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This is a crossover special with the hosts of Serial Killers and Female Criminals. Listen to part 2 after this episode on the Female Criminals feed right now! Dorothea Puente didn’t set out to become Sacramento, California’s most notorious female serial killer. But she did have a criminal streak that grew more sinister, culminating in the deaths of almost a dozen residents of the boarding house she ran. How was she able to evade detection from family members and social workers? And how did she get away with her first murder? Listen to part 2 now on the Female Criminals feed. Part 2 will not be on the Serial Killers feed. Thanks! 

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder, assault and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen on April twenty seventh nineteen eighty two Bill Monroe stopped by to visit his sixty one year old, mother, Ruth at San Francisco Boarding House The landlady had alerted bill that his mother was ill and bill wanted to check on her as bill climbed the Ricky stairs of the old victorian House, the land Lady followed close behind, but bill closed the door,
she tried to follow him into roofs bedroom. He wanted to visit with his mother. Privately bill tried to get Ruth to talk to him, but she would only stare at the wall curled into the fetal position. Ruth hadn't ever had any real health problems and bill expected she to recover after a short visit, he laughed had Ruth's voice not been locked inside her paralyzed body. She could have told her son that he thought her. New landlady had slipped something in the crime demand cocktails, Ruth drank to relax Ruth died for days after bills visit. It wasn't until weeks later that bill begin to believe that something wasn't right about the woman who ran the boarding house. Little did he know that Ruth was not landlady, Dorothy, appointees, first murder victim and wouldn't be her last,
I'm great Paulsen and I'm Vanessa Richardson welcome. Do special crossover of serial killers and female criminals. Today, the show where we delve into the minds and madness of notorious killers It's the show where we examined the psychology, motivations and atrocities of bee male criminals you may have, it is that today were joined by my female criminals, co host Sammy, nigh high everyone, I've brought together, my co host Gregg an Sammy to explore the crimes of Dorothy Aplenty, who murder nine tenants in the San Francisco Boarding house. She ran in the nineteen eighties. Teenage eight. Fifty nine year old, Dorothy Aplenty became sacrament. California, is most notorious female serial killer. After nine bodies were discovered buried in the backyard of boarding house she operated. She could at least nine people over the course of six years, so she could fraudulently
cash, their social security checks for herself. In today, episode, we'll take a look at Dorothy S. Child her many marriages, her escalating criminal street, and how she was able to evade detection for years by deceiving fair members, social workers and even federal, and best gaiters will so show you how she initially got away with her first murder in part, two will explore lives and deaths of Dorothy is other victims and why she killed them as well. As how a determined social worker started. The chain of events that finally led to Dorothy is conviction and life sentence for murder. And while part one of this cross over will be available on both the female criminals and serial killers feeds. Part too, is reliable now and ad free on the female criminal speed few enjoy this episode be sure to subscribe to female criminals to hear part two. You can
female criminals as well as all of park. Hast other shows on your favorite podcast directory. You can also find us unfair, Fuckin Instagram, at par cast and on Twitter at PAR cast network in nineteen o to Dorothy, I wrote a letter to a judge describing her difficult childhood in hopes of getting leniency in it. She said quote I'd like to tell you first off I'm of mexican d when I was eight years old, I had to start working in the fields and quote She also said that she was the youngest of eighteen children and one of only fourteen who survive to adult it certainly is sympathetic backstory. The only problem is not much of what Dorothea told the judge was true Dorothea. How And grey was actually born. On January, ninth, nineteen, twenty nine to judge James Gray and
Trudy may Gates and Redlands California. She was the sixth of their seven children, The family was indeed quite poor. Her father, Jesse had suffered must gas burns in World WAR one and develop tuberculosis as a result, depressed and unable to walk very far, Jesse often talked of suicide and regularly preach to his children about how unfair the world was Trudy Dorothy S. Mother was originally from Oklahoma. She marry Jesse when she was sixteen and was known to have a wild streak that even marriage and motherhood didn't temper both Rudy and Jesse were heavy drinkers, which field frequent and bitter arguments between the two. The depression hit, the gray family hard. Ass. He who had formerly made a decent living as a farmer now mostly relied on his veterans compensation checks to feed his family. They frequently moved around California, Nevada and Oklahoma in search of
