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"The Southside Dentist" Glennon Engleman Pt. 2


Glennon Engleman had claimed two lives during his insurance fraud schemes and escaped police detection with ease. His love of deceit and murder propelled him forward as he continued to manipulate those around him. But eventually, his inflated ego would lead to his downfall.

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Due to the graphic nature of this episode. Listener discretion is advised. This episode contains discussions of murder, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and assault that some listeners may find disturbing. Extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen on a rainy spring day and nineteen. Seventy nine fifty two old glinted engelman crouched over a table in his garage. He yawned, as he filled with a tangle of wires, was exhausted from a long day at his dental clinic, no matter tired. He was, though, he had to get this right. One wrong move could spell disaster strip dynamite sat in front of by cleanin eight sticks tied together my hand. He was the finishing touches on a bomb one, far more powerful than it needed to be We need only wanted to kill one person, a woman.
Would become a nuisance to him. He I needed a little tea and teeth and make her go away forever. That's all it should take the kill Eric fray, the last person linen had blown up, but he We need to send a message to his victim and her family. No one messes with glenarm, engelman and so away with it. the Hi I'm great pulsing this is serial killers. Spotify original from park asked every So do we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers today return to the distorted life of lenin, engelman, the friendliness her deniston blood, thirsty killer, I'm here my co host vanessa richardson high everyone. You
find episodes of serial killers and all other spotify originals from par cast for free on spotify. Less time gus glenn its first two murders. In both cases he killed his mistress husbands too, locked in their life insurance today, I will follow linen as his money making schemes become more intricate and increasingly destructive and spite avoiding suspicion. For years, it's his irrepressible, ego. That finally brings him. Undone we ve got all that in more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to you by booking deck. Looking back, gas are a kind of escapism, but when you need to act, will we get away, there's booking dog, you can choose from power friends of unique stays across the: u s from hotels and beach houses to wooden cabins and dreamy vacation runs so whatever type a trip you wanna take lying on the beach camping in nature,
exploring new citys, find your perfect place to stay. Looking back on booking dat gear, tap the banner to learn more in nineteen sixty five thirty eight year old glinted angle, men was on the verge of another divorce. He and his wife, EDA lived in a quiet neighbourhood, but their life was far from idyllic either had plenty to be upset about. Glenarm had been having an affair. With her teenage me sandy EDA found about the relationship when sandy fell pregnant and insisted glenn and was the father even worse, goin in it, sunk all of his and Edith money into a drag strip outside of town desperate for cash. He killed sandy's new husband to collect his like insurance payment, but the business still failed, eventually sandy left saint louis, with the baby. By that point,
inga and gluttons marriage was doomed, a big wedding continued working as a dentist. Their bills kept piling up and they argued every night after particularly bad fight in nineteen. Sixty five glenn in physical through his wife out of the house with nowhere else to go. Eda fled, do or families home in north carolina. She claimed that glenn. they tried to kill her by force, feeding her bitter its edith. Tori. Wasn't that far fetched by this point, her husband had killed two men and even if she didn't know, everything about what he done. She definitely knew he was dangerous if glinted wanted her dead, he could make it happen. Despite this, lingering fear, EDA demanded a divorce, golly for her glenn and was too distracted to chase after her from and now he'd been sleeping with one of his dental clients, ruth jolly glenn. It happen ruth when she was just twenty one years old and broke she need
