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“The Midwest Highway Murderer” Larry Eyler Pt. 2


In the early 1980s, Larry Eyler haunted the highways of the Midwest, leaving the gay communities of Indianapolis and Chicago paralyzed with fear. But eventually, the people closest to him brought him down once and for all.

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Do The graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode in discussions of murder, sexual assault and mutilation that some people may find disturbing. We advise stream caution for children under thirteen the abandoned stretch of farmers and nestle, just off you s highway. Forty one didn't look like much, but Henry and gladys hansen. It was a gold mine. The cup were added mushroom hunters and traveled around indiana to forage and every phone they were turned to this unassuming farm, but this morning Henry had an uneasy feeling. The ground looked strain. The soil newly turned the land felt less deserted than usual. He
and the only one who took notice gladys stood beside him tents. She looked suddenly haunted and Henry followed. Her gaze A few yards ahead lay to smooth brown mountains. They were much too large to be mushrooms as We drew nearer his breath cotton in his chest. They were human skulls, said, always been a sacred place to the hansen's. Now it was a mass grave the I am grateful for this. Is serial killers. Spotify original from park asked every episode. dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. Today we reach to the saga of Larry isler, the mid west, way killer. I'm here with my co host Let us richardson high everyone you can find.
episodes of serial killers and all other spotify originals. From far cast for free on spotify last time, we, dr dollars, unstable childhood and its internalized homophobia. We also track I was deep seated rage drove him to kidnap and kill young man he solicited for sex today. follow weiler as he terrorized the mid west highways, killing unsuspecting hitchhikers, lhasa cover how authorities finally apprehended isler only to be forced to Let him go got all that and more coming up stay with us on this for twenty first nineteen, eighty two larry isler turned thirty he'd, always loved that his birthday fell during the holidays. It was his favorite time of year He even dressed as an l forest works christmas party, but this
here. He wasn't in the mood for a big celebration. All he could think about murder ones, he'd committed and those he was yet to carry out. On christmas day, found the body of twenty five year old, John, our johnson, in a field near the small of lowell Indiana either had killed the bar ten almost two months earlier and by the time it but he's found his body isler was ready to strike again through days earlier isler was in downtown indianapolis. He proudly reach in his pickup truck moving towards one of his favorite gay bars. By now this routine was familiar. Twenty one John Roach sometimes did sex work in the area. It was also regular the bars and known to hitchhike all these things made him a perfect target for isler, as with many of there's crimes, the exact details of what happened aren't clear, but at some point roach got into others truck. Once inside isler bound johns hands with a nylon cord and stuff
abd him repeatedly in the abdomen, killing him afterward. He left roaches bond, in a word. It area near interstates, seventy before he left made a half hearted effort to conceal him with sticks and leaves wasn't enough. Roach was found, a few days later on december, twenty eightth aromas, time authorities found the remains of twenty three year old, Stephen again in the woods near the small town of newport indiana at first link was made between stephen and roach. The bodies were found about fifty miles apart under different police jurisdictions, but me county had its own forensic pathologist, so both cadavers were sent to blooming tin indiana. Their coroner doktor richard plus, began its analysis within its he knew he was dealing with something highly unusual. Stephen torso had been mutilated as though his
hacker wanted to cut him open. He had also been suspended upside down like the carcass of a hunted animal doktor plus, never seen a mutilation. This vicious, and once he moved on to roaches body a chill ran down his spine this week, two had been named. The mulder. stab wounds in his abdomen and back demonstrated huge overkill. The killer had come, really been driven by an uncontrollable rage. Vanessa is going to do go over and the psychology here and throughout the episode please note of it says not a licence psychologist or a psychiatrist, but we have done a lot of reach. for the show thanks Gregg doktor plus, didn't know it at the time, but he had picked up on a key aspect of ilo personality which had been with him for years, research suggest, that early experiences can play a huge role in how a serial killer commits their crimes. According to
two thousand twenty paper published in the journal: psychiatry, psychology and law murder, who experienced physical abuse at a young age, are more likely to use excessive violence known as overkill. It's also were common for them to torture, their victims, isler china, who was marred by violent abuse from multiple men, including his father, and at least two step fathers. He likely felt physically and psychologically unsafe and had no, troll over what was going on. So, as adult, it seems he relished turning the tables he made his view I was powerless by drugging and binding them. He then inflicted horrific cruelty beyond what was needed to kill them. Doktor plus knew nothing about who either was or life history, but looking at the two bodies before him, he was certain been killed by the same person just as certain ass, he was that that man would strike again, not window
