipulate others on the surface. It may seem like this person is a natural leader or interest is in their own personal growth, but these Actions are typically made through a lens of self obsession and an interest in confirming their own superiority. As far as can tell Kenneth decision to educate himself was strategic. Taking class
is getting his g d and in rolling in college level. Courses were all just bargaining tokens, the more he play acted the role of a rehabilitated criminal, the more likely p. would believe him, that It is more likely he would get exactly what he wanted and it worked one, sixty nine and nineteen. Seventy Kenneth earned last minute ways of execution and its possible that this good behaviour helped him earned. the little more time of This only fed his sense of overconfidence. In his mind, it was his pure skill and cunning that prolonged his life, despite it being the one in a cage. Kenneth believed he Add the real control these moments proved it, but his biggest break was yet to come in nineteen. Seventy two, a totally unrelated crime, changed his life. It was. Another murder committed hundreds of miles away in Georgia and just like Kenneth, the key
who was found guilty and sentenced to death, but the defence thirty. One year old, William Henry Furman contest his ruling here Two other convicted criminals appealed to the United States Supreme Court and called The government to reconsider its use of death penalties about Jill Supreme Court judges decided that certain death since rulings were considered cruel and unusual punishment. The landmark decision affected every prisoner on death row across the country criminals could no longer be sentenced to death without a full consideration of their crimes, but ass there had been previous system in place. To do this, the ruling effectively commuted all death sentences to life sentences four Kenneth that was a literal lifesaver with death off the tape he now had ample time to whittled down his sentence and he already had a plan to make that happen. Curtis idea was virtually identical to the
ass he took during his own trial. He wanted to prove that his accomplice Roy Deal Green was the real broomstick murderer and that he Kenneth had been framed for a crime. He didn't commit it didn't seem to bother Kenneth that this plan had failed. In the past he seemed incapable of seeing himself as anything other than a victim and in one seventy six. When the thirty year old became eligible for parole. He made his case to the board, of course correct no stranger to this process during his first hint in prison, he replied and reapply for parole an unshakeable determination, but this time I'm Kenneth hoped things would be different. It certainly that his mother was still in his corner. Even after the trial Mrs Macduff never wavered in her belief that her perfect son was innocent and when she heard the Kenneth wanted to clear his name, she
more than happy to help in the late nineteenth seventies, MRS Macduff hired Gary Jackson to represent your son. The lawyer got right to work, re evaluating court documents and trying to find moments where the facts could called into question Jackson, put together a massive collection of evidence that supposedly painted Roy and a more negative light and made him look like the killer. He eventually sent this twenty six page Tom to the Parole board and two separate occasions between one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and one thousand nine hundred and eighty one found himself only one vote away from approval, but he wasn't quite there yet so Jackson. Updated following any possible lead that could strengthen Kennedy case meanwhile kind of capital, seeing as the model prisoner in order to impress the board I didn't mean he was particularly kind to any of his inmates, but he continued taking classes and keeping up the appearance, but he was bettering himself
throughout the nineteen seventies and eighties neither Kenneth nor his lawyer wavered in their dedication to their cause and eventually Her endurance paid off in eighty nine Kenneth was approaching middle age and looked very different from the hulking twenty year old who first entered prison by then. It had been over twenty years since the broomstick murders, which was ample time for the shocking notoriety of that August night to fade. these, at least in the eyes of the parole board. Kenneth He had been brought forward year after year and Kay seem to carry less and less weight each time Bert Year when he was up for review. The board was under intense pressure to reduce the number of inmates in Texas. Overcrowded pray system. Therefore they were more willing to reconsider forty three year old Kenneth sentence, one of em board members. A man named Chris Mealy was reportedly impressed with
Dennis dedication to furthering his education for him that was you're indication that Kenneth was changing for the better. The killer was reformed later that Kenneth, received the news that he'd been hoping for. Two of the three board members had approved his parole application he'd go free, unfortunately, he'd make them regret their decision. Kenneth left prison in October of nineteen. Eighty nine from there moved to the city of Temple. Texas, were his family had relocated while he was in prison, but while the weight of a broomstick murderous may have faded for the Parole Board, the people of Texas, hadn't forgotten Even now, the community surrounding Rosebud, which included Temple still remembered Kenneth backed off to them. He was The killer and no amount of time could change that fact. We can't safer Certain if Kenneth made any attempt to prove them wrong. We simply don't know much about how we
bet it's time. When you return to civilian life, we do that he moved around frequently he likely worked. Tim very jobs as a manual labor and at sea he considered going to school to become a commercial truck driver and one other thing is clear: wherever Kenneth went, death followed close behind just three days after he was released from prison. A woman's naked body was found in a desolate field in southeast Temple. The woman identified as twenty nine year old Seraphim Parker had been hidden mercilessly and strangled to death. There was no way to tie Kenneth to this murder, so there was no clear reason for the police to investigate him, but from the community. There was no other answer, the broomstick murderer was back and he was ready to make up for lost time mean, while, for perhaps the first time in his life. Forty five years.
