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#104 - Show Me the Honey: Houston Beekeeper Buzzes to $4,000/Month


In this buzzworthy episode, a Texas woman creates a $4,000/month side hustle as an advocate for sustainable honeybee habitats.

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Greetings and welcome back to cite a source for I am your host crystal above. Are you lt, I potential light. We ever heard that word. A multi potential light is someone who likes to do more than one thing which is kind of like a lot of us. If not all of us, you can also think about, in contrast to being a specialist, so someone is especially This is really good. At one thing, someone who's a multi potential light is interested in several things just strong in one area that I've always identified with this concept. Better or worse. I've done a lot of different projects. They all having had the same focus is actually a book about this concept coming out soon by Emily Wop Nick, it's called how to be everything. A guide for the. You still don't know what they want to be when they grow up love that title until they were talking about a aside hustle, of course, but today's featured story has done a lot of different things. There have been multiple career moves
dozens of job titles. Finally settling in as an entrepreneurial cheese, monger and beekeeper she also to certain and optimization and rents. Spare bedroom on urban be probably bunch of other stuff too, but we're going to focus on the bees. What's all the buzz about I'll, tell you right after this, the city at Houston, Texas, America's fourth largest metropolitan area, is known as the birthplace of beyond NASA Johnson Spaceflight Centre, a lot of large trucks and automobiles, but until recently it was not known as a thriving hub for bees. In fact, there was no beekeeping. Service anywhere in the city, and this was a crisis of beekeeping service? Is where the keeper installs and maintains be hives on your property, whether residential or commercial,
similar to a landscaper or a swimming pool service. The beekeeper visits the hives regularly to look after the bees and collect the honey and that's where it Nicole burgers. Our queen bee for today enters the story. Nicole, discovered beekeeping, while working as an S, YO, specialist and- his monger? You heard that right, a cheese longer is someone who sells cheese and a beekeeper is well someone who manages hives and collects honey if you'd like learn a new word for the day. This person is also cod appearest anyway, through her job as a cheese monger Nicole, had seen, customers turn up their nose at honey varietals that just weren't local enough. She also knew local beekeepers that were giving their honey away, because I didn't not a market it, so she wanted to fix it. Both these problems She started and indigo crowd. Funding campaign called be to be honey, collective with the mission to prove
a healthy, sustainable habitat for honeybees and promote urban beekeeping and education. Is this a hobby nope? It is an income generating aside hustle. This project actually brings in a lot of sweet cash, especially during the high season. I asked Nicole, tell me how it works. Show me the honey and she said press mind your own beeswax, while not really she was actually very helpful and for, Right monthly revenue in the honey hustle varies depending on season and number of clients. The call is currently managing forty two hives, when is just getting started in the losses, and she made five hundred dollars a month. She's now working toward forth thousand dollars a month with Afore client base, and this doesn't Include sales of honey itself that sweet component also averages five hundred to twelve dollars a month. All that income takes a bit of the sting out of the start of costs. To get going Nicole, withdrew five thousand dollars from her fibre. One came, but she also had that indigo campaign that raised
and thirteen thousand dollars based on that promise of bringing the first calmer beekeeping service. To Houston. Nicole, is quick to point out that her job is not alibi. Eating, cheese and honey, though that would be awesome. She also has to do accounting scheduling legal and insurance work, not to mention the real risk of being stung by very population she's trying to serve still. She loves me able to go outside each day to do something for the environment, while creating opportunities for new beekeepers and raising interest in protecting the local honey Bee population and because one side, hustle is not enough for a multi potential lights like Nicole she's, so busy with several other projects, helping a professor launch tabletop game on Kickstarter running out the master women are apartment on Urban B and producing events, used in Derry Maids Cheese shop, just to keep her cheek skills, sharp as you know, you can make up to four thousand dollars a month. Looking after bees and a big city, I certainly do
and I also didn't know what an api is. But now I do and you do too and speaking of you, how are things going over there are you just I'm going about searching for your site. Hustle hive, listen, I'm gonna, be a bus kill. I wanna keep waxing on you have work to do. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. I hope you enjoy this episode. If you'd like to see the show notes for today go to sign a school dotcom, slash one zero for you can learn beekeeping, and if you live in Houston, you want to get some bees on your property. While I know someone who can help to leave a comment or question for the show Give me a call in a hustle hotline. It's eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle, that's eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three
listening. I'm preschool about all buzz back tomorrow with another exciting episode.
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