field work, but there were more farmhands looking for work than there were crops to harvest in nineteen. Thirty, four: when Dorothy was five, the family move to Pomona California. By this point, Jesse was mostly bedridden. Trudy was drinking more heavily and would disappear for days at a time it fell to Dorothy's soldiers, siblings, to raise Dorothea and the rest of the children eldest brother. James was just sixteen. It wasn't long before Dorothea began to make up stories about herself in her life as a first and second greater Dorothea was often scolded by her teachers for weaving intricate fantasies about her life. But before we delve into Dorothea, psychology just want to give a brief. Disclaimer Vanessa is not a licence psychologist or psychiatry list, but done. A lot of research for the show men, physician Doktor Anton Deal Brook was the first to classify pathological lying as a disorder labeling it so
the logical, fantastic. Ah, he used to describe patients blended lies with delusions for no apparent reason Aside from the pleasure of telling the lie according to the National Institutes of health. A delusion is a belief that is clearly false and indicates in abnormality in the affected persons content of thought. The most import distinction between a lie and delusion is whether the person telling the said, believes it to be true. When confronted Someone who's merely lying will often change their story if it benefits them. Some one who delusional will cling. To their original story. Most kids do Creed fantasies or fantastic stories of some sort. It's considered part of a child's normal development to use their imaginations is part of healthy play. True but according to the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the law its import
to distinguish between the fantasy lying that children do an pathological lying Dorothy use a fantasy at this age was an important aspect of self development and self protection. But when this Type of lying continues into adulthood. It's considered, pathological and problematic. The ease and frequency with which he told these lies trouble the adults in her life who were paying attention. However, her mother, either didn't notice or didn't care and Dorothy I didn't get any meaningful early intervention by one thousand nine hundred and thirty five six year old, Dorothea and her siblings really even saw Trudy with her husband incapacitated. She would sometimes disappear for days locking Dorothea and her brother in a closet. While she was gone, the children, often unsupervised, while Trudy spent time in jail for public intoxication Trudy, leaving her children for days at a time would certainly qualify as neglect
and there is evidence that she emotionally abuse them regularly. A joint study I kings and university colleges in London found child good emotional abuse to be the main predictor of later mental health problems. We don't know where the rest of Dorothea siblings were at this time, or why Trudy only singled out, Dorothy and one of her brothers for this treatment, but we do know that eventually some of the children moved in with family or neighbours, there's no record of which children aside from Dorothea, remained at home in February nineteen, thirty seven when Theo was eight. She and her remaining siblings, moved to LOS Angeles with their parents a month after they arrived She died in the hospital of complications from his tuberculosis, immediately after Jesse's death Trudy transplanted the fragmented fan. Later sand, Demas, California, finally Dorothea went to school
are, teachers noticed how brutally Trudy treated her children and early one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight Trudy lost custody of the children and nine year old Dorothea was placed in an orphanage the year. Dorothea address siblings, found themselves true orphans when Trudy I'd in a motorcycle accident, Dorothea bounced around between relatives and foster homes for the next seven years in the summer of night, forty five sixteen year old Dorothea, ended up in Olympia, Washington, World war. Two was ending and Dorothea now going by the name, sherry. She may have been trying to create a complete new identity or she they have adopted. The name is part of her new job as a sex worker sex work, not only provided Dorothea with more income than she was able to make her part time job at the local milkshake parlor. It also gave her licence to invent any story she wanted to about who she was and where she was from. After a life
time of not being in charge of where she lived or who could tell her what to do Dorothea. Finally, had authority over her own story later that summer, Dorothea Twenty two year old friend MC fall a newly reach. Soldier who lived in the hotel in which she conducted her business Fred, was captivated by Dorothea, wasn't bothered by your job as sex worker, kid. Might her tenacity and survival skills later saying she knew how to make a buck when she wanted to the relationship progressed quickly and November. One thousand nine hundred and forty five sixteen year old, Dorothea married in Reno Nevada signing the marriage certificate as thirty year old, sherry, a recital Fred shrugged off the lies. He seemed to Pritchett, his new wife stability, to convince people that she was any one from an actress to part of the royal family.