Old Kenneth seemed unconcerned with his bad reputation. He was focused on continuing his education, despite all the class as he took in prison, Kenneth had never gotten a degree so when one thousand nine hundred and ninety one he enrolled in Texas State Technical College in Waco and moved into a campus dorm. Once again it looked like he was really trying to better himself But his present served as a kind of death knell for the surrounding area within a few of his arrival, women started disappearing from the area. Most of them were set workers and all of were last seen with Kenneth Macduff, even the police, but at one of these women in Canada Clutches in October of nineteen. Ninety one Kenneth picked up thirty seven year old Brunt Thompson once he had her in his grasp. Things took a dark turn its unclear. How Kenneth did it, but by midnight he tied Brenda up thrown her
The passenger seat of his pickup truck and driven off into the night easy to imagine that a plan to repeat with Brenda what he did to sixteen year old, Edna Sullivan in nineteen sixty six, but before he could find a quiet spot. encountered a police roadblock barring his path when Kenneth rolled his car to stop a police officer approached and identified himself so far. It was a routine star But then things got serious in a hurry. The officer heard Brenda screaming for the passenger side and he rushed towards the car. Her arm appeared to be tied behind her back and she was taking at the windshield cracking it in multiple places. Through it. All Kenneth reportedly sat in the front staring daggers at the officer. There made his choice: Kenneth Gandhi at Sunday, the truck flying down the road, the officer scrambled back to his crew. Sir and swung it onto the pavement. But Kennedy had a head start.
His teenage years of driving recklessly through the areas surrounding his small town had paid off. He spent the truck through the treats of Waco going the wrong way on single direction, roads, the police couldn't keep up and as Kenneth truck God farther away any chance in Hell thing Brenda dwindled to nothing. Fortunately, the officer, a roadblock, had gotten a clear look. A kind of space that, along with a make it his truck, made him a very easy person to track down in the following days. It's unclear exactly what follow up actions the police took, but Kenneth was soon confident that he didn't have to worry about the instance. Perhaps the authority I believe that without a body there was no way to prove that Canada done anything wrong. So there was little they felt able to do it was as if Kenneth lived a charmed life, he could do as he pleased always found a way to dodge any kind of real trouble. Of course,
only made him more brazen. A few months later Ray of ninety. Ninety two, a young woman named Valencia, K, Joshua, went missing was last seen at the college campuses asking for directions to Kenneth storm. Then not long after Valencia disappearance, another body turned up at a nearby gravel pit. Twenty two you're old Melissa Northrop had been strangled to between cept number of nineteen ninety one and March of ninety ninety two at least five women had disappeared from Waco and its surrounding areas, a Jew already were sex workers and of them were last seen with or on their way to some one matching Kenneth MC doves description. Some of them were found within days of disappearing, their strain. These bodies thrown into gravel pits empty fields and shallow graves other
remained missing for years by Kenneth seemingly chose to direct his violent tendencies towards the local community of sex workers. It likely suspected that such victims work going to be a priority for local authorities. He, like so many people and society sob as disposable. Once again, he was playing the system for his benefit and it looked like he was only just getting started coming up. Kenneth continues his reign of terror, This episode is brought to you by HP, instant ink. No one is reading your mind but hp instant ink knows when you're printer is running low and sends you knew cartridges yourself. You never have to think about. Ang save up to fifty percent you'll pay less
then five dollars a month for ink and never run out again find out if your printer is eligible and enroll today at HP, instant ink, dotcom conditions applied for details, visit, hp, dot com, slash instant ink Spotify, no back to the story by the spring of nineteen. Ninety two fora five year Old Kenneth make Duff had assaulted and murdered at least three sex workers in Waco Texas. What's more sex workers, continued you go missing and it seemed there was no end in sight to his killing spree. Kenneth was able to kill with impunity thanks to two key factors First was the nature of many of his victims, employment. At the time it see that violence against sex workers was rarely a subject of concern for the police. The patent the reasons for this are complicated and uncomfortable, but it's possible that be has their work was against the law as well