dental work and glinted provided services at a discount. Shortly after that, first visit, the two began: their affair with EDA picture. The lovers were free to make things official shortly after Divorce was finalized, glenn and propose to Ruth and from outside it looked like a pretty good match, both glendinning ruth. Intelligent chatter boxes who could talk endlessly as a bonus, Glenn entrusted roof. He even told her about the crimes he committed. It seems that initially Ruth wasn't scared away by lenin stories. It's entirely pulse well that she was intrigue by gluttons bloody past and she decided she wanted to stick around to see what came next in April, obliging sixty seven glinted and Ruth officially tied the not for a brief moment. Their marriage was happy work was going well and glenn was having fun thinking up illicit money, making ploys with his new wife how
Their potential criminal enterprise was put on pause when Ruth now she was pregnant around nineteen. Seventy she gave birth to a baby boy who will call marcus and they have and signalled a shift in glenarm after Marcus's earth Glenn and no longer crave. The excitement is murder. Plots had once given him. Instead, here joint spending time with his son parenthood seemed to have changed glennon. His aggressive tendencies disappeared, at least temporarily those early years with marcus, where some of the few times and clemens adult life when he was two plodding: a murder vanessa, take over the psychology here and throughout the episode ass. A note finances, not a licence. I colleges trust, I trust, but we have done a lot of research for the show thanks gregg its past. Well that Marcus's birth altered, clemens disposition, making him less prone to violence. A two thousand
Levin study from proceedings of the national academy of sciences, exam the link between fatherhood and testosterone levels in men. The study found that far hood lowers testosterone levels because testosterone is directly related to male aggression and libido. This correlation might explain, Lenin's newfound quietude. This decrease test Austro may have also lowered his sex drive and thus prompted glue a momentary faithfulness to Ruth. But this period of relative tranquillity didn't last long by nineteen sub five. Forty eight year old cleanin had begun to return to his old ways. This time he was scheming what the hell, but his dental assistant, twenty three year old carmen miranda glue,
and had taken carbons older brother nick under his wing several years ago. Nick often worked for glenn and fixing up the dental office and assisting in his more criminal activities had even been there. The day glenn and killed Eric fray through nick glinted had got to know arm woman, who was just a child when they met- and he started, grew her from a young age occurred. Do a study published in the journal of child sexual abuse. There are several psychological and physical stages of grooming. Broadly speaking, the abuse isolates and develops trust with their victim before the act abuse begins. Then the abuser maintains the relationship through some form of control as carmen mature word from child too young adult glinted aid more more attention to her for money and other gives she and her brothers straw
go to make ends meet and they were eventually financially dependent on cleanin, even though carmen only had a tenth grade, education glinted insist that a twenty three year old work out his dental clinic. That way they could be alone over time. He had carmen completely under his influence, although carmen was likely frightened by glens advances. She literally couldn't afford to declare her independence from him. Glennon well aware of carmen financial situation and, after a while, her plate away in a familiar longing and glenn it. He crave the rush well executed, murder plot, wind herman, told him that she'd run into an ex boyfriend. Peter home at a party glens. Mind, went into overdrive. He wanted to all about peters finances, carmen that Peter had a solid job at the telephone company and even opened his own home glenn and smiled Peter was the perfect mark for another life, insurance, scam,.
With that in mind, he pushed carmen to rekindle her romance with peter and even, ouch drawn how to please him sexually events, They gluttons priming paid off after only a few of dating peter asked carmen to marry him. fallen right into glens, trap peter carmen weight in october of nineteen seventy five afterwards carmen took out a do you, like insurance policy under new husband, just ask. And had ordered less than a year later Glenn and was ready to make his move. It was simple carmen would lower peter to an isolated location and then Glenn woods shoot him dead. Carmen wasn't happy about the plan, but she couldn't say no declining on of fifth nineteen. Seventy six carmen or were strolling along the lake shore near pacific missouri sheets approach.
