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“The Most Prolific” Pt. 1: Samuel Little


In 2018, he was serving a life sentence for the murders of three women in California—when he confessed to another. Then, another and another. Soon, Samuel Little had confessed to 93 murders across the U.S. over a period of 30 years.

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault, but some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. As the sun rises over the state prison in LOS Angeles County was Seventy nine year old man here, white and body can, to a wheelchair is rolled into an interview room. Old man, is weak. His joints creek. Atrophied muscle sag, even his breathing, as he sits his ragged. We in the interview room is Texas, Rangers James HOLLAND, handsome tall and broad shouldered. He greets the elderly and made, and they sit down to eat breakfast. Their conversation is polite friendly. Even this has been there
Ellie ritual for years once their finished with breakfast when the old man get down to business. A guard brings a sketch pad and a set of crowns The old man's hands are gnarled with age. He can still wielded crayon with some skill. Holland asks questions, job the old man's memory, where we see and nineteen eighty six, who did he meat in Cleveland? What did she look like? What color was her hair was the shape of a jaw, her nose was it long or short. Before long a face appears on the page, a woman long
dad her killer, the very man drawing her portrait, a man who may never recall her name but will forever remember her face. I am Gregg pulsing. This is serial killers, a park cast original every episode we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers today were too the story of Samuel Little believed to be the most prolific serial Killer in american history. I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson Pie, everyone you can find a bus of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify or worthy listened applaud casts to stream serial killers for free on Spotify just open. The F
type serial killers in the search bar at park cast were grateful, for you are listeners Well, I was to do it. We love, let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast and twitter at Parker network Samuel Little allegedly murdered. Ninety three women between nineteen, seventy and two thousand five, though he can't remember all of their names, he is recalled dozens of their faces through portraits drawn in prison. Today. We're going to cover little early years will follow his insidious progression from petty criminal, just sexual, predator and finally, serial killer next week will treat
Liberals bloody trail across the United States, and examine how James HOLLAND and law enforcement from around the country piece together. A portrait of the killer himself, Samuel little was born of a small Georgia town of Reynolds, a farming community, located roughly one hundred miles south of Atlanta Little claimed mother, was a sex worker, specific details. Round his birth are unclear, but investigators have speculated that little. May have been born in jail in nineteen. Forty after one his mother's arrests. If little indeed born in jail. He likely wouldn T have spent much time with his mother and his first France days either way. The young MRS Liddell, who report say, was only a tea
And when she gave birth to Samuel was not prepared to raise a son. She abandoned him shortly after his birth. Vanessa is going to take over the psychology here and throughout the episode please note than us. It is not a licence ecologist your psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research furthest show thanks. Gregg criminologists Scott Bonn identified parental rejection, especially by Mother is as a common factor in the background of serial killers, Bonn explained that this abandonment can create a deep seated fear or hatred of rejection. Therefore they may see- to hurt or eliminate those who represent that anxiety, we have little victims were like his mother sex workers in killing them. He I been trying to enact retribution against a symbol of his neglectful mother as an infant little was done
the Loreen Ohio to live with his maternal grandmother. Lorraine was a steel town not far from Cleveland Situated on the shore, Lake Erie Little Move to Lorraine. During a time when many black Americans were moving northward from the southern Jim Crow States, more than six million people move during the great migration they settled mostly in the industrial centres of the Northeast and MID west between nineteen, sixteen and nineteen seventy, but life in the north was not always better for black. Grants. Many thought moving out of the Jim Crow South would mean escape from state sanctioned discrimination. But hi, oh and many other northern cities, informal racism persisted Black Americans arrived in industrial towns like Lorraine, middle class, whites fled for the suburbs, taking businesses and jobs with them, so called white flight.