two plus alerted state police to his concerns. Nothing came of it. That meant, I were, was you to carry on with his killing spree. You can separate from his crime, Isler cherished is independence. He moved around constantly and loved the feeling of an open road before him most to the weak. He live his boyfriend twenty two year old, John doe, bravado skis at their shared apartment in chicago when he wasn't with he was in terror, haute indiana there. He stayed with forty four year old Robert little his long time friend in benefactor, although John and isler were a couple. John also had his own family to take care of he'd been married. A few years and kept a house in the suburbs with his wife and children. He maintain the facade of being heterosexual for the sake of his family, though his work If I knew all about isler this triplicity appealed to isler he'd, never
at ease with sexuality and keeping their relationship hidden felt more comfortable than the alternative, although both men had skeletons in their closets John had no idea just how many terrible secrets his boyfriend really kept by now well isler, had wrapped up multiple bodies as well what would later be described as several attempted murders and he Had no intention of stopping on thirty. If he picked up twenty two year old dated block near the husband part suburb of Chicago David. Recently graduated from yale and was visiting family for christmas, that ninety told us parents he was going to visit a friend like with much of isler story. The specifics of that night are murky. As far as we can tell david, never made it to his destination, but car was found about thirty miles north of chicago. It's possible.
broke down, and he hitched to ride with isler at some point either stab david to death, then dumped his body. In a the old near lake forest illinois a month or in that same city. Sixteen year old urban gibson disappeared from his home he'd been released from a juvenile facility a few months earlier and sometimes perform sex work for money it, I suspected that isler lured urban into his car and stabbed him to death hack viciously into his body when it major was dead. Ilo left him in a wooded area just off the expressway covered with blood and leaves that night either felt blissfully com. as he always did after a kill writing that way if he drove home to John Meanwhile, word was spreading fast and the chicago and indianapolis apple is l. I plus communities, despite the authorities, appear
and apathy, young gay men and the areas knew they were being targeted and no one seemed to care over. The next few months are kept killing at an alarming rate, some of his victim still We ve been identified, but will tell you about some at hand. the body of twenty six year old, edgar under coffee, a member of the air national guard, was, found on march. Fourth, nineteen eighty three evidence suggests they stabbed him to death and left his body in it certain rural area near danville, illinois night Ten year old, John bartlett was living with his sister in Chicago after being discharged from the army. He does it here from the city in early march, so did twenty two years Michael bower of pizza delivery, man and john Ingram and in bergen chicago isler kid. Drug Julia assaulted and murdered these three men afterwards. He drove them
It is about eighty miles, south of chicago to an abandoned farmhouse. Just off you s route, forty one, there dug a shallow grave in a wood. It area where wild mushrooms grew among the oak trees. It's not clear why isler decided to bury these victims together. far as anyone can tell their only link was their abduction from the chicago area. That said, either was in a frenzy that marge killing at an accelerated pace. There may not have been much reimer reason to his actions. He claimed another victim before the month was out on mars. Twentieth. Seventeen year old richard wayne arrived at a greyhound station in mount peltier indiana. The teenager was on his way to it in a place where we plan to unroll at school. What's he got off the bus? He called mother. To let her know, he'd made it. He said who's going to get his life together, find a career and build her. A big house that was the ass time. She ever spoke to her son, just after the call richard likely
it's ride with isler who abducted and killed him so far I ll or had allegedly killed ten men without being caught. He felt unstoppable and carried on with his life. As usual about two weeks there. He killed richard. I learned twenty eight year old, Gustave herrera at a gay bar in chicago gustavo, was a little different from islas average targets. He dated whim and had two children, but he was also regular at the city's gay bars, despite not being his typical mark, it appears either I did Gustavo had to die. It's possible that stubble reminded isler of his boyfriend John, who lived a similar double life friends of the couple dr, neither as incredibly and secure and study and accuse John of being unfaithful by others, subject c had been building since they started dating nearly two years ago. Perhaps isler was projecting his feelings about john onto Gustavo. If so, this