in that morning, when she insisted they go see a beautiful grotto in the area she told Peter it would be the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon. He was caught off guard, but happily obliged as they were towards the picturesque cave carmen noticed they were alone save for a family walking in the opposite direction. It seems like Lenin, had chosen the location wisely. It was quite and somewhat remote when they approached the grotto com, heart rate skyrocketed their research, makeshift gun target surrounding the rocky opening. She Lenin was close by p, your had barely taken his first step into the chamber when suddenly a shot rang out the sound ricocheted through the hollow cavern and back out to the lake, with a bullet lodged at his back peter collapse to the ground struggling to breathe. He called out for carmen. She was frantic herself com
and howled with terror. She'd hoped linens play would fail and wasn't prepared for the reality of the thing although she didn't really love peter. She couldn't stand the sight of him writhing in pain. She watched helplessly He died right in front of her. Just Then Glenn. It emerged from a near by cluster of trees. He was holding a rifle and had a crate to look in his eye. He yelled carmen to shut up and she did ass. She was told terrified that she I'd, be as next victim and told her. He was going to run away before someone called the police, then through his gun into a pile of leaves and took off his timing was spot on the family that walking nearby had heard the gunshot and called the authorities for help officers arrived on the scene soon after glenn and fled the cops took notice
the targets around peters body and assume that a group of drunk teenagers had accidentally shot him and ran away. It was eggs. Actually would glenarm had hoped would happen as investigate Looked into the incident glenn in return home, the police might be digging into what happened, but they didn't suspect carmen They had no way of linking the murder to Glenn and either while glenn and celebrated carmen fell apart, the guilt, consumed her a few days after Peter's death. She suffered a nervous breakdown. She was hospitalized. Perhaps she thought it. the safest place for her to be. At that moment. after she was released from the hospital carmen, moved, california to live their brother Nick he'd recently, moved to los angeles to pursue filmmaking. She wanted nothing more to do with cleanin, but he wasn't through with her. Yet he constantly badgered her for peters life insurance. Money
getting away with peters murder had reminded Glenn and why she loved deceit and destruction He would never go back to the quiet life he'd settled into after his sons birth. Once again, he was hooked on crime next time he wanted an even bigger pay out and he didn't care how many people had to die for him to Coming glenn and engelman most elaborate scheme. Yet The most urgent mysteries in the world are missing persons cases the stake, are too high, not to pursue every possible possibility and someone possible ones to arms. Your attorney of the new podcast disappearances and twenty twenty. After spending years, searching for the truth
I use social media to help bring justice to my sister Alice's, nearly two decades long disappearance. Now, Every thursday on spotify I'm explore the many reasons people disappear and the impact Their absence is and how on those left behind from china abductions and mystifying murders to those who took it ass to measures to start over each episode. Disappearances journeys through a different high profile, missing persons case ripped from the headlines and right. for explanation because no one just vanishes into thin air. The answers are out there waiting to be found for
Oh, the spotify original from park asked disappearances here, a new episode every thursday free and only on spotify. Now back to the story. in nineteen seventy six, forty nine year old, blenan engelman appear to be living in average middle class life and saint Louis. He had a wife the young son a semi, successful careers. The dentist at a nice com, in south county, but it was. All of the sod linens latest scheme, with his assistant carmen, had ended with a bang, Glenn and killed carbons husband to collect his life insurance money and she ran away to california. She eventually sent Glenn in ten thousand dollars and never spoke to him again, while glints wife, ruthless, busy taken care of their son, Glenn
causing up to it a boar say named barbara, jean boil barbara lived not who far from the angle men's and often stopped by to see Glenn in her divorce, had left her with little money. An event they. She started asking him for cash and glenn seemed more than happy to handed over even with the money here her. She still complain to him about her financial situation and he eventually suggest another life insurance, scam Glennon usually had to manipulate women into becoming his co conspirators, but barbara was happy to partner with him. She was bitter after her divorce and apparently keen on fooling a gullible man into marrying her bar, Motivations were simple. She needed the money, but linens were more complicated. claimed he needed the extra box to pay off his taxes. There was two within that, though his day, job technically should have brought in enough to cover his bills, so we probably just enjoyed murdering