And northern cities of once thriving tax bases. The results were crumbling: infrastructure, underfunded, schools and extreme jobs, shortages that have plagued some neighbourhoods and communities of color. To this day,. And it was in this shifting landscape that little was raised. We don't know much about his home life with his grandmother, but we do know that His education was limited. He never attended high school and this time at the Local junior high was marked by disciplinary problems and low academic achievement at aged. Sixteen little delinquent behaviour produced its first real consequence. He was clutched him a bicycle and sent to the boys industrial school in Lancaster, Ohio form We called the state Reform Farm Gillian Lauren, the only journalist to have interviewed little behind bars, described his time and like a as brutal, but little
known about the disciplinary practices of the specific institution. At that time, according to historical records, little would have been given. Free reign of the schools grounds, he would have lived in a cottage with several other boys, not at a cell than he would have received. Vocational training in blacksmithing, tailoring carbon trees, demography and a number of other trades still abuse was common at state run, custodial institutions at the time and continues to this day. I two thousand fifteen study conducted by the Annie E Casey Foundation, discovered systemic maltreatment and the juvenile correctional systems of twenty nine states. In addition, nearly ten percent of youth and
harsh rated in state operated or state funded facilities reported being victimized sexually during their stay. However, we should note that its unclear what if any, abuse little himself suffered while at Lancaster, even with modern prison reform, the recidivism rates of juvenile offenders and the United States are universal poor. This is largely attributed to a combination of excessive punitive. This and sometimes abuse young Bill incarcerated at an early age are consequently more likely to commit crimes as adults, as was the case with little at some point after he was released from Lancaster. Little robbed of furniture store He was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, while in cars
rated little picked up boxing and he developed a powerful physique. He also started trying. It is free time and his choice of subject previewed his future murderous obsession, whether he had access to pencils or paint he almost exclusively drew women upon his release from prison in nineteen sixty four little now in his mid twenties reunited with his mother. By that point, she was living in South Florida The first time she made room her home for her son little is never spoken. Much on the record about his adult relationship with his mother, but we can assume, he enjoyed at least a little comfort in her house healed. They're on and off for almost twenty years little held a number of odd jobs in Florida, including one
as a garbage collector for the Miami Dade County Department of Sanitation and another as grounds keeper out of local cemetery, but he never kept a job for long although as mothers home in Florida was a home base for nearly two decades. He was an itinerant. He spent years traversing the United States, committing crimes left and right by nineteen. Seventy five he'd been arrested twenty six times in eleven different states. His charges included shoplifting armed robbery. The limitation of sex workers driving under the influence aggravated assault on an officer of the law and rape, but for whatever reason he wasn't sent back to prison for these various offensive
is nomadic lifestyle may have prevented law enforcement from realising that little was a courier criminal. It wasn t until nineteen seventy six that he faced true consequences for its actions. That's it, timber. Thirty six year old Little was arrested in Missouri, further rape, assault and burglary of PAMELA case she was known in the area as a drug addict, an occasional sex worker. Little came across Smith in his car. She walked alone, down a deserted street. He off her a ride once Psmith climbed into the passenger seat, little punched savagely and the sight of the face he forced her into the back seat, stripped off for clothes and bound her hands with an electrical cord, Morocco Leslie Smith manage to kick the car door open and escape into the night. She ran naked, her hands behind her back until she fell
the house weeping the strangers doorstep. She begged them to help her The police arrived Psmith, accused little of beating her strangling her and raping her, but when office located little sitting in his car, not far from where Smith found help. He didn't the re back usurpation. He said I only beat her. Ultimately little was can victims of a lesser charge, attempt to ravage and only served three months in prison. This may have been related. Smith's perceived reliability as a witness. She had a history of drug related offences, perhaps unwell, to believe her version of the assault, the prosecution, was less than zealous with its sentencing recommendation for little after during his time in Missouri, little went back to his nomadic ways
many known details about the next few years, but by September of nineteen eighty two he was back in Florida and on the hunt for a new. Victim, Irene minds was a forty four year old hotel laundry worker. She was sitting on the hood of her car on a side street gains bill. One night, when forty two year old, SAM Little pulled up alongside her He got out of his car and walked over two months. He asked her if she would like to have a drink with him. She politely declined Then little turned and pointed down the street to a nearby bar. He asked what non down their months, told him was Willie May Hodges beer tavern. She said he should check it out. Little obliged and headed over once inside he tried to talk to several women asking if they like to drink with him or dance