explained the particularly vicious way in which he died after drugging him, either drove gustavo out deserted construction site on the outskirts of chicago there. He stabbed gestapo to death, then cut off his right hand This was a startling change and islands routine. He hadn't dismembered any of his victims before it see. His rage was becoming more and more savage and soon it would be. his on doing. In a moment, police get isler in their sights hello, I'm gonna maguire an answer t bother and where the host The new spotify original from park asked societies. You may know us from the very creepy an excellent podcast red handed, but now we ve teamed up with podcast for an unprecedented look. histories most nefarious grapes. Some preach
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by the spring of nineteen. Eighty three thirty year old larry isler, is thought to have killed as many as twelve men across indiana and illinois, because his victims were right across various police jurisdictions. The investigation so far had been slow with little coordination between teams as a result, the authorities didn't yet realize they were dealing with a serial killer, but that chick and in may of that year, that move either met twenty who you're old, Daniel Scott macneil added indianapolis bar according to the accounts of those who knew him. Daniel was a laborer and part time sex worker. After, inside isler lured, daniel out to his truck. Then he bound Daniel and drove to the outskirts of town he stabbed Daniel did death and dumped his body in a field just off I seventy and headed by to town to day
later a farmer found Daniel and called the authorities, his body was delivered to blooming tin and doktor john place was once again called into perform. The autopsy Don't do plus immediately recognise the similarities between this murder and those of stephen again and John roach. Heeded successfully tried to sound the alarm before, but now when he had even more ammunition. He called the state is again and insisted that the three bodies were clearly the work of one person he wore that a serial killer was talking the highways of the mid west. This time they list and the state police formed what the chicago tribune called a gay homicide task force, headquartered in indianapolis detectives from multiple counties. parliament's were assigned to work together on the case. This development was big. Minister, the local queer community who'd been living in fear for months, however, that many didn't long for word to reach isler now that the investor
Nation was finally wrapping up. He knew it wasn't save to keep killing, so he laid low but not an outlet for his anger. It began to spill into his personal life. I learned, boyfriend twenty two year old, John doe bravado skis, started fighting even more than usual. Around this time I will reportedly discovered that John was seeing someone else and despite his own free dalliances. He was furious after an alleged with John one night in early july, isler left to chicago apartment, he was fed up frustrated by John referred, so to bend to his will. He started driving south to tear haute heading towards forty five year old, robert little town house, He knew little would let him stay as long as he wanted, but as the night grew darker suited, did mood the argument with John had left a bitter taste in his mouth and they anger in the pit of his stomach. The further he drove the more on edge. He felt healing
of one way to com is racing thoughts he had to blow off some steam. The perfect operates did he presented itself when he saw hitchhiker on the side of the freeway. Lurk help but smile. It was meant to be, I lost his truck and pulled over here. done his window and beckoned the young man over. He was like man in his late teens or early twenties, but he's never been identified. Investigators for to him as adam dough, so will do the same According to isler he offered Adam seventy five dollars for sex and the man agreed ilo gave him vodka and a sedative then the amount to an abandoned farming newton county, the same place where he murdered and buried three other victims. Once they arrived tied at em up and told them to make his peace with god. Then he stabbed him to death. Then isler opted to bury Adam in a separate area, the farm away
from the others. By his own admission, this was because the other victims were white and he didn't think it was coach proper to bury out of next to them. I lose bigotry ran deep in addition to his internalized homophobia. He was evidently a racist in the course of our research. We found a surprising lack of contemporary studies on the correlation between racist views and violent tendencies, but in nineteenth in three, a paper published in the journal of personality and social psychology found a significantly, between racial prejudice and gresham research, is found that highly prejudiced subjects were more likely to have a hostile disposition. They were also more inclined to become physically aggressive when provoked eilers prejudice. Was another symptom of the violent anger within him, but even in a blind rage, his bias persisted
back in indiana, the search for the killer was ramping up the task force law. the public hotline and were soon swamped with tips on four. ITALY. Most of them lead nowhere, but summer. They gotta call that changed everything the call from a man named Tom Henderson who had a history with isler some sources dictate that tom was either sex. Others either still Tom's boyfriend, leaving him with a grudge. However, motivation, didn't change the information he had to offer tom told these. He believed isler was behind the murders and he had plenty to gub his suspicion. He told them about this stabbing isler was arrested for in nineteen seventy eight. He also We insisted that isler had a violent temper and said he was known for being into bondage. Once police started entered, We members of the queer community in indianapolis inter haute, a clearer picture, emerged