frowned upon by the general public view people were inclined de care. When sex workers turned up dead, it was bleak, but according to Jerry Cartwright, a journalist writing for Texas Monthly. It certainly see like local police weren't, all that interested in a few missing sex workers. But there another element that made Kenneth a difficult person to arrest. He spread his attack across multiple counties. This made kind of organised police investigation extremely difficult, because jurists Diction varied case by case so seeing few obstacles that is PAN Kenneth carried on as he had been, then eventually he started, taking bigger risks run Then tricks sex workers into entering his car. He started abducting women from public places. in late December of nineteen, ninety one Kenneth kidnapped an eight year old Colleen read in Austin and twenty two year old, Melissa Northrop in Waco. He grabbed me
so from the convenience store where she worked Colleen had been washing her car. women were last seen with Kenneth before they disappeared. These crimes were different from us other murders. They took place in public settings and evolved women who likely had more robust reputations by local standards. After the disappearances, people in Waco were hesitant to leave their homes for fear. Might be snatched next. According to Doktor Scott Bonn criminologist, who specializes in serial killers risk is a huge. motivator for these kinds of criminals, every six, restful. Murder only pushes them forward to kill again in even more dangerous circumstances, for example instead of killing. The cover of night, they may be killing during the day every new risk factor only heightens the excitement of the deed by late Ninety ninety one, it's possible that Kenneth thought it was too easy to kill sex workers. He wanted
something more challenging more dangerous, more risky for him. that men abducting women at their place of work. The people of the surrounding communities were terrified. Parents were affair. It will allow their daughters to go to school work anywhere. The sense of danger was palpable something had to be done and fast. up until this point, it has been difficult to definitively link Kenneth to any of the murders and disappearances, but these new attacks were different needs Colleen nor Melissa were involved in sex work and both were with a man matching Canada description before they disappeared this not only allowed authorities to associate him with these crimes, but it also puts did larger efforts by the public to find the missing women three law but officials were particularly attentive to Kenneth activities. Deputy less marshals like Mcnamara and power, no Mcnamara and assistant. U S attorney bill Johnston
as the news of missing women spread across Central Texas. These official, were convinced that Kenneth was the man responsible and, from their perspective, it was only a matter of time before he killed again. They wanted men custody, but still I can enough evidence to bring him in on murder charges. They needed find another way in order for these real officers to have grounds for an arrest Kenneth had to commit a federal offense meant something like selling an illegal firearm or selling drugs. Anything that could play some other radar, a federal agents, but until he made that kind of mistake All the officers could do was sit and wait. Luckily, they do you have to wait long along with murder, Kenneth, also dabbled in other types of criminal activity like drug dealing, its so he got his start in the drug trade while in prison using his
How does a murderer to act as the in between for adding to wanted their thinks? We don't know much about Kenneth Drug habits like how often sold drugs or to whom, but in the spring of nineteen ninety two he made a big mistake. He sold drug to a police informant, unfortunately, the informant couldn't make an arrest. So Kenneth went on about his day and likely had no idea what he done, but in the eyes of the police it was a breakthrough. Now authorities, could officially charge him with a felony making Kenneth a federal fugitive, but there was just one problem: Kenneth was nowhere to be found, like so many of his victim seeds, simply vanished. In the early morning, hours of March, First Kenneth parked his Thunderbird in a Waco parking lot and left it there. Then seemingly aware police were on his tail. He disappeared to the night state
federal officials scrambled to assemble a task force to help in the search, but they struggled to pick up the sent in to gain more Intel on him Johnston. Mcnamara's turn to other criminals. Kenneth knew the problem was many. These men had met Kenneth in prison and were far too loyal to snatch, at least at first At some point, the Mcnamara's found a unique and effective way of softening up these hardened man. They told them about the boy mistake, murders describing in vivid detail exactly how Kenneth violated and killed sixteen year old, Edna Sullivan many have cut his fellow in its were well aware. He killed people, but few knew the whole story when they heard the revolting details of his crimes. Some of the convicts were finally ready to talk in snippets, the police were able to place Kenneth at the scene of various disappearances and, after a few weeks,