with him, but they all turned him down just when he thought he was out of chances for the night little spotted it whole woman, swaying alone other dance floor. Patricia, and now it was a regular at Willie Mays and she was notorious the twin. Six year old was known to drink, heavily cause and start fights. She couldn't win the very night before she'd been arrested by gains. Will police for being drunk and disorderly, Patricia also had diminished mental capabilities. Her I q was reportedly around forty and she'd bounced around a few local assisted living facilities. It made her the perfect victim highly vulnerable in more ways than one already inebriated little plight, her with more and more drinks until she agreed to leave with him
Irene man saw the pair walked back a little car at the end of the night, Patricia was unsteady. And had to lean on little for support, he helped her into the passenger seat then hurried around to his side of the car. Then he sped off into the night coming up. Little claims his first murder victim when you think of it criminal. What are you picture? Do picture a murderer, a gangster, a thief. I bet you didn't think it could be. The mother around the corner or the little lady next door in my other, show female criminals? We investigate the lives of the world's most notorious female felons and explore the stories behind their dangerous crimes. And like we do here on serial killers, we examined the psychology, motivations and atrocities of each subject. These criminals come in every form
from serial killers and assassins to bank robbers and drug lords. Female criminals is the mystery and crime documentary rolled into one new episodes premier every Wednesday follow female criminals, freon Spotify or wherever you get your podcast now back to the story. Answer timber, eleven nineteen eighty two forty two year old son. We'll little went trolling for a day that a tavern and gains Bill Florida after striking out with several women he connected with twenty six your old, Patricia and Mount by the time they left the bar together, she was so drunk. She could hardly stand
run midnight twenty miles away and Rural Forest Grove, something in the woods set off. The local dogs might crane county sheriffs. Deputy who lived in the area went out to call in his own canines ass. He approached the fence line between his property in the woods He spotted alight between the trees, cranes, wife, who came out to join him, could hear a man's voice yelling in the distance a meal but later the light was gone. The dogs were silent. The cranes went back to bed at sunrise. The couple were aroused by someone pounding on the door to local far hands had been baling hay in a nearby field. When they came across a woman's body, she was nude covered in bruises and had deep scratches around her neck crane,
call the police when they arrived. They took the woman's fingerprints and quickly found a match. It was Patricia Mount Police Records indicated, she was arrested only two nights before for drunk and disorderly conduct. Now she was dead by the time police started looking Four Patricia killer. Little had already fled the state he drove along the Gulf Coast through Alabama and up into Mississippi. Before long, he felt the urge to find another woman. Another Patricia Lust killers like little carpet, clearly prone to become repeat offenders, as their proclivities are almost entirely based in fantasy as
mentioned earlier. His mergers might have been a form of role playing his victim serving as surrogates for his mother who he wanted to take revenge against, but according to criminal psychologist, Eric Hickey fantasies can never be completely fulfilled or satiated. Therefore, the active killing spawns new fantasies of violence enacting a vicious cycle soon enough little needed to kill again a few weeks after he murdered Patricia Little met twenty two year old men de la pre. In Mississippi she had a hard path in life. Her mother died when she was seven bring her in the care of an abusive father eventually ran away, ending up in Pascagoula. According to her brother teenage Monday was introduced, to drugs, mostly marijuana cocaine, she also turned to sex work.
Samuel little found many outside of the laundromat in Pascagoula she was standing with a group of young women, most of them sex workers when little pulled up at his car initially asked another woman of the group for a date named Katharine cousins. She decline, recently been beaten by a man who asked around in a similar manner. She wasn't it twisted in meeting strangers. Any more little was treat. Surely them had a reason for beating her that she taken anything from him motioning to many and a few of the other women nearby. He speculated that they looked like the type to steal. Little then reportedly told Cousin He would kill some of the women and the group if he got the chance and if she told anyone he growled, he would kill her. Two cousins could tell little was not mentally well, but she couldn't discern whether his threat was real or not
What she could tell, however, was that little enjoy seeing the fear in her eyes for lust kill There's like little instilling fear is a mechanism of control, an important factor in acting out their fantasies. According to Doktor Gary Brew Cadeau from the New York State Psychiatric Centre at Columbia, university, having complete power and control over his victims, was very important. Too little little later told journalist Gillian Lauren that he felt in all powering need to own women when she inquired why he explained that he relished in their helplessness. He said. Oh I ever wanted was for them to cry in my arms when Lorn pointed out that Many, this victims had indeed cried before he killed them and he murdered them anyway. He replied.
