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#1136 - CLASSROOM: Roadmap to Launch (What Lies Ahead)


You’ve got an idea … now what? In this week’s CLASSROOM episode, we’ll preview all that lies ahead, as well as what you need to do *now* to be best prepared. 

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com. Flash flexible welcome. I welcome welcome this dispersed go about your host. Facade of this war is also our weekly classroom episode to call this one road map to launch like, I should say it with more gravitas,
road map to Lodge Road MAPS Lodge right now. The recent classroom episodes we have looked at different side of society is where they come from categories: how to decide between competing ideas and so on here, and today's episode once again, road map to Lodge will preview all this to come as we go from your idea, phase to the preparation phase to the launch face article, something else relaunch base because that's exciting to now Benjamin Franklin said by failing to prepare, you are preparing for failure by failing to prepare your caring for failure. I don't want you to fail, sets the last time I use that word today, but when I read that club I was reminded of something I've learned in doing major events in theatres and doing this event, world domination summit. For ten years now, and something I heard and like the second year was you know you to rehearse, and you have a rehearsal one way or another to be: don't actually have a stand alone schedule rehearsal, then, during your first performance, that's gonna be the rehearsal
That's usually better to not have your rehearsal coincide with your first performance, so let us your belief in the value of planning, knowing what to do in advance, can save you so much time as you go along can make you more efficient and more effective, often cider source have limited time and energy to work on their psychics if you're a busy person. I say this often, but my market is busy people who don't have forty hours a week to court and quote become an entrepreneur. They're, just trying to take care of themselves are trying to look out for their future, whilst at the same time, keeping up with lots of current responsibilities so greatly helps in these situations to be able. Refer to a list and remember a right. Ok, that's funny! I need to do now is lost if I could do. But what do I need to do now? What is essential so for our next assumption? Let us assume that you have your idea, so I've been talking about so far in the series and like maybe even listening for a long time, and you actually have lots
by the US, but the point is that you have a dignified of one to work on. One idea to work on during the season in the very first thing you should do now is: are you ready here step one? The very first thing you should do now is visualize an outcome when I say visualizing outcome I dont mean metaphysically speaking, I don't mean we will nothing wrong with we will, but in this case I mean not symbolic I can imagine that your idea works as well as you'd, like it too, maybe even more like what is that look like that website is up. That store is open. You are drop shipping
You are reselling whenever the thing is that you're doing Jeff customers, you have clients. Are you trying to make sales? Are you trying to grow you're following an influence whatever? It is? Imagine the final outcome of that process. You have the customers, you had the clients, you have the followers that she felt pretty get so step. One visualizing outcome and here is step to shockingly. It is directly connected to step one step to ask yourself what has to happen for that outcome. Occur again. This is meant to be very practical. Okay, so let's keep it grounded our customers buying something from you online. Well, in that case, presumably Unita website, most likely you need a shopping, cart or maybe you're sighing through a third party platform. It that's the case. You still needed account there and, of course you need the product itself. If it is a service business, will you have a workflow of how to provide it.
Well, which we're gonna talk about later in the series. Well, you need an online calendar for people to schedule appointments. These are just a couple of examples. There could be a kind of thing: that you need, you might not even know what all of them are until you're in the process. But if you visualize that outcome, I bet you can at least a dinner by several of the major tasks will be to tackle in the coming weeks and months. So the components of your preferred outcome odds. Are there a number of things again website shopping, cart, payment, processor, social media profiles, calendar apps applies whatever else there is and here's another ground rule. Let's focus on what's essential, not what's optional, if you try to accomplish all the things you could do. Do all the shiny objects that you see, you're never going to get anywhere. So what do you really need to reach your objective? What do you really need to experience that outcome that you visualized now? Those are the first of three steps step, one step two in a moment I'll give you the final step and also your assignment for the week. The first I'd like to thank our sponsor for my
the serious completely free to you. Are I we're back our entity that critical Step three, but first recap: step number: one: visualizing outcome: by that. I dont mean metaphysically speaking, I mean not symbolic practical grounded Imagine your idea works as well as you'd like it to maybe even more. What is it look like customers, clients, etc, step to ask what has to happen for that? How come to come to life to take place without your occur again practical grounded or customers buying from you? Do you have clients? What are these customers or clients come from
how do you get them, what they have paid for all that kind of stuff, and most likely you gonna, need a number of things for that to happen. I mentioned a few things website, social media profile, etc. That list there and then beginning to think. Ok, what are they tools and resources? I need to achieve that. Preferred outcome so step three here. It s ties of altogether right this down document your plan of action. I know it's simple, but it's important because you need a plan of action. Acacia use a journal is a paper not book piece of paper use your favorite digital notetaker, whether its ever note, Google, docs or something else
or even dictate your road map using a voice memo if you're on a girl like that method, right on a list of all the things you need at least all the ones you can think of. Dont worry, there's stuff, it's gonna come up as we go along. That's ok, that's normal and also remember. Nothing is set in stone here, ok, but it will give you something to come back to as we go along. It will be a checklist, a guide post and to do list because you're busy right and it's important to use your time well, each classroom feature will include an assignment coming up next week, relegate messaging, not just what you say: it's how you say it and, of course, going to work on this road map. So in another huge surprise, your assignment is to crack you road map to launch craft. Your roadmap, two lines,
identify at least forty six tasked you'll need to complete in order to launch a new product or service and don't just identify them, make sure you ve got them written down somewhere wherever is best and most convenient for you right, that's it. You can read notes for this in every classroom episode this year at Satisfy school dot, com slashed classroom. This one specifically has been episode. Eleven thirty six can always just go to satisfy school dot com, slash the number of the episode that would be wait for it satisfies Godaddy com, one thousand one hundred and thirty six, I'm so glad to share this journey with you. You know that I'm cheering you on. I want you to succeed and I'll do everything I can to support that goal right until tomorrow. My name is critical about this is Siders school.
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