Dorothy S, personality made them popular at the local bar and their new home town in remote gardener, Veal, Nevada. It was during this time that she followed in her parents. Footsteps entered drinking habit began in earnest The commonly held belief that alcohol use disorder is almost always genetically inherited but According to the National Institute of Alcohol abuse and alcoholism, G These are only responsible for about half the risk of a You d, other risk factor, These include growing up with parents Struggling with psychological problems like Dorothy S, Father long term depression and they say Children enduring conflict at home that lead to aggression and violence in the family as another. Earning sign With these mothers, frequent abuse and her parents, perpetual fighting definitely put Dorothea creased risk for a You d, something
Dorothy and may have inherited from her mother was an aversion to parenthood in nineteen. Forty six Winder Thea was seventeen. She gave birth to a daughter, the infant was immediately sent to live with friends mother in Sacramento the following year. Eighteen year, Old Dorothea gave up her second daughter for adoption. There's no record what Fred MC fall thought about sending his newborn daughters away, but shortly after Second daughter was adopted, Dorothea Move LOS Angeles. About a month later, in the fall of night, teen forty seven. She returned to Fred and our norville and soon suffered. A miscarriage Dorothea would later claimed to have also had twin girls who ultimately died by suicide, but there is no evidence that this is true. In any case, Fred had finally had
ass, he left Dorothea in early nineteen, forty eight and they eventually divorced humiliated that Fred ended their relationship. Dorothea would tell people for the rest of her life that her first husband died during their short marriage, even though Fred was still alive and well once again on her own Dorothy returned return to California and settled in San Bernardino. She bounced between jobs and lived a rather transient lifestyle in the spring of nineteen forty eight nineteen years, Dorothy, I used fraudulent checks to purchase some clothes. She returned the next day and picked out several pairs of shoes at the register. Is she the Czech from an account in the name of Sherry Allah, Aber seal the alien from her marriage certificate to Frederick Fall, something and Dorothy S nervous manner made
store manager suspicious, and he rejected her bogus check, knowing she was in over her head Dorothea bolted out of the store and hopped on a bus to Ontario California, just down the freeway from San burnt. Do you know she was arrested shortly after she arrived Dorothy who was convicted of trying to pass the Czech under a false name and was sentenced to a year in college Not only was this Dorothy is first conviction, but it was also the first time she seen by mental health professional. After speaking, with Dorothy at her court appointed psychiatrists, determine that she had a compelling need to buy clothes and re establish her own self esteem. He may have been referring. Dorothy as recent divorce, which embarrassed and frustrated her the psychiatrist, one to advise the court that Dorothea was a situational offender, not a true criminal. He believed she would only commit crimes if she
on opportunity with a low likelihood of being caught. In other words, he didn't. But she would ever commit more than petty crimes. At best Dorothy S. Ability to keep her head down resulted in her early release from jail. After serving only four months of her one year sentence, Dorothea moved to San Francisco, where she was required to check in with probation off sir, but six months later in May nineteen, fifty twenty one old. Dorothea vanished for probation officer find the reported her disappearance to the court and an arrest warrant was issued. Eventually, the police stop looking for her. Her remaining family assume She was dead, but Dorothea was still alive and well in California and ones She realized how easy it was to slip through the cracks in the justice system. She took her first step on the path to murder,
we'll returned or a story in just a moment from the park ass network high its Gregson Vanessa and we some great news for all of our incredible cults listeners as it. Thank you for you. Wavering dedication and support. We re released Eighty three episodes of serial killers from our back catalogue and are already in your feed and available to listen to right now. Do you have a favor from these episodes. I really like our exploration of Harold Shipman, otherwise known as doktor death. I also loved our deep dive into the life and crimes of killer clown. John Wayne Gacy. What are your favorites? I liked her episodes on David. Commits also known ass son of SAM, I was also really intrigue by ad camper. A disturbing Syria murderer with near genius level intellect whether Europe living, some of your favorite episodes or hearing about these chilling murderers. For the first time these eighty Ray episodes are available right now, plausible still.
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first seeing eye guide, dog or Huskies Baltic in Togo, the sled dogs, who made a lifesaving medical delivery from Anchorage to NOME each episode of dog tales is as unique, ass the pumps themselves and sure to bring it closer to the furry friend in your life, so get ready to sit, stay and roll over with excitement for Parkhurst Endearing series. Doc tales, listen to dog tales, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast, and now, let's continue the story in May, one thousand nine hundred and fifty twenty one year old, Dorothea Puente was living in San Francisco. After serving four months in jail for check fraud, she would turn to sex work as a way to port herself. While she figured out what was next. Two years later in nineteen, fifty two Dorothea went by the name tat, single Allah, Nay Ardor, when the twenty three
old met a merchant seamen named actual Johansson. She taught then she was muslim and of egyptian and israeli descent. The to marry that same year and moved to Sacramento, just like Dorothy, is first husband, actual seemed content to not ask his wife too many questions and just enjoy her company as a merchant seamen. He was at sea for months at a time and Dorothea live. However, she pleased while he was gone, but the way she was living became apparent to Axel. He was confronted by green neighbours asking that he do something about the men arriving to visit Dorothy at all hours of the night actual may have had his suspicions about what his wife was doing during his long absences, but its unclear exactly how much he knew Dorothys work continued and it began to take a toll on their marriage. She took off her LOS Angeles for weeks at a time not