with glenn and rare indigo barbara started looking for marks in ninety seventy six. She spotted thirty year old, wrong, goose, well eating alone. At a diner, he looked lonely barbara figured he'd enjoy some company, so she walked up to it. Table and turned on the charm barber was beautiful, weather curvy figure in long blonde hair run didn't stand a chance. to talking, and she was pleased to learn that, yes, he was single and what's more, he had recent paying job at an oil refinery run quick asked barbara out on a date, and she said yes after that it only too six weeks for him to propose or instincts impeccable ron was the perfect target for her and gluttons arrangement, the cup married in may of nineteen. Seventy six then, before the ink was in drawing their marriage certificate. Barbara took out
Large life insurance policy on wrong. However, as Barbara got to know rod and his family a new plan. and began to form. She discover that runs parents who owned a farm near Saint louis, were loaded knowing she and glutton decided to set their sites even higher level. more than just his life insurance, they wanted his inheritance, which was sure to be a fortune Over the next year, Barbara gathered information as she and Lenin plotted the goose wells deaths first murder, ron's parents, then, when rom received his inheritance, they'd kill him too towards the end of nineteen. Seventy seven, the lenin was ready to strike unknown amber third alight missed engulf the goose wells, farm and edwards ville Illinois. Seven one year old, arthur and his wife. Fifty five year old for nita watch
rain shower over their corn fields. turn for nato lived a modest life and had saved every penny they made thanks to their careful planning. Their estate was valued at more than five hundred thousand dollars, which would be over two million dollars today. Ver need, was cleaning up after dinner when their peaceful evening was interrupted by a loud knock on the door without a second thought. Arthur opened we're defined, Glen and angle may not, as porch smiling sweetly glennon explained that he was with the farm bureau and said he had a few questions for the goose wells. While arthur looked him up and down glen and peek back at his idling car, his buddy bob handy, sat in the passenger seat. Bob was an ex phelan and friend helped him out from time to time to day he was serving as look out arthur ushered glinted inside as soon as he walked to the door. He pulled a pistol
of his jacket and demanded that arthur invert need a lie face down on the floor, so he could tie their hands behind their backs version. Oh cried out that he could take anything he wanted. She thought they were being robbed and was desperate to give away their belongings in exchange for their lives, but good was, after more than their possessions, he needed them dead. Gladden pushed the gun up against for needest temple. Then he fired three times We therefore need a motionless on the ground. Glenn internal arthur and shot him once in the back of the head, then he stood back and admired his work. Then Glenn tore up the house rubbing cushions furniture and emptying the contents of the freezer onto the kitchen floor. They want The murders to look like a robbery gone wrong. What's the place looks stance. We d glenn
ran out of the door and until the idle in car they peeled away. Thank you for data and arthur were dead. It turned out they were wrong. Arthur still alive. Although he blinded by the gunshot wound he managed to crawl to that telephone and dial nine one one where the paramedics, police arrived, veneto was already dead, arthur, held out a little longer, but passed away within a few hours. Initially, investigators fell for glens ruse. They thought that Arthur and Veronica were killed by deadly robbers. however, another look at the evidence suggested. Otherwise, there was no sign of forced entry and there were still over seventy dollars in veneto pocketbook, despite their hunch that there was more too goose wells. Murders detectives word able to pinpoint any suspects so just like that Glenn. It had gotten away with killing his fourth and fifth victims, the first part of glass
and then barbers plan had gone off without a hitch. Now that had to wait for rhonda receive his inheritance once that happen, They could move on to phase two only one more murder stood between them and their bloody prize In the meantime, they continued their affair. They had to be even snaky than before. They couldn't risk when finding out they ring cahoots. Barber work disguise when she came to go in office and gave them updates on the inheritance muddy. While they got frisky well barbara and glenn snuck around ruth was stuck at home, not only She trapped in a loveless marriage, but she was terrified. of her husband, Ruth, didn't understand. His mood swings was always kind you, the sun, Marcus. He took him unreal,
