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#1124 - Q&A: How can I sell flash cards to pharmacy students?


This listener has made a set of flash cards to help pharmacy students memorize generic drug names, but is having a hard time finding her market. What should she try?

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com. Flash flexible This week we have been looking at deciding on an idea, as part of that process think about your I'd, your customer, who is best suited for this product or service of yours? Sometimes people worry that the market they ve chosen is too small, actually think you should have the opposite. Worry that you're trying to reach so many people that your offer isn't specific enough. Welcome dishonest or school. My name is critical about the listener who called in today has made a set of flashcards to help pharmacy students memorize generic drug names, but as having a hard time finding her market. Why should she try next
how Chris my name is nor either watching five also constantly two thousand seventeen my site, also his farm accuse, which is a set of flash cards that you. The monarchs and pictures to make it easier to memorize branded generic drug names. I have them upon Etsy for now just to test the waters. My quest for you is how do I find and market to a very specific and small audience my product really only as performs informs me that vision, students and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be defined interested people. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much by party figure, much your I'm so glad you're out there. I actually think this is a really interesting project with some real potential. I really like the targeted focus, in other words, it reminds me of a story we did long ago, so episode, one thirty, seven, one. Three and thirty, seven about a guy named MIKE Benkovich action, Never writers now, but he wasn't at the time and in one of his other projects,
We a course on learning anatomy for pre met students. They turn into a long term passive income source where for years would earn anywhere between seven hundred in a thousand dollars a month without doing a lot. If I recall correctly that project os, featured a lot of new monarchs and pictures just like Norris Project. Now, of course, restoring she's not finding initial success, so what we have here is an interesting. Presumably helpful product in search of its market. So let's look at each of those things. First of all, I would get some feedback on the cards themselves, like what's assume that, nor how some background in this field- that was my sense from listening to the question hour. She knows some people in this field, so I would make sure that this study aid really is helpful to them. I go and get some real feedback from these pharmacy. In pharmacy text, students you make any changes are twigs and once you feel confident in it
Are you, then you focus your time on finding where the target audience might look for study eight and on that topic, my senses. It she's not looking at the right place, because where do pharmacy and pharmacy text, students hang out online, but I dont know for sure, but I'm guessing its not Etsy.
And nothing wrong with using at sea or any other platform to test the waters, just like she said, but if you really want to find these students, I would imagine that there are two sources to places where students might be attracted to this particular resource. The first one is specific forums or resource sites for pharmacist or pharmacy students. I dont know exactly what those are, but in just about every field, there is some sort of forum. Some sort of message board is usually multiple ones, they might be. Facebook groups are slack groups or independent forums, but there has to be something out there. That's the first source. The second one is just through general web browsing because I'd again, I dont think people go to Etsy and look for something like this, but I would imagine that somebody who's in pharmacies school might search on Google for pharmacy study, eight origin, Yorick Drug Mobilization Guide, which is exactly what nor a selling not what comes up when you search for those terms, that's the kind of research I would do.
It is possible to go and look towards where you see how many people are searching for this particular search phrase, and then, of course, you look at the results and see. Ok, what are the other sites ranking for that? I think that's the path to go down and nor needs to be ranking for these terms in search engine results, or at least what say would help a lot if she did, because over time it can bring her free, targeted traffic bring your freight traffic is exactly the kind of person if she's trying to reach, and it would be much better for her website to be ranking rather than just an Etsy page or something else and another platform. So those are my suggestions. First, let's make sure the poor to solid, has judged by the intended audience and then look at getting away from other platforms and to a more direct source of reaching this audience thanks again. Nor good luck, let us know it happens. Listers the other question: it's pretty simple, just come to satisfy school dot, com, slashed questions
metering them throughout the year, along with updates from other listeners as they launch their projects. This has been a soda On twenty four, I hope you are enjoying our newly remix format. You come back tomorrow and make sure you're subscribed. My name is critical about, and this is so it all school. From the onward projects.
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