telling actual she was going or when should be back, they began to argue loudly and frequently just like she had with their first husband, Fred and just like her parents did before they died. Psychiatrist, Bessel, Vander Coke believes that people who we're traumatized as children are sometimes compulsively drawn to similar situations for the rest of their lives according to Doktor Vander Coke, clinically these people are observed to have a vague sense of apprehension. Emptiness boredom and anxiety. When nodded Odin activities reminiscent of the trauma so Dorothea they have actually been drawn to these men because of the potential for conflict with them. In any case, the couple seem too, that'll into a period of domesticity, acceptable to both of them for the rest of the nineteen fifty's
there is no record of any separations during this time and Dorothy Estate out of jail, but as the decade came to a clause that would soon change by nineteen sixty three it, was no longer the petite vivacious young girl she'd, been when she started out as a sex worker in Washington state. Now thirty one and much you're than she had ever been, it became more and more difficult for her to get clients. So the always enterprising Dorothea shifted into working as a man, Dorothy, is secured a rental property in Sacramento and told the landlord. She was starting a bookkeeping service, her new biz, ES ran for several months until the landlord became suspicious of all the foot traffic and called the police. The Sacramento least staked out Dorothea Fulton Avenue Bookkeeping Business, although they observed a large, exclusively mail client,
tell going in, and out of the building. The business seemed quiet and closed at exactly five thirty. After several days they went and undercover post truck drivers. The two police officers called Dorothea, who was using the name, tear your Hansen and set up an appointment before they arrived. They coated their money and their hands in a special fluorescent powder. After Dorothy accepted the marked money and the deputies had left fluorescent handprints on both Dorothea and one of her girls, the deputies revealed themselves. Dorothea was arrested again with this arrest. Dorothea would begin a lifelong habit of quickly plea bargaining, We are to obtain a lighter sentence by agreeing to plead guilty to simply being in a house of ill repute. She avoided charges of pimping and pondering the judged in it leave her when she told him she was only at the property to visit a friend. He sentenced her
ninety days and county jail. Dorothy is host Axel was furious when he found out that she'd been arrested, but despite the fact that his wife had lie too, I'm going to jail actual allowed. Her return to their home in Sacramento, but in nineteen sixty one when Dorothea was thirty to her husband had her committed to De Witt State Hospital, a psychiatric institution and stopped in California, Dorothy is records from Dewitt describe her as very obese, infantile and a pathological wire her doktor listed. Her is having an unstable personality and said her prognosis. Was guarded. It's unlikely Dorothea received any psychological counselling, but she was prescribed in anti psychotic for the first time. At the time, close appeal was primary anti psychotic prescribed, although it was used to sedate
control many patients. It also seemed most effective, with patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizophrenia, often but I'm symptomatic and women in their late teens symptoms include. Delusions and thought disorders, as well as the kind of flat affectations that Dorothea would exhibiting courtroom. And interviews later in life. However, there is no record of a diagnosis from her time at the facility. We don't know whether the anti psychotic medication stabilized Dorothea or if she simply convinced the doctors, that there was no reason to keep her either way. They soon released her and she returned home to Axel Dorothea an axe, moved across the river to broader California. Dorothea did manage to hold down a series of jobs, but she's dollar money and shoes and she continued drinking and staying out late, she wasn't going to change so actual Johansson divorced. Thirty six year old, Dorothea in nineteen
six as Dorothy is second marriage. Ended. She also close the door on any association with sex work. It was too much risk for two little game and the operation was difficult to camouflage. Instead Dorothea decide did to open a boarding house in nineteen. Sixty eight when Dorothea was thirty, nine. She again settled in Sacramento. She quickly realized that there was an untapped population of alcoholics, senior citizens and chronically ill people. Who were in need of care and, more importantly, they received government money. So she opened her first boarding house as an unlicensed healthcare facility called the Samaritans. She made residents sign over their assistants checks directly to her. She claimed that this was to protect the residents from irresponsibly spending their money. She didn't tell them that she'd also be taking money for herself on top of their rent. She also maintained complete control over
during an dispensing meds Dorothea got to work ingratiating herself at the community by befriending children in the neighborhood and providing with treats or small necessities their families couldn't afford, but even though she seemed happy, Dorothea began to drink alone every night and her weight continued to climb Dorothy is appearance meant everything to her, so the wake had an emotional impact, perhaps seeking confirmation that she was still attractive undesirable. She began in the Spanish she learned as a child to court young hispanic man in the neighborhood, given how quick d Thea had always been to head the alter its no surprise that shit Lee after meeting him. Thirty nine year old, Dorothea married her third husband twenty one year old, roberto pointy. There were whispers on the street that Robert
Plenty was a con man looking for a green card, some of the girls in the neighborhood giggled to each other about Mr Gigolo, when they saw Dorothea with her new husband whether this was true or not. The marriage was tumor. She was from the beginning and Roberto left her after only two short weeks of marriage officially filed for divorce from Roberto Clemente on July Fifth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine just over sixteen months after they first met deeply in debt. Forty year old, Dorothea also filed for bankruptcy and close the Samaritans for good she was ready to move on to bigger things as the nineteen. Seventy is we're about to begin newly divorce Dorothy, at least sixteen Bedroom Victorian House in Sacramento to transform into a Boarding house far beyond which he had attempted with the Samaritans each bedroom. Gained its own bathroom and Dorothea