several men said isler had frightened them by suddenly becoming violent during sex. Some said isler had even tried to cut them with a knife which matched up with murderers m o authorities also discovered that pilot traveled regularly between indianapolis terror, hotel chicago, so he had links to the areas where most. victims had disappeared from so far the evidence was all circumstantial, but it was enough to make isler a person of interest he wasn't placed. your official surveillance, but members of that sk force did start periodically telling him in Indiana it's not clear whether either was aware of this it's possible the investigation, had died down as the summer due to a close, he felt confident enough to kill again, but this time he stay close to Chicago, twenty eight year old, Ralph police lived with his girlfriend, and the windy city is not
or, if he also frequented gay bars or how he crossed paths with isler on august, thirty, first, nineteen, eighty three but Your way, I Lou abducted him and stabbed him seventeen times killing him left, his body in a clearing near a lake county, rhode, island so long without being caught that it never occurred to him to go further afield, but disposing of ralph so close to where I left. Other bodies was a mistake. authorities in Illinois were aware of the indiana task force and its stepped up. The police presence in and around chicago as a result did only took twelve hours for them defined ralph spotty. Unlike most robotic crime scenes. This one was freshen up to contain useful evidence. Officers lifted tire tracks footprints from the mud to check them against their database around this time. The chicago police began coordinating with the indiana task force. They share
information on persons of interest in the case, including isler unaware. the investigation had cost state lines either on his usual activities in chicago onset amber thirtieth. He visited a few gay bars in the city, then after he fell, the pick any one up he drew vowed towards the expressway at her own room. He picked up a hitchhiker, Darnel heyward was trying to get to indianapolis for a funeral I operated during a time when hitchhiking was in decline, but still relatively common. The practice has been round in some form, since the dawn of the automobile, in the nineteenth Sixteen the took on a twenty association with a hippie counterculture movement hitchhiking became popular that the fbi even stepped in worn drivers not to pick up hitchhikers in case they were murderers or quote sex maniacs. Arguably the risk is even higher for those
getting into a strangers car but for young, broke people with a high risk. Tolerance. People like darnel hitchhiking, remained tempting so dumb hopped into the truck and isler offered him one hundred dollars. If you would let him tie him up it. clearly a sexual advance. At first darling said no, but the money was enticing as he drove either kept, insisting he wouldn't hurt him that dark could trust him eventually he agreed. So I pulled over near a ditch and got out of the truck dora went down into the ditch with isler, but then faltered, the traffic was rushing the expressway above them many felt exposed yes, tyler it could go somewhere more private ilo said sure he knew of a barn nearby, where no one would bother them. We go in. There in what might have happened had things gone according to idlers plan, but luckily for darling, they didn't just
Does they were emerging from the ditch? A state trooper happened to pass by. He stopped them properly. illegally along the interstate did. Cooper, radio dispatch to check idlers licence and registration information as such, does the dispatcher heard the name. He made the connection. The routine try stop had just become something much bigger, but without any firm evidence the police were in a tricky spot, However, after some speedy deliberations, a sergeant arrested, isler on charges of solicitation and brought him two custody. His luck, it seemed had finally run out up next the sea, only airtight case against Tyler falls apart now we finish our story. In september of nineteen. Eighty three ellen
police arrested thirty year old, Larry isler for soliciting sex. They suspect he was the serial killer, they'd been chasing for four months, but me it more evidence while he wasn't charged any crime. On the morning of his arrest, the move could, by the authorities time Once isler was in custody investigators informed him, he was a suspect in the series of murders in illinois, ended, Deanna, isler quickly and mentally denied killing anyone to of his innocence. He agreed to be fingerprinted, undergo a polygraph test and even consented to his vehicle being searched. But by this time Search had already happened, and it was fruitful officers had found a bloody I've and a nylon rope in its truck. Despite this, debt evidence isler was released and with it, days. He struck back either hired a chicago attorney and filed a civil sued. Again both a lay county illinois police and the indiana state police, his attorney