trips and even served as his boy scouts troop master, but he could be downright nasty to Ruth he would yelling collar names and when he was particularly heated, she feared for her life. She tried to divorce him multiple times to no avail. Glenn in of his son, and still enjoyed sleeping with ruth when he felt like it. She was in a tough spot eventually roof proposed a compromise They would still have sex and glenn and could see marcus whenever he wanted to. She just didn't want it. married to him any more. At some point. Lenin finally agreed and now that he was a to get a huge chunk of change from wrongs upcoming murder disarrange. And ensured that he wouldn't have to share his plunder with ruth as nineteenth many aid came to an end things withdrawn progressed by
Nineteen, seventy nine he had collected more than two hundred thousand dollars of his parents savings. The other half went to his brother suddenly barbara and had a hefty sum of money. But she wasn't willing to share. When the cash landed in her husband's account, Barbara called an end to let him know the wheels in motion. They couldn't meet him person anymore. It was too dangerous. as the year war on they prepared for the final act of their plan. Cleanin was gleeful and could hardly wait for the big finish. However, an issue at work killed his buzz, Glenn and out sourced his lab work to a local company owned by Sophie Marie Barretta, so see a middle aged lab tech, constantly hassled glenn and over late payments. Glinted blue offer notices, assume Sophie wouldn't do anything more than pester him, but he directive made her eventually, so
be sued him for nearly fifteen thousand dollars in fees glenn in thought the suit, but that wasn't enough for him, either If he had the money, Glenn wouldn't have given it to Sophie, he thought she was just greedy, was ironic for a man who literally killed people to make a quick bach I vowed to teach sophia lesson, but he didn't time to deal with a right. Now. He needed to put the finishing touch, she's on his and barbarous plan, to get wrongs inheritance of the night of march thirty, four to nineteen seventy nine. It was finally show time glenn and drove through the darkness to Bob handiest house to pick up his trusty accomplice as soon as I got in the car lenin showed off the thirty eight revolver he'd hidden in his pocket, duennas body, trembled, with anticipation as they headed towards a nearby parking lot. Where barbara would pick
up and take them the rest of the way to her illinois home his intense excite it suggests that it could be categorized as a thrill killer, doktor peter Vronsky expert in criminal justice and author of the book serial killers, the method and madness of monsters. He explains that thrill killers enjoy the lead up to a murder more than the act itself after making a killed, they typically whose interest in their subject this profile which is behaviour to a t seemed a relish the process of formulating his murder schemes. However, once his target was had he was ready to move on to his next elaborate plot after being picked up by barbara? Glenn, its enthusiasm, only crew when they got to her home she told the two men to wait in the garage run would be back from work in a moment. a little after eleven p m thirty. Three year old ron pulled up to his garage. He parked his car
and climbed out tired from a long day at the oil refinery, as he turned towards the front door. He saw two figures lurking in the shadows: RON stomach dropped, this wasn't good glenn and stepped into the light and raised his revolver. He told wrong he'd, never touch barbara again and shot him in the chest, run collapse to the ground, but glutton wasn't taking any chances. He grabbed a sledge hammer and bash did ron skull Oh, it was time for the cover up, glenn and Bob grabbed runs watchin wallet and planted a condom in his pocket. They beloved rods body into his car and stuffed him into the back seat. Then they covered him with trash bags,
two men got into the car and drove to a motel in a crime riddled part of a saint louis. They left the car in the parking lot and hope the police would assume. Rond had been killed in a fatal, mugging authorities phone its body. Five days later, they thought that he'd been met. while cruising for sex, but there were few leads to follow that left, barbara to collect almost half a million dollars in insurance and inheritance from making it I far, the biggest pay out of angle means many schemes lenin was riding the high of his latest success and work was the last thing on his mind, but soon he forced to deal with his poor bookkeeping, and there was only one way he knew to handle his problems. Coming up, glenn and angles schemes finally blow up in his face now back story,
in march of nineteen seventy nine fifty two years, old glutton engelman, had pulled off is most profitable murder scheme. Yet he and his lover. Barbara boil had killed her husband ron, goose well and claimed his inheritance Glenn wanted to enjoy his body, but an issue at work just wouldn't go away earlier. month. Sophie Marie Pereira, a local lab tech had sued lenin for nearly fifteen thousand dollars in unpaid fees. Glenn in rough used to give in so easily would it started off as a mere annoyance was now a much bigger issue. Glenn and was enraged that sophie would disrespect him in such a public way and decided he needs to make her pay for her arrogance. He decided to build a bomb powered by eight sticks of dynamite. Once