fitted the rooms with a single bed and television with her own quarters. On the third floor, she designated the first level for higher in borders who received federal assistance and reserved the basement for those receiving county assistance. The basement was filled with bed separated only by curtains. The second level included the main kitchen, and common area. She hired grounds crew and two permanent cooks, Dorothea. Also Austin was friendly relationships with social workers for the first time she even went so far. To invite any of them who referred clients to the boarding house to lavish catered parties. This time d, Thea would make sure the social workers were on her aside from the beginning, beak Dorothea only took clients who didn't require specific medical or psychological treatment. She wasn't required have a licence to operate. Dorothea was proficient in Navid hitting the social security system. On behalf of her clients and
personally ensured they took their medication. She also accepted problem girls, whether they were sober or not, which made her a rare and valuable resource for social workers. Once a month, a doctor stopped by the boarding has to check on borders, health and review their methods. As the doktor worked in the kitchen, Dorothea never left his side. She paid careful attention while he worked and taking notes. She set up office space in the boarding house where she hung fraudulent medical diplomas and stored medical equipment like syringes and blood pressure, cuffs as she heard the Samaritans Dorothea mostly formed relationships in the hispanic community in the mid nineteen seventies. She got involved in politics, often attending fund razors where she sponsored entire table at one of these events. He danced with California Governor Jerry Brown, a picture of the two of them on the dance floor here the place of honor and her living room, and she said
to every new person who walked in the door, still meticulous about her hair and make up and wardrobe Dorothea spent many evenings from nineteen. Seventy six to nineteen. Seventy seven at the local bars entertaining newly found friends with stories about, when she was a rock het or when she one ten thousand dollars on an NBC game, show. As always, none of her stories were true, but nobody seemed care. Dorothy is spent is lavishly at the bar, as she did in the neighborhood, but not even her. Borders realized. Most of the money she was spending was theirs. The number of borders Thea had at one time varied, but with each border receiving between two and three hundred dollars a month. There was plenty left over for Dorothea after she took care of their base. Meets the money she skimmed paid for her expensive shoes, perfumes and make up it also paid for
weight loss surgery, she elected to have, after her weight, topped two hundred pounds. Dorothea was spending have borders money as fast as it came in, but as long as she ran a clean house and kept her borders in line social services seemed content to stay out of her operation. It was the perfect time for Dorothea to fall in love again. Pedro Montalvo began, working for Dorothea as grounds keeper in nineteen seventy four and moved in not long after but Dorothy. I didn't really pay much attention to her hyperactive high strung border. Until almost a year later in nineteen, seventy five Dorothea began to invite him to her private quarters on the third floor and often took drinking at forty five she was almost ten years a senior, but Pedro enjoyed spending time with his landlady who told him, he was a doctor in her native Mexico and own property there to outside
there's the couple made no sense. Dorothea was generally reserved and responsible which contrasted heavily. With Pedrosa high strung nervousness despite their differences, August twenty eight nineteen, seventy six, forty six year old, Dorothea married Pedro Montalvo. He was her fourth and final husband, as has happened with her previous marriages, Dorothea and her new husband constantly argued. It became apparent to Pedro that Dorothea was far from the wealthy doktor she claimed to be he even suspected she was stealing to support her lavish lifestyle rather than share his suspicions with any one of authority Pedro simply walked out after less than a month. The marriage was a note. A few months later and Dorothea revert back to her third husband surname, Dante for the next two years. It was business as usual out the boarding house, while Dorothy a continued her charitable work
There were rumours, she was doing black market medical treatments and her little office. She was still helping the low income families in the neighborhood money. She was stealing from her low income, tenants. Finally, and nineteen. Seventy eight forty nine year old Dorothy is deception. Caught up with her again, tenant, who is serving jail. Time complained, that is, social security check, had been cached with forge signature after he was arrested. The treasury d meant launched an investigation. They discovered thirty four March ex written to Dorothy S, borders that were cached with fraudulent signatures. They all appeared to be. Signed by the same person, Dorothea twenty when she was questioned by the Treasury Department Dorothy. Explained she had gone to the jail to have her tenant sign his check. She said quote: the guards were still right there, while he signed the check over to me end quote it was a bold lie but Dorothea committed to her story,
there's no diagnosis in the DSM that specific to pathological, lying rather path. Logical lying is included as a symptom of many larger psychological disorders, including anti social and narcissistic personality disorders. Since Doktor Deal Brook First class the term pseudo logic of Phantastico to describe morbid lying in the first half of the twentieth century. Mental health professionals have debated whether it worthy of its own classification. In any case, the court's wouldn't have to make that decision. The Treasury department found forgeries totally more than four thousand dollars enough to warrant felony charges, rather than go to trial. Dorothea pleaded guilty to federal forgery. She was sentenced to five years pearl, ordered to undergo psychiatric counselling and was forced to give up the boarding house at twenty first and f, but she stuck to her story that she had consent.