either had been illegally detained in violation, his fourteenth amendment rights. This Also stated that isler hadn't consented to his vehicle being searched before it happened. Therefore, the evidence they found in his truck should be suppressed at the same time am I lose friends and family gave defiant interviews to the press, claiming that the police were picking on him, an anonymous source identified. Only as I lose male lover insist the ilo naive eighty had gotten into trouble. He said that or had quote an almost childlike innocence about him, but the evidence since the killer was mounting through october. The light county police and the indiana taskforce worked together to build a case against him during his search of forty five year old, robert little house in terror, haute Indiana, where I lived part time found more circumstantial evidence. There were credit card, receive
send phone records that placed isler in the vicinity of many of the murders. damning lee. The tyre tracks from the raft police crime scene match dealers truck additionally, the prince at the scene were left by isler boots. Meanwhile, more bodies were being unearthed on october night, two mushroom hunters arrived at be abandoned farm and newton county indiana. The couple ryan gladys Hansen had been foraging in this spot for years buddy l seemed to know about it and whenever they returned, they found an incredible variety of mushrooms, but chile morning, but Hansen's discovered something other than fungi who human skulls lay next to each other in the dirt shaken they called the police When officers arrived, they discovered that there were a total of four bodies since of them could immediately be identified. They
came known as the newton county john doze. Within a couple of months, Michael our and John bartlett were idead using dental records. It took almost three. Decades, but eventually John ingram, brandenburg was named in April of twenty twenty one. The identity of the law, victim, Adam dough has never been confirmed. The police spected isler was responsible for the four Newton county murders they focused on ralph, smarter. This is likely because they had so much more physical evidence from the scene, on November first isler was charged with murdering ralph police and taken back into custody, but others previous lost. Against. The police. Soon became a serious road block. Three months after being charged, a judge sided with isler he had had been illegally detained, any of it. Collected in the course of that detention couldn't be used against him, either was free,
on bond. In february of nineteen eighty four these food he's had been painfully tantalizingly close to putting isler, but and bars for good. It was hard to believe their own mistakes had ruined it all earlier wasted no time taking advantage of his renewed independence, one The conditions of his release was that he couldn't leave the state of illinois, so he read located permanently to chicago robert little who'd, partially funded eyelids legal fees, help him get a new shore site apartment in the far north of the city, it was leave to be away from the hustle and bustle of downtown who was now notorious. Though he'd been He started technicality. He was still salzburg did more than twenty murders and the cities algae meeting you I plus community, knew it even so workers in the area knew to be wary of isler. Perhaps they send tee wasn't done killing. Sixteen year old, danny bridges
was among them. On the night of august nineteen nineteen, eighty four danny two sisters house around ten thirty p m. He told her he needed some air little. we ve been visiting isler that weekend later claim that he left around the same time to drive back to indiana. on the same time, isler went out in his pickup truck prowling streets for a new victim when he's danny walking along he slow, do a crawl and offered him a ride. For reasons Never know danny agreed to get into the truck either may have dragged him to keep them compliant, or perhaps you willingly to either apartment once they were inside isler tied danny to a chair. He beat and tortured him before where he stabbed him to death after Any was dead. I learned this bird him he caught his body into aid pieces draining
each one of blood and placing them inside separate bags. This was around, could change to islands imo. He cut off one previous victims, hand, but had never dismembered an entire body that we know according to a two thousand twenty study by canadian researchers, there too, primary motivations for criminal dismemberment when the motive is to hide the body and avoid detection is considered to be defensive, dismemberment when the motive is sexual gratification from the act itself. That's an offensive, dismemberment isler routinely propositioned as victims as ways of getting them alone, but sexual Vacation may or may not have been part of his actual motivation for killing its highly probable
He dismembered danny defensively purely to make it easier to hide the body by the time either had finished. With his grisly work a day had passed working quickly. He carried the hefty bags containing the body parts down to his apartment complexes, garbage area, put them incited dumpster disposing of danny's body at his own residents. While he was a suspect in multiple murders was an income, handsomely risky move it's possible that either, hoping the garbage would be taken to a landfill before any one noticed its contents in that the case he didn't get his wish it didn't take. For someone to make the horrific discovery on the morning of august, twenty first gender, Joseph Bala was starting work at the building, It is that the dumpster was full of heavy duty trash bags, which weren't the type his tenants normally used. Bungler cursed quietly to himself some post.