Masterpiece was complete, he placed the device and plastic garbage bag outside of sophie's garage. He planned to detonate the explosive that evening. However, his plan was foiled that night was heavy rain and saint louis, but dynamite got soaked in wooden explode the next morning, Sophie covered the whole made explosive outside of her house. Sophie headed feeling that glenarvan was behind the bomb, but even though she was spooked she still wasn't ready to abandon the law suit fully. She contact her lawyers and asked them to try to settle the case, leaden refuse the request. He was much too proud to give up. Now. glens behaviour was ego driven and excessive. This trial with his later diagnosis of sociopath iii, which is an outdated term these days, he they be diagnosed with anti social personality disorder. According to the d
Some five people with antisocial personality disorder are often prideful when egocentric their easily angered by minor insults or perceived slights and may seek revenge glenn and plan to blow up Sophie. Was it proportionate reaction to her lawsuit against him once more. He was the one of the wrong, but blenan didn't care about that. Sophie headed and at him, and he wouldn't let her get away unscathed as an in anger, bubbled his insult trial was set for the week of january, twenty first nineteen eighty, glenn and wooden admit it, but he knew his defense was weak to say the least, hidden ever win in court, Glenn to get rid of sophie and fast, so he does added to make another bomb. Saint Louis had seen several gang related car bombings. Recently, he hoped the cops would write off. Sophie's death has collapsed, damage of the ongoing fighting
on january fourteenth nineteen eighty glenn instead by sophie's place of work on the way to his dental practice. He placed the bomb her car, along with a set of pressure plates that would detonate on their own then he headed do is clear, to solidify his alibi that evening nine year old, sophie lecture, dental lab and walk to her fort pinto. She couldn't win. To get home in on wind, the stress of work buying, with their ongoing legal battle with lenin, had taken its toll, Sophie popped, the trunk and placed her reef case inside then. She slid into the driver's seat and put the car in reverse. Suddenly, a huge explosion read through the vehicle, the blast. so strong. It shattered the windows of near by businesses. The car was blown to pieces and this steering wheel even landed on the roof of a six story. Building Sophie died instantly
police and paramedics were on the scene within minutes. They thought the attack I have been another example of gang violence, but their theory changed when the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives arrived. The atm The blast had been much larger than any of the previous bombings special agent in the garbage was one of the lead detectives with the bureau at first he could make sense of the explosion. The only thing he knew for sure was that whoever killed Sophie Perreira really hated her when Sophie's adult son heard about his mother's death, he immediately waited agent margarethe to glenn in his mouth, had been a mild mannered business woman and a loving grandmother, the only person who could have possibly wanted. Her dead was glenn and engelman investigators. Greed with him and brought the dentist in for questioning later that day, but Glenn was on collaborative, he refused to take a polygraph or
have his hands analyze for explosive residue and officers asked him about sophie's lawsuit. Glenn told me hadn't been worried about the outcome he knew he would win, but he couldn't help himself. He went even further for three whole hours. Cleanin railed against sophie yelling about greedy and cruel she'd been he also First, her lawyers with a string of anti semitic slurs. It seemed unwise for glenn into attacks sophie it's possible. He couldn't stop himself anti, so your personality disorder is associated with increased hostility and a lack of self control. Research suggests this might be because people were s p d have less serotonin than other individuals. T ninety nine cycle, pharmacology study bolstered this idea. It found that reduced syrup one function is linked to increased aggression and impulsivity. If Glenn
had lower levels of serotonin. This could explain why continued attacking sophie. Despite being a son. Impact in her murder its behaviour was suspicious. His alibi was air. Tight he'd, been at us of his seeing patients all day, which meant that investigators didn't happen. If evidence to arrest him that didn't stop the press from speculating about who was behind the attack two days. after the murder, the saint louis globe, Democrat named Glenarvan as a potential suspect, but regret its action If Ruth jolly saw the media coverage, she felt sick to her stomach. She, right away that gliddon was responsible for sophie's death. He complained about her every time. We came to visit their son. Marcus thus to gaiters showed up on our doorstep. To ask questions about her ex husband ruth was hesitant to open up lenin had threatened to kill her multiple times and said: she'd be worth
