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#100 - Renegade Museum Tour Guide Earns $2 Million


A New York City man goes on a forgettable date, but falls in love with an idea to create his own museum tours.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Oh, my gosh, guess what well. First of all, this is Titusville School, I'm Krizz Kaliko, but II. This is episode. One hundred we have made it through our first one hundred days, I'm having so much fun. Hope, you're learning- and I want you to Know- I'm learning from year to year a show in real time. Everything about the whole process is very much listener informed. So it's been fantastic to hear from some people via email, social media in workshops here I've been doing around the world as I travel and really the best is yet to come. So if you Listening for throughout, thank you so much if your new welcome, let's make something really fun together: now. I have a great story for you today, of course, since day, one hundred So what about you know? We have a new hustle hotline that you can call and if you have a question or comment for the show you can leave that on the site: sawdust school dot com.
But I also know that a lot of people listen while driving at the gem or otherwise. I can't get online. So if you want to contribute just call eight for four nine hustle, and you can leave a message or you can ask a question that we may fly on the show that eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three or just remember, eight hundred and forty four nine, not a day stories about someone who ends up making millions of dollars from aside hustle and, of course, that's not how it always works, but sometimes dies, and I think you ll agree. This is pretty cool. I tell you all about it in just a moment. Several years ago, on a Saturday night in December, Nick Grey was on a romantic day, taking a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of ART, as snow fell outside of New York City. He and his companion travel through the met
Then we lit hallways cavernous rooms filled with sculptures paintings and egyptian artifacts going to Nick that night. Something magical happened. He fell in love with the museum asked with a date that didn't work out so well next, as he barely remembered her, but instead he was entranced by the artwork all around him documenting more than five thousand years of human history and these Innovations quickly turned into an obsession next bent his working week selling avionics equipment, a job. Happened to be very happy at, but he started spending every free weekend at the man he began offering free tours of the museum to his friends and family, which mainly consisted of showing them his favorite things He says he was having so much fun doing the tourist that the first time someone try. Offer him money at the end about twenty bucks. He said no thanks, but these weaken tourist were quickly becoming a very full time. Hobby.
Given his new found love for museums desire to share it, he decided to set up a side hustle. The idea was to for fun. Nontraditional tours at the world's best museums, starting at the in New York and by this point he had increase the quality of his tours using library, research conversations with other guides. As well as turning to the trusty friend of every student, has written a paper in the past fifteen years, Wikipedia Dotcom his and started telling their friends and their friends started telling their friends at one point, a popular I wrote about his tours and the next day Nick received a thousand request to sign up. He officially launched his company museum hack a few months later, offering public tourist rickety nine dollars. Son and private tourists for ninety nine dollars. A person in the business was pretty simple to start Nick financed almost Oliver start up costs, including a website by charging for the tours, and he attracted most of his customers simply through word of mouth. After guess, when on the tours, they would,
first and share about him on Facebook and Instagram, bringing in new sign ups Nick wanted to tap into a whole new market of museum Gars Assent. Lay people who thought they hated museums, which Nick admits used to be him. Therefore, his tourists will be two to three times faster than national ones. They would be led by entertaining guides and would incorporate games throughout one of the two Lindsey uses is this is your grandma's museum tour and in fact one of the most popular tourist he created the consistently sold out bad, asked bitches tour, a feminist celebration of women in the met it safe to say that all this effort has been a huge success. First year, museum hack made about forty thousand dollars and sales and in the following year this increased no joke twelve fold about two years. After launching the tourist next site, hustle officially became his full time, dig he still loved his day job, but this was
in quite an endeavour. In two thousand, sixteen more than eighteen thousand people went on private tours, including twenty six guests who got engaged while they were on their tour Museum hack, now expanded beyond New York. It's in Washington, Dc Chicago and San Francisco Nick has more than fifty guides and here the company did over two million dollars in sales Nick plans to keep expand two more citys around the world with his mission of showing Well that museums are awesome, but he's also aside hustler at heart. So already busy with a new hobby this time hosting upon. During style of cocktail parties, which is naturally testing out on his friends first. Well, I don't know about you, but I thought that was a pretty good hundredth day story. If you ve been listening, You know that the show often features people who make a couple of thousand dollars a month from their hustle and that's awesome, It's very empowering, especially the first time you do it, but I also
make sure you know that, sometimes aside us, what can turn into much more than you first expect, and we ve seen this in some. Oh stories. I think today's is a great example that so, with our hundreds day, momentum I want to make sure that your vision isn't too small and that you have set a goal and that there is something that your work, with your hustler at least your ideas and what you're thinking about like us, every day. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better got law the funds to plan for the next one hundred days too fine a show nights for today's episode go to satisfy school dotcom slash. One hundred one zero zero and the creation of a hundred days, everything in the store is twenty percent off. Well, just kidding actually isn't a store. I should probably have a store
some point, but right now everything is free. Just like the show itself. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends about it. This is a list nurse afforded movement on critical about this recital school. I hope you'll join me for the next one hundred days.
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