by must have illegally ditch their trash, and now it was his problem to deal with. But as bala pulled the first big out it ripped open. A human five fell out onto the ground bala couldn't believe what he was seeing. He bring himself to look at the rest of the bags he didn't He too he knew but they would contain. As soon as the call came, the chicago police. They knew either had to be responsible. Another job, from a near by building, confirmed they'd seen a man who fit eyelids description, dispose of the bags the previous afternoon later that morning, authorities burst into eilers apartment where he and his boyfriend Twenty three year old, John doe revolts keys were sleeping. They arrested both men, and was held overnight and questioned before being released without charge up to this point, job had vigorously defended isler against the police who always maintained that they were unfairly blaming him for the murders, but when he heard about them
no evidence against either doubt started to creep in over the next few weeks. Those questions snowballed into horrific certainty whenever the team examined idlers apartment. They turned even more clues alarm. the amount of blood had been cleaned from various areas: blood. It was soon confirmed to be danny's. The suburb leg and other body parts The dumpster were also identified. An eyelash fingerprints were all over the hefty bags on august twenty second, just a day after his arrest, thirty one year old, Larry isler was charged with danny bridges, murder. He maintained his innocence and insisted that bags, only had his fingerprints on them because he had moved them to make room for his own trash after years of getting away with murder isler finally run up against a situation. He couldn't talk or pay his way out of what's more, but
well began in July, nineteen, eighty six, but thirty three year old, felt the sting of betrayal through the prosecutions. Key wit This is where none other than John tolerable skis and robert little labours posts to be either as close as confidence. Now they would help put him away for good, both of their testimonies placed either app. Apartment on the night of the murder. Ordinarily, even ass. He was testifying against his long time friend and roommate little paid all of ilo legal costs. After several weeks isler was found guilty and sentenced to death but I learned legal battles were far from over in nineteen, Ninety, while isler was on death row, Indiana was preparing to charge him with stephen eggins murder. His lawyer encouraged him to take a plea, deal and cooperate fully with the investigation, but That's not all likely growing desperate for a way out. He claimed he
Hadn't acted alone. He told lawyer that little had been his accomplice and murdering again, and he was prepared to testify against him. That december either dictated a seventy. page confession to aids murder. He stated that he and had been driving around terror hoped that night. Looking for somebody to pick up ilo clay, that it was little idea to kidnap someone and to play out of violent bondage scenario ending in murder in his voice of events. Little had a quote me. some like influence over him. It's not clear how little reacted This turn of events having known either for as long as he had. Maybe this reversal didn't come as a surprise. Based What we know little an ilo mysterious relationship seems to have been highly transactional at least isler side. He got a free place too, ay and seemingly unlimited money whenever he needed it. Now I look
hope to use him as a scapegoat, even in court. He can can you do exploit him after his confession. Isler pleaded guilty, and it was and in two sixty years behind bars and exchange. He agreed to take this. and little upcoming trial, which began in eighteen. Ninety one during the trial. Little mother testified that he'd been in Florida visiting her at the time of eggins murder and with no fish malevolence to tie a little to any of the other attacks. I learned version of events was flimsy at best. The jury found little not guilty. I listen. To turn the tables on us long time, benefactor had backfired, and now he had nobody left in his corner, but he wasn't ready to give up still on death row for the kidnapping and murder of danny bridge. his and determined, to avoid execution either offered you confess to as many as twenty digital murders in return. He went the sentence reduced to life without parole
though, they knew isler was probably good for at least that many killings, the authorities. Refuse to strike a deal in any case. It soon became a moot point. In march, eighteen. Ninety four isler died from complications relating to aids in a posthumous state. made through his lawyer. He confessed additional twenty murders after a lifetime of keeping secrets, either chose to unburden himself in his final days, but it sunlight we had any interest in getting closer to his victims, families isler took great pleasure in watching innocent people suffer. He projected his self loathing onto vulnerable young men who made the mistake of trusting him. He ended countless lives just to fulfil his own twisted need for control stuffing his victims out like they were now, thing. This final act might have been one last twist of the knife, a reminder of the pain he caused the control.
He still clung to, even as He died a low the Thanks again for turning into serial killers, we'll be back soon with another episode from information on Larry isler amongst the many sources we used. We found the book freed to kill, the true story of cereal murderer, Larry isler by general lynn, choleric and wayne clad extremely helpful in our research. You can find lepisocanthus serial killers and all other spot. If I some power cast for free on spotify we're, see you next time have a pillar weak serial killers is a spot from par cast. Exec Producers include max and enron cutler, sound designed by Russell NASH, with production, distance by IRAN, shapiro too
williamson, carly, madden and joshua kern. This the of serial killers was written by emma dipped. In with writing, distance by jane, o natalie, pretovsky and Joe callin fact. Checking by Bennett, Logan and research by Brian putrescent chelsea would sir killers stars gregg paulson and vanessa richardson. You weren't supposed to know about them and They won't eat too powerful groups with their own very specific agendas, and if you find so on the inside good luck getting out. hi, I'm kind of maguire and I'm sorry to bother join us every tuesday for new spotify original from park, to society's, whether it seems predictions deadly greed or world. Emanation each week works
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