Cash all the checks. It was during her first round of court ordered psychiatric counselling that Doctor Thomas duty would first diagnose, whereas skits a frantic, chronic undifferentiated type meaning that doctor duty observed behaviors and Dorothea that applied to at least two types of schizophrenia. Dorothea certainly displayed the feelings of persecution and hostility that come with paranoid schizophrenia. She also regularly exhibited delusional behaviour with her outlandish tales of wealth and celebrity because those delusion seem to come and go doktor duty may have believed she had residual schizophrenia, meaning she had Previously had us gets a frantic episode, but was now in remission. Doktor duty didn't believe: Dorothea pose a threat to anyone and she wasn't required to have surprise in whom visits, in addition to her psychiatric and parole meetings, so Dorothea was permitted to leave Sacramento for Stockton and nineteen. Seventy eight
as long as she kept her appointments, she drifted in and out of menial jobs that didn't produce much income. At one point she forged Another Treasury department check, but she immediately paid restitution and Additional charges were filed and within six months. She figured out a way to get back in business in MID nineteen. Seventy nine Dorothea returned to Sacramento with a new plan, rather than be responsible for running an entire house full of sick and troubled people. She would become a home healthcare aid to prepare for her new oil Dorothea adopted more of a kindly old lady persona, smaller and more frail. Looking after her weight loss surgery, she started wearing large glasses. Let her hair go white. And told people. She was anywhere from sixty to sixty five years old, rather than her actual age of fifty
Ricardo, odor Rica believed he had found a new grandmother figure for his two young daughters when he rented Dorothea the second floor of his home Ricardo and wife Veronica, looked forward to having such a nice spanish speaking, woman with medical training right upstairs as Dorothea got to work, fixing The long neglected second floor of fourteen twenty six at ST. She seamlessly integrated in the Oder Rica family they spent every holiday together and Ricardo, asked her to be godmother to one of the girls had her first communion. They trusted her Suddenly, meanwhile, Dorothea got to work as a caretaker for higher with several healthcare companies that never questioned her resume or required a background check. Clay would sometimes insist that Dorothea was stealing small items from their homes, but Dorothea was eight to explain it away as senior citizens, memory loss, social workers and law enforcement.
And see any reason to investigate Dorothea, and she took this as an opportunity to get even more bold. Her petty crimes would soon take a fatal turn for her clients. Will return to my story in just a moment and now back to the story towards the end of nineteen. Seventy nine fifty year old, Dorothy Aplenty started providing live in care for Esther Busby shortly after Dorothea moved in asked, started regularly being rushed to set our general by ambulance. Esther was in her seventies, but her heart condition had been stable for some time yet now, she often suffered an irregular heartbeat or had difficulty breathing several times. Esther Ray lapsed, while still in the hospital adult prick.
Active services, social worker Mildred Balance, or was the first to notice that these relapses seem to happen shortly Dorothea visited Mildred shared, suspicions with esters attending physician, Doktor Lacheneur, initially Doktor Lacheneur was dismissive of Mildred concerns, but the more doktor lacheneur thought about it, the more he realized that if Dorothea kept Esther just sick enough, she'd have access to her possessions and, more importantly, her social security checks. He decided to do a home Is it Dorothea gladly showed him around esters, spotless house and assured MR was taking her medication sets directed Esther China, in about how helpful it was to have Dorothea their doktor Lacheneur left still suspicious of Dorothea. His visit must have made Dorothy a suspicious of him as well, because the next time Esther needed
can see care Dorothea made sure she was taken to another hospital farther away, but a call they get. The other hospital called doktor Lacheneur consulted at esters latest visit and doktor lack advised him to run a toxicology screen when the test results came back. They revealed fino barb at all, a seizure medication that also acts as a sedative which Esther hadn't been prescribed Tests also showed the heart: medication did Jackson, which can trigger it'll harder with me, as if taken improperly although she was a hard patient, Esther didn't take to Jackson, but Dorothea took it for her own heart condition and headed our hand. Doktor Lacheneur told Esther, he believed Dorothea was poisoning her and Esther fight Dorothy immediately. Social worker, Mildred, Balin jar wasn't content to sit back and let Dorothea walk away unscathed in early nineteen eighty Mildred contacted
least to alert them that she suspected fifty one year old Dorothea had poisoned Esther Busby But since she didn't have solid proof, knowing situation, was launched. Mildred Vow to keep an eye on Dorothea as long as she was working with senior citizens. But for now Dorothy S seemed safe from prosecution. In January. One thousand nine hundred and eighty two fifty three year old Dorothea turned up at a local dive bar the zebra club, where she started drinking with seventy four year old, Malcolm Mackenzie, the two It off and Dorothy, kept Malcolm laughing and entertained with her outlandish stories with last call looming, Malcolm hinted to Dorothea that they should keep the party going at his apartment. Just a few blocks, Dorothea coyly smiled and told Malcolm she loved to see this apartment. They hailed a cab by the time they arrived at Malcolm's house. He started feeling strange,