Well, you got me there. Maybe it wasn't all I wanted when Catherine cousins made it clear, she wasn't leaving with him little shifted his attention to men de la Pre, while he successfully profit, Mission, Mandy cousins didn't get the chance to warn her not to get in the car with the strange man. Men defect load. Little back to his car, cousins, New Monday was in trouble. She sprinted the motel net, store. Where many was staying with her boyfriend and infant. She told the boyfriend what happened and He immediately ran to the neighbouring parking lot by the when they got there little car and mending a pre were nowhere to be found. D,
he went by and men these boyfriend heard nothing from her. He eventually went to the police to report her missing. They didn't take the disappearance seriously. At first maybe was a sex worker and dismissed the incident as a product of her high risk lifestyle. This mindset make sex workers much more. Honourable to violent crime. They can even be arrested when they report violence against themselves. According to the World Health Organization, the antagonistic relationship with police creates a climate of impunity for crimes against sex workers. It may lead them to be the targets of violence or of other crimes that may turn violent, such as theft, Little knew a lot about sex workers. He likely knew how precarious. Their relationship with law enforcement could be, and perhaps this was another factor in his victim profile. He prayed on some society's most vulnerable, the Socio
comically marginalized, like sex workers and the mentally incapacitated like Patricia Mount. He thought no one would miss them October. Fourth, fourth: nineteen. Eighty to a man mowing the launch of a family cemetery in nearby Go Shea, Mississippi came across mending the naked body in a water filled. Ditch it had been roughly two weeks and she gone missing net. Her body was already badly decompose. Now behind the ape all Pascagoula police scrambled for life, in what was now a murder investigation. They interviewed Catherine cousins and a few other sex workers who had been pressed. That the laundromat the day Mandela, Pre, disappeared, cousins, told them all Bout Samuel Little and their strange conversation that night police it also her about other sex workers that little had previously attacked in the area Hilda
sin and Lila Maclean, told police little had assaulted and attempted to strangle both of them upon earlier visits to Pascagoula Nelson met little outside of a night club. A few years before, in July of nineteen eighty, the pair went back to her apartment to have sex Nelson told police that, as soon as the door closed behind them little started, joking her, then he knocked her out with a punch when she in. She was in her own bed little on top of her still choking and beating her. She passed out once more when she came to again. She was submerged in water and her bathtub Nude, except for a scarf around her neck. She said that little repeatedly yanked
head out of the water with the scarf punch during the face, then shoved your back underwater, eventually for unknown reasons. Little left Nelson in her apartment. Perhaps he thought he had killed her Nelson was SK unconscious by her parents, who were unaware of her double life as a sex worker, Lila Maclean too the police, a similar story in November of nineteen eighty one she was a alone down a street in Pascagoula when little pulled up alongside her in a wood paddled station wagon, he asked her for a date in exchange for fifty dollars. As soon as Maclean God in little car, he called cocked her in the back of the head. He started choking her, but she resisted scratching and biting him. She tried to escape kicking off.
