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#1015 - Father and Son Duo Produce Traveling Play


A father and son team up to create a traveling play that helps families heal relationships damaged by separation due to incarceration.  

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I have a touching story for you today that also meets all the requirements of being on the shop about someone. Who was imprisoned for fourteen years and thus not able to be present for a son who is growing up all that time? upon released. They begin a weekly, walking ritual. It turns into a one act play they now performed in several locations. This play led to a contract with a state of Delaware, as well as an upcoming cod. And more not to be clear. This is a money making project it brought in something like thirty thousand dollars last year and they both have day jobs in addition to the mission of helping other parents and kids he'll relationships damaged by separation due to incarceration, I get a lot, do get our story Or a here from people all the time who are trying to raise money for a cause and even though many of those stories are important, that's not really what I'm trying to help but with every day through sawdust school. Our mission here is
the empowerment, essentially shining a spotlight on waste, People are helping themselves, not just helping other people helping themselves, and I think you can probably other people. A lot more if your house is in order and financial stability is an important part of that, not the only part but in import, why not always enjoying there's a bit of cross ever between the idea of something that is for a cause, a mission, some sort of injustice, that someone is trying to correct, but they also found a way to not just to it as a charity. Do it as a for profit project, some other words. They are doing and are doing. Well, that's exactly what we have here today when a call it father and son do our produce travelling play it's a lot more than just a traveling play. We will hear all about that in the story. Not story is coming up in just thirty seconds. One in twelve american children or more than five point. Seven million kids under the age of eighteen has had a pair
in jail or prison at some point in their lives are and was one of those children. His dad coolly Harris went to present a more was just two years old and spent the next fourteen years, their missing out on much of his sons, childhood. I'm calling was released. The pair wanted to find a way to rebuild their relationship, both have responsibilities that made it difficult to find time. So they began to schedule weekly walks where they could spend time catching I knew there were a lot of other families out there dealing with situations like these, but those families lacked guidance a model of how to rebuild a bond that had been damage as part of their rebounding, the to begin,
Writing out of the ashes. One act spoken word play detailing the reconciliation process. Coolly had some writing experience. Having previously authored two books, the pair called up several venues looking for the best place for their performance they found when it worked, they had to play and the venue they just needed, an audience it promoted. This first show your facebook ads, and the response in terms of our escapees was tremendous, but almost no one showed up. This experience taught them an important lesson, because the show is free of charge. Lots of people showed interest, but when the time came to show up, they didn't follow through they had nothing invested, which made it easy to skip out. People tend to put more value and something they paid for then something they get for. Free father son do a persistent
on other shows, wherever they could, but now putting more emphasis on getting people to come out. The good news is that there is typically at least one person in the audience for each performance who wants to book the show for an organization there and bought with back the show became so successful that turned into a cottage industry. The play is now the basis for speaking engagements workshops and even a dvd they produce and in keeping with the theme of family bonds. Amar stepmother came on board to help with. King and promotion, the issues surrounding fatherhood weren't obvious fit. They hope to forge a relationship with the National Fatherhood Initiative. The unify creates programmes that provide support to five, a market and a copy. The dvd, in a letter to the ceo of enough, I make sense,
together, allowing out of the ashes to reach a nationwide audience through sales of its dvd. This product and partnership has proven to be a strong source of passive income. Amarian coolly have found success closer to home, to including a contract with their homes, state of Delaware that allows them to bring the show to schools and offer group and one on one sessions with the students they mark the moment they entered it contract as their first big financial victory. They now speak at a local university each semester and run workshops for reentry programme at least once per year. The programme helps those recently released from prison. The just and out of the ashes is an important part of that process, by the way. This isn't a Mars versatile he's done everything from selling candy and high school to slipping through your items on Ebay, to moan grass and shuffling snow, and by day he works as a team led for a call center operated by Discover
Start up costs around nine hundred dollars, which included setting up an l, L, see purchasing your business licence booking that first, been you. Some graphic design work and hiring dj, who is part of the shop and your profits are around fifty thousand dollars and a big chunk of that is from their contract with a state of Delaware, the programmes they bring to schools. This media based side us all- is ripe for expansion in a more inclusive plan to do just that next up their starting a pod cast called missing Dat. Where they'll interview adult children whose fathers were incarcerated, talk to them about impact that had on their lives there also working on a movie script Obviously, a wonderful humanitarian project, a mission to bring families closer together, especially those who have been involved in the criminal justice system, so well done
and also well done on, finding a way to make it into a business. So it's just fantastic. Some will check it out. An assurance page maybe get in touch if you'd like to learn more. In terms of the business lesson, I thought it was interesting about how they they put on this play in lots of people are repeated and nobody showed up some of my books, events, which, thankfully people do show up. Thank you by the way. If you ever come out one my book events, but I do
no less. If I do every event the number of hours rupees compared to the number of people who actually show up it's a huge difference, I can have a hundred people rsvp in, like fifty people actually show up it's pretty good, so I do think you'll be different if I charge for those tickets in some kind of going back and forth on dry experiment with a paid ticket model. For me, my objective is always to reach as many people as possible. So historically, I've always thought like the best thing to do is to do it for free, but maybe it's not always the smartest approach, so something for me to think about. Maybe something for somebody also think about as well. I thank you so much for listing inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better that we show notes horizontal school dot com, slash one thousand fifteen, there's one zero one. Five everything I mentioned will be linked up their way back to Morrow the weekly recap and a whole set of stories or next week. My name is critical of.
And this is sort of school from the onward project.
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