to him when Marcus grew up. She was terrified that he'd make good on his warnings. However, over Next few days, special agent mick managed to get routes to trust him. Once Ruth got going, she did stop at sophie's death. She told him up. every single murder glinted had committed. That's when agent MC harvey asked her to testify against her former husband ruth was willing to do so under one condition. She wanted, with this project action for herself and her son, which agent margarethe have only arranged the next day, Ruth gave a fifty six page testimony about Glenn its crimes. agent mc army and his fellow investigators were shocked. They had been looking solve one murder with roots help They might have solved seven, but most of what route, new about glens killings. He told her while they were married now that she His axe, a jury might think she was biased, margarethe needed, if
and others to back up Ruth's claims and they did glenarvan to talk, Ruth, knew the leeway to get him to gab was to make him angry when lenin, was upset. He rented inside things. He normally wouldn't so Agent Mugabe leaked a story to the press on february fourteenth. Nineteen. Eighty, the globe democratic published defamatory piece about blenan. It hinted that he'd team with his dental assistant, carmen miranda to kill peter in nineteen seventy six later that night, spoke to gladden while wearing a recording device and he was furious. He complained while the article and lambasted carmen apparently she still odin more money for peters murder, bingo ruth testimony and tape from that night were enough for age and mugabe to issue an arrest warrant for Glenn him. He also served his three accomplices carmen her brother Nick
if clemens right hand, man, Bob handy investigators, couldn't afford funny suspects to go on the run so agent mc, MR them all. On the same day, Glenn and didn't put up a fight and didn't seem worried. He was arrogant enough to believe that his cronies wouldn't dare testify against him. he was wrong. Carmen nick and Bob all eventually turned on Glenn the disgrace. Denton Had no one left to intimidate nick refused, to talk- and I see, and his sister were given immunity eventually mccarthy and the assistant. U s attorney caved, although carmen was directly implicated in her husband's death. They needed glenn and locked up more than they needed her off the streets, guarantee heat of their immunity nick and carmen both confirmed the glen and had shot peter home nick. Also, recounted clemens role in the deaths of Eric Fray and James bullock,
glenn. Its first trial was on august fourth, nineteen, eighty four male fraud and he came up the gate firing insisting he was innocent. He claimed that he told ruth these fictitious murder lorries to scare her out of taking the sun away from him the jury didn't believe him and found glennon guilty on the fraud charges he was sentenced to thirty years in prison in its next trial for the murder of Peter home was held in the following months, but gladden couldn't keep his cool during cross examination. He screamed at ruth was evil and the judge had to order him to keep quiet The second jury found glenn and guilty, and he was sent to another. Fifty years and the trials kept coming events He was given a life sentence, but the convictions word over to redeem his own prison time. Bob handy told the police all about the goose well murders. He even told them that
Barbara boil gladdens. Former lover had been involved. Barbara headed managed to lay low for the last five years, but her time was up. She was arrested in nineteen, eighty four by them, glenn and had been in jail for four years he and Barbara were tried for killing arthur for nita and run goose swell and at last it had no more fight in him. He confessed to all three murders you pc three more life sentences, while Barbara got fifty years glens, I spent the rest of his life behind bars in teen. Ninety nine at the seventy two year old died from complications related to diabetes. After the truth came out, the globe Democrats ran a front page story about glints arrest. However, There were also articles describing how kind and generous Glenn it had seemed to every one who knew him:
it's a familiar anecdote. The killer hiding in plain sight, but maybe people like Lenin, go undetected for so long because others don't look beneath the surface, His murderous instincts were just as much a part of him ass, his generosity. Unfortunately, it took twenty two. years for the world to see the truth. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers, we'll be back next week with a brand new story from information on glenn and engelmann. Amongst the many sources we used. We found appointment for murder the story. The killing dentist by susan crane, bokkis extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of serial killers and all other spotify originals from par cast for free on spotify
I see you next time have a killer, weak Serial killers is spotify original from par cast. Executive producers include max and ron cutler sounded by michael motion with production. Assistance by IRAN. Shapiro trend, jameson carly, madden and bruce couteau bitch this epoch. Serial killers was written by matt hartman with writing distance by natalie, pretovsky and joel callin fact, checking by logan and research Brian petrus and chelsea would see killers, stars gregg, paulson and vanessa richardson. I am Sarah attorney host of the spotify original from power cast disappearances every thursday, join me for an exploration into histories, most gripping sing persons cases, in timelines. Analyzing clues
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