In the car door. But little was faster. He dragged her kicking and screaming back to the vehicle when passing bicyclist spotted them little explained away. Her distress asked goodness in a surge of Adrenalin Maclean, hurled herself over the passengers, feed into the rear of the vehicle and escaped through the back door wearing nothing but shorts and flip flops she sprinted along highway. Ninety, in the dead of night, she didn't stop running until she reached her apartment. Complex, we're neighbors took her to the hospital with that telling stories of Maclean and Nelson. In hand, police in power Google and moved to arrest little but give
his nomadic lifestyle, they had a hard time finding him. Luckily little was still a career criminal. He was picked up for shoplifting Pascagoula once he was in custody. The prosecutor moved forward with murder and assault charges, but when he faced a grand jury, they didn't feel the state had sufficient evidence They decided not to pursue a case. It seemed the grand jury, wasn't moved by the testimony of two sex workers. Lila Clean later said. They don't care about black prostitutes in Pascagoula, even though he escaped these charges. Little wasn't free to go by this point. The police in Florida had built it against him for Patricia amounts. Murder, the owner of Willie May Hodges beer, tavern and gains Phil identified little from the bar. He was the last person Russia was seen alive with
was a national warrant out for his arrest. The Pascagoula police ship little off to gains, fell to face justice Florida officers had more than just witnessed testimony day Dna evidence gains bill Bessie gaiters had recovered several hairs from mounts body. They compared them to samples from little. Unfortunately, dna profiling, the process of determining a person's genetic characteristics from pieces of organic, matter was an extremely new field. In the early eighties, it wasn't successfully used to convict anyone in court until nineteen eighteen, So when little went to trial for the murder of Patricia Mount in nineteen, eighty four prosecutors could only present a qualitative analysis of the hair. All they could really
say was that visually and text? Really it looked like the hare found on Patricia body belonged to little, but they couldn't provide the same accuracy. We expect from dna evidence today when the defence Cross examined the dna, witness. The expert admitted that it was also possible for hairs to be transferred if too people bombed together. Ultimately, the jury acquitted, Samuel Little of Patricia mounts murder. Once again, he was released and soon after he killed again next Samuel little fleas, the American South for the West Coast, where he begins, killing with even greater ferocity. Now, back to the story, In January of nineteen eighty four forty four year old Samuel Little was acquitted of murder charges in Florida. It was the second time he wriggled out of the justice.
In the last year for his crimes against sex workers, emboldened by his good fortune, little headed for the opposite code arriving in San Diego California. By October he had no intent of slowing his murder streak. He simply needed new territory, a blank slate away from the southern invest. Gaiters who had caught his sent one either A little met his next victim lorry borrows she walking alone on a deserted street in downtown San Diego. He accosted her an oyster into his car Little drew borrows to an isolated area and pushed her into the back seat. He ordered her to remove her pantyhose, bound her hands with them and then choked her. She blacked out twice during the attack when he thought borrows was dead. He pitched your body out the site of the car that investigator would later testify. He threw her out like garbage,
borrows reported the attack to police, but because little had no profile in the area. They had no oh immediate suspects, but in October they would catch little in the act. They came upon. His new car of Thunderbird parked in a deserted area of town inside They found him beating and strangling a local sex worker named Tanya Jackson. They arrested him on the spot and charged him with rape and assaults with great bodily injury. Once again, little went to trial and again the jury was unconvinced by the evidence they deadlocked unable to produce averting,
to prevent a mistrial. The prosecutor offered little a deal for a reduced sentence. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and one of false imprisonment and was sentenced to four years. However, little only served a year and a half of that time before he was paroled in February of nineteen, eighty seven on his release. Little fled one hundred twenty five miles north to LOS Angeles. His time behind Mars had only intensified. His blood lost by July five MM after his release, little found his next victim forty, one year old, Carol, Alford, he strangled her in a resident. Who alleyway near her apartment, complex and allays south central neighbourhood. She had been beaten savagely as well. It's unclear home
he lives little took over the next few years, but two were definitively confirmed. He stalked in killed thirty five year old, Audrey I'll send it another south Ellie alleyway. He left her bruised and lifeless form discarded at a dumpster around this time. He also beat and strangled forty six year old, Guadeloupe Apodaca. Her body was left in an abandoned commercial garage in a desert. Did area of South LOS Angeles alone, You're old boy was kicking a soccer ball against the side of the building when he peeped into one of its windows and saw naked pair of women's legs sticking out into a doorway He immediately raised the alarm little now in his forties, was killing ETA faster rate, with smaller refractory periods in between it was an unusual age for a serial killer to begin accelerating and ferocity. Christopher organ, a professor