for some reason his arms and legs didn't want to cooperate with his brain Dorothea Helped him inside and laid him on the couch, Malcolm realised that even Oh, he was fully alert and aware he couldn't move his body at all. He watched helplessly as Doris began to search his apartment as Malcolm lay on the couch unable to move a muscle, Dorothea discovered a small red suitcase inside a closet snapping at open. She begin neatly filling it with Malcolm's possessions, including some collectible coins cash and his checkbook right before she left the attack. The pinky ring off his finger. Two days later, Dorothea was arrested after trying to use to checks for Malcolm's account. She insisted Malcolm, had willingly, given them to her ass. She was being booked, she told police. She was seventy two, even though her record,
showed her as fifty three when they were unmoved by her harmless old lady persona, Dorothea change tactics. She explained I've gotta Psychiatric Condemn I sometimes forget my actions, whether they believe tour? Not? She was charged with drugging and robbing Malcolm Mackenzie. She was released with our preliminary hearing set for three months later in April. In the meantime, Dorothea had work to do wasn't long after her arrest that Dorothea started a new business this time with a partner sixty one year old, Ruth Monroe and her husband, Harold, frequently drank Dorothy at a local bar They got along well and Dorothea was sympathetic when Harold was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so Dorothy, or propose that she and Ruth started catering business together. Ruth agreed deposited several thousand dollars into the joint account. Dorothea insisted they open when roots husband, Harold
could turn for the worse and went into the hospital for what was likely. The last time, Dorothea suggested that Ruth move in with her to save money and keep each other company Ruth agreed, and on April eleventh. Ninety Navy to her three sons helped her move into the second floor of the Oder Rica's house with Dorothea on April twenty. Fourth, less than two weeks after moving in with Dorothea Ruth had lunch with an old friend, her friend was shocked at how disoriented and run down Ruth appear to be. She had seen fine only a week before at her standing here appointment when her friend asked if she was ok. Ruth sadly said I can't talk to you. I think I'm going to die, Ruth's friend tried to get Ruth, you go see a doctor, but she refused her friend didn't insist and they parted ways expecting to see each other. The following week at the hair salon, Ruth went home and door
made her Krim demand cocktail to help her feel better. They relaxed in the living room before Ruth finally went to bed exhausted Ruth spoke to her on Alan the next day and seemed her usual self. She asked about her grandchildren and caught up on family news. Ruth never mentioned that she fell two days later, on April, twenty seventh roots die a rosy stopped by to visit after finding sleeping deeply in the middle of the day, Rosy confronted Dorothea her mother never slept this deeply and certainly not during the day. What she demanded was wrong. With her Dorothea comforted rosy and reassured her everything was fine. She told rosy she taken Ruth to the emergency room because she was worried. Ruth might be having a stress. Just nervous breakdown Dorothea, explained that there was nothing really wrong with Ruth. She just needed to come her anxiety, the doktor
given our a shot to help her rest rosy liked, Dorothea and appreciated that her mother had a friend looking out for her. While her stepfather Harold was dying in the hospital. So she believed Dorothy as assurances and left without a second thought. We began the pod cast with a description of bills, disturbing last visit with his mother later that night, when Bill came back downstairs after seeing Ruth Dorothea assured him, she look out for her. He told Dorothea he'd be back the next day at five thirty, a m on April twenty Eightth nineteen, eighty two Ruth's daughters phone rang. It was Dorothea something's wrong with your mother. She advised you better come over Rosy called her siblings and race to Dorothy S home Dorothea Matter at the door. Sobbing, your mother died. She wailed rosy was devastated, but she believed doors
his initial explanation that Ruth had been despondent. Perhaps Dorothea suggested Ruth had taken a little too much of her medication as the coroner's office arrived Ruth Children, did numbly through his explanation that an autopsy was necessary because the death had been unattended. He also mentioned Dorothea had suddenly suggested that Ruth may have taken her own life. Ruth children didn't fully believe that their mother would have even consider suicide, but they are no way suspected anything criminal about Ruth staff. However, roses husband, Jain had a different opinion. He didn't buy Dorothea caring, Grandmother act. He believed he ought to be investigated for murdering Ruth Monroe, and he intended to see that she was the coroner's off completed roofs. Autopsy and may nineteen, eighty to the talks, green room
old, tylenol and coding, and Ruth system in amounts sufficient enough to be fatal. Neither drug was found in roots bedroom. Although the remains of the Krim demand cocktail, Dorothea made for Ruth were still in her stomach when the autopsy was performed. The coroner's, this found no evidence of foul play. She appeared to be here. The overall, with no clinical evidence to the contrary. Ruth's death was ruled as being of indeterminate com
as meaning. There was no reason to suspect homicide. Suicide was a possibility, but there was no evidence to suggest that anyone had intentionally killed Ruth Monroe, Ruth's children still reeling from their mothers Duff, got together to try and make sense of what had happened. Finally, roses husband, John Voice to suspicions. There was something off about Dorothea. Maybe she had done something to Ruth. After some discussion, they decided to do some digging Ruth's family discovered that Darthian never took Ruth to the emergency room. Like she said. She had an no medical personnel had ever come to the house until after Ruth was dead. Armed with this new information, John went to the police. Confronted with the evidence, gathered the Sacramento p D took the family statements but Ultima. We decided that their evidence was too circumstantial to pursue it any further. Ruth's family was the stated there would be no just