so badgering. They were even able to score a shocking confession. Thirty, four year old Elba Hank Worley was, as the Mcnamara saw him, the current version of Roy Dale Green after several attempts to convince him to talk. He told police exactly what had happened to twenty eight year old Colleen, Reed who'd last been seen washing her car. After kidnapping, Colleen from the car Wash Kenneth and Hank raped her in the back seat of Kenneth Thunderbird Kenneth. Also too, church her with lit cigarettes, the tomb drove around four hours. Eventually Kenneth dropped him golf at home telling his friend that he planned to use up Colleen before bring her the Mcnamara's made. The bolt decision to release Hanks confession to the public, hoping that the horrific story would help flush Kenneth out then unmade. First Kenneth it was featured on the Popular television programme. America's just wanted
luck would have it. The media strategy worked today after the episode about Canada, there'd Kansas City, police, sergeant, J D Johnson took a call from a very distraught man he watched the episode and recognise the killer, the show described the man was a coworker. He explained working on a garbage truck in Kansas City, and everyone at work knew him ass. A man who mostly kept a low profile, but the color New Kenneth by another name, Richard Fowler, With this information sergeant, Johnson pulled up followers file, and that's when- Everything started falling into place. although it was only an Alias Kenneth, had used his false name when he was arrested some time earlier. That spring had been arrested four soliciting a sex worker and in meant fingerprints within a few we're so the revelation Kansas City LAW Enforcement cross referenced those prince to the ones on file for Kenneth Magda
they were a match. This was their man and it time to bring him in at last searching jobs and about which garbage truck Kenneth was scary. To be working on the following day and what cross streets he would be out between one and two p m on May fourth, police set up an ambush when Kenneth arrived at the right spot officers rushed forward and surrounded him. He made it to escape the other passenger side door, but it was too late to police officers quickly, apprehended him. It was fine over Kenneth was brought from Kansas City back to Texas. For yet another trial by them stage. He was suspected of killing nine women, but many those cases like the kind of evidence that would be useful for conviction. Ultimately, Kenneth was charged for two murders. Those Colleen, red and Militia Northrop. cases were handled in two separate trials, but both to lie
the same guilty verdict and for the set in time. In his life Kenneth received the death sentence fortune The Supreme Court decision that saved his life before didn't effect is new sentence. There, was no getting out of it. Interesting Lee Kenneth execution day drew closer. He came more willing to tell people the location of the bodies it seems at last. He realized he had nothing else to lose, so in nineteen. Ninety eight, the blue began the long, painful search, her kind of victims who are still missing the unearthed and a Thompsons decomposed body after he escaped the police roadblock Kenneth killed her and married, the body in a shallow grave surrounded by poison, ivy had been years since her murder. So there was little of her left other than a skeleton. Soon after that, police followed Kenneth,
directions to a sandy patch of beach on the side of a river and found teeth that belong to Colleen Reed, finding. These remains hardly brought peace to grieving families who had spent years searching for any glimmer of hope. It was closure, but only its bleakest form, the only peace of mind, perhaps came, knowing that the sadistic killer would pay for his crimes at last. There was no reprieve this time. On November 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Kenneth Mcduff died by lethal injection in Huntsville Texas. He was fifty two years to this day. Several of Kenneth victims are still missing. It is leave clear exactly how many women can have killed, but its, but to be anywhere from seven to fourteen, even in death, can affect us continues to hold up
four grip over the lives of so many people. There are still families who don't know where their daughters went and they may never know. thanks again for tuning into serial killers, we'll be back soon, with a new episode for more information on the brink. Stick murder Amongst the many sources we used. We found bad boy from Rosebud. The murderous life of Kenneth Ellen Macduff by Gary M Laverne, extremely helpful to our research. you can find more episodes of serial killers and all other Spotify originals from part cast for free on Spotify. We'll see you next time cover killer. Weak Serial killers, Spotify original from par cast exists producers include MAX and Wrong Cutler Sound designed by Scots Stronach, with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent, Williamson, Carly, Madden and Joshua Kern. This epoch,
of serial killers, was written by Georgia Hampstead with writing it distance by Jane, oh and Joe Callin fact checking by Ben Logan and research by Brian Petrus and Chelsea would Syria killers, Stars Gregg, Paulson and Vanessa Richardson.
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