sociology in law postulates that most serial killers reached peak violence around sixteen to eighteen years old, with a steady decline toward their mid thirties organ believes age is the chief impediment to a killer as they become less capable of physically overpowering victims. Little, however, was apprised boxer and even in his later forties, still in fit condition. Likewise, Google speculates that many killers slow down toward middle age due to growing responsibilities at work and home, but little lacking a steady job or family was never tied down. He had no reason to stop or decrease his blood lost but with every body little left behind, in LOS Angeles, the police were able to collect and analyze
invaluable. Evidence would eventually lead to his apprehension as dna profiling started to find its way into criminal courtrooms across the United States. Samuel little was leaving bits and pieces of himself behind at every cow. I'm seeing. He left dna finger prints when he ejaculated on the shirt left on Guadeloupe, a Apodaca body when. Audrey Nelson fought for her life. She gouge skin cells under her nails. It was just a matter of time before they compare their attackers. In a profile to the national database with police in southern cow. For closing in little fled to Texas afresh hunting ground. He landed in Odessa in the far western reaches of the state. The hot and dusty oil town was home to Thirty, eight year old, Denise Brothers, like many of little other victims, Denise
was a single mother down on her look, her two boys lived with her own parents. She herself was too addicted to heroin to adequately care for either Denise had married young at fifteen to a violent man when she was finally able to extricate herself from that relationship. She quickly fell into the arms of another man who would eventually introduce her to heroin and sex work. The night she died. Denise was traversing, a barren stretch, Odessa industrial Park between the motel, where she lived and the motel, where her pimp resided from what little eventually told journal Gillian Lauren Denise only made it half a block before he approached her in his signature style, he pulled up alive side her in the car he was driving. In those days a white Cadillac Denise invited herself into his vehicle, and the pair immediately went off to by drugs
little claimed he bought her a large amount of crack cocaine and black tar heroin. Then they turned the motel where Denise's pimp presided and proceeded to share the drugs with him little claims the pimp then left and he's alone with him to pay the bill by trading sex, but first little offered to draw Denise. He said to Lauren, I told her. I could draw her so pretty like and go little claim to have an identical or photographic memory inability to remember no information in great detail. It's likely that even as early portraits whereby real women had encountered his later drawings, certainly were
growing. Real women presented a troubling contradiction, as highlighted by journalists Gillian Lauren. How could little have invested the kind of deep intention needed to draw women and yet also find them completely disposable? Clinical psychologist and researcher Gary Ricardo found that serial killers are intensely vision, while people and that its not uncommon for them to produce some kind of artistic or creative product related to their crimes. He claimed the act may be a way of re living or prolonging the fantasy that inspired the kill. He said there living out that fantasy over and over again trying to me get more and more perfect in their mind, Jimmy's politely decline to sit for a portrait. Instead, they returned to levels vehicle He pulled the car into a deserted alleyway and demanded oral sex. Ash
prepared to do the act, little grabbed a niece by the throat and tossed her into the backs. Eat. He threw his own body on top of hers, rendering her helpless and global, then He wrapped a hand around her neck, while Denise Drug Old, against his grip, Little masturbated with its free hand, soon Denise was dead, and little was once again satiated, but that sense of satisfaction was fleeting over the next decade and more little would continue to hunt down vulnerable women and despite new, where is running with the law on charges of drug possession and theft and more, he would continue to slip through polices grasp it wasn't until two thousand twelve eighteen years after the death of Denise
others that LOS Angeles detective by the name of Missy Roberts would begin in putting the pieces together. Drawing her own portrait of America's most prolific, Syria thanks again for tuning into serial killers, we'll be back Thursday with part two of Samuel. Little will retraced his steps of Detective Robert says she uncovers the nation. Wide extent of little crimes will also followed Texas Rangers James HOLLAND, as he inspires little to recall some of his grisliest deeds. For more information on Samuel little amongst the many sources we used, we found the serial killer
and the less dead by Julian Loring, published by the cut in December, two thousand eighteen to be extremely helpful to our research. You can find epochs. Loads of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify, not only to spot. If I all of your favorite music, but Maoist modifies, making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite Parkhurst originals, like serial killers for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream serial killers on Spotify, just open the app and type serial killers in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par, cast and twitter at PAR Cast network, see you next time have a killer. We serial killers was created by MAX Cutler and is a park hast studios original executive producers include MAX and Wrong Cutler sound
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