for their matriarch, meanwhile Dorothy appeared at her preliminary hearing to face charges that she drugged and robbed Malcolm Mackenzie. After her arrest, it didn't take police long defined three more victims, Dorothy It had drugged then robbed, but none of them are either willing or well enough to testify court without testimony Dorothea would walk. Fortunately, Malcolm Mackenzie was up to the task, SK. After hearing Malcolm story about his night with Dorothea, the judge ruled that the case would go to trial door
It was released on her own recognizance, a green to appear at her next scheduled court date with the threat of prison looming Dorothea quickly drained the rest of the money in the joint account she and Ruth it open together. Dorothea knew that after she bought a plane ticket to Mexico, what was left of the roughly one thousand five hundred dollars she would through wouldn't last long. She quickly put together a plan to get more money before she fled the country on May 16th. One thousand nine hundred and eighty two she called her friend Dorothy Osborne and begged her to come over Dorothea slurred on the phone quote, I'm drunk everybody's, taking advantage of me and things haven't, been going well, a woman died and quote while sympathetic to her friend. Born, told Dorothea. She didn't want to go out. She finally agree that Dorothea could come over and when Osborne
from the door to let her ran around eleven, I am. She was surprised that Dorothea had brought both brandy and vodka with her Dorothy explained I'll, make some drinks and talk. The two women settled in on the couch Dorothea sipped vodka, while Osborne choked down the peculiar cocktail, Dorothea Mixed for her, a combination of several juices brandy and vodka. The brownish concoction stung going down Osborne Switch to iced tea after she finished it to try to get the taste out of her mouth Dorothea seem to barely notice ass. She sat opposite Osborne ranting about how poor she was being treated lightly. It was the last Osborne remembered before she completely lost consciousness when Osborne came to the sun was setting and Dorothea was gone, Osborne still groggy got up off the couch She cleaned up the living room. She noticed some missing items, her cheque book credit cards
several rules of pennies, with her name and phone number on them still trying to piece together what Dorothea may have done while she was incapacitated Osborne staggered into the kitchen ass, she noticed the blunder that still contain remnants of the file mixed drinks, Thea prepared that morning Osborne realised that our friend may have dropped her the white powder she found on the counter next to the blunder, confirmed her suspicions. She carefully banged up the powder and poured the remaining liquid into a prescription, bottle then she called the police three days later, fifty three year old Dorothea was arrested again when the police cut up we're on may nineteenth nineteen. Eighty two she was carrying a plane ticket to Mexico. Osbornes credit cards and the penny rules with osbornes name on them, because she was arrested while on bail and clearly planning to leave the country She was denied bail on the new challenges she
stay in jail until her trial, Dorothea directed her lawyers to begin working on a plea bargain after weeks of Dorothy and her lawyer negotiating the best possible deal with the district attorney's office. She plug guilty in four of the cases in which she drugged and robbed senior citizens, including Malcolm Mackenzie and Dorothy Osborne. She was sentenced to five years in prison just over a year for each of the victims. After processing Dorothea was sent by bus to the California institution for women in front terror, on August 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two Bruce Munro Sun Bill picked up the previous day. Sacramento bee. He was shocked to see his mother's former roommates name splashed on the front page. He was
surprised to read the headline quote woman who slipped Mickey's, draws five years and quote he immediately called his siblings after some discussion bill called the district attorney's office and voiced their suspicions. The district attorney met with Ruth Children, who outlined how Their mothers health had declined so rapidly. They were how did all the evidence they had collected that prove Dorothea had lied about the circumstances surrounding roots death. The de referred case two major crimes, Ruth chilled and finally had a glimmer of hope that Dorothea would be prosecuted for me during their mother, but that hope was short lived after further investigation and a review of the witness statements and autopsy results. The major crimes investigator filed its findings in light of her divorce centres. Second husband terminal illness. He believed that roof.
Wasn't Dorothy is victim, but that she died by suicide. There would be no murder charges. The investigator attempted to console Ruth's distraught children with the fact that Dorothea was already in prison. So, even if she had hurt Ruth at least she couldn't hurt anyone else? It was a decision that would come back to haunt both the major crimes unit and the district attorney he's office because when we're Theo was paroled just three years later. She would begin a murder spray to fund her increasingly lavish lifestyle. It would end in a multi state man Hunt thanks again for tuning into female criminals and serial killers join us. Ex time as we continue to explore the life mind and crimes of
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