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#1139 - TBT: “Kindness Kits” Spread Love and Draw Positive Returns


In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from someone selling an unusual product that’s one-part social cause and one-part profitable business. What’s changed since we first featured him?

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com. Last flexible, welcome to throw back per se flash. Where are they now we had two names for the segment. Like them both. So that's why you get two names Throwback Thursday, Where are they now, where we take an in depth? Look at someone whose story has evolved considerably since we first feature them. Recent features have included a guy who runs city wide, scavenger hunts and multiple cities throughout the country, a woman who leads food tours for up to seven hundred people a month hand more today in our way, future will hear from someone who had an unusual idea. Acts remember when we first featured him.
Think it's been more than a year now I looked at some of the initial notes for the story and I wasn't sure if it was a good fit for the show, that's because at the time I didn't quite understand a project. It seemed more like a fun thing to do. Or a meaningful social experiment, but not necessarily a money making business. Now it's great to do fun things and tat. Many for social experiments, but here on the programme were focused on for profit It turned out that it was all those things. Actually, it was a fun thing, a meaningful social experiment and a for profit project I, rather than tell you, know what it is going to step aside and allow him to do that. His name is Jesse. Now come back at the end to rap up. My name is Jesse Weinberg and I'm base between Seattle, Washington in Thailand. My side, hustle, is kindness and co, and my episode was number four five. One. Kindness and co is a simple idea with a major goal to start a movement of kindness we make
innovative kindness, kids, that encouraging power people to create their own ripple effects of kindness, a kindness kid consists: of a greeting card that has a bunch of really fun and innovative ideas for people to commit random acts of kindness and with the with the kid comes, a few different fun and innovative tools and goodies to help sort of it this entire process, the site I saw, was sort of an inspiration from my grandfather who navigated his life with the ultimate kindness. So through his actions, not his words, he helped teach me. And many others know what true kindness means, and I got sort of obsessed with the idea of how powerful kindness as a concept is- and I think it's really interesting how little effort it takes to do something kind for someone else, but how
powerful that can be and how it can really change someone's you know today or or month or even life. So I think it's a it's. A kindness is a concept that they got me very excited, and I to figure out a way to empower others to commit more acts of kindness. My current day, job as I run a digital marketing agency, as well as a travel website. So that's what I spend my data day doing, but learning that my passion, you know is revolving around this kindness project and it's something that I really eventually want to sort of put all of my efforts into so right now. This kindness and co project is a side hustle, but I'm hoping to sort of transition out of my agency and into this full time event
chances are, if you're passionate about something you probably know a lot about it and, probably to a degree you're, an expert of some sort of or a thought leader from there are you. Creates really special content around that subject matter that you know so much about. If you love cooking, you know you could compile a famous recipe from every state You are saying and turn it into a set of fifty postcards and have that you know that beautiful content designed and turned into a great product. If you love whisky, you could create a whiskey, get containing all the essential whisky drinking products. P s. If you love marketing, you could create a marketing one on one chat, with your knowledge and from there I'd recommend finding a great graphic designer to lay out your content ideas in a beautiful way, and after that you can. You can turn that into some sort of physical product of of some sort of like a postcard, a kid
a book card and the result is a beautiful, saleable product. That would be a pity. To anyone in the world who is also interested in that subject matter. So film has been sort of a big headache throughout this whole process. Originally, I was doing it all myself from my house and then I would. I have friends doing it for me in family, doing it for me when I wasn't around and just as recently decided to take to work with
fulfilment, arrive or someone who can handle all the receiving of the inventory and then send it out to customers in an effective way. Passing. Thank you. So much Jesse pillars, updates and Allister's. Jesse actually has a special offer for you. It is the best kind of special offer, its actually free place. It's gonna be free for the first wondered people, so here's how it works. The first one of their people that contact him by email, Gimme. That email address in a moment. He's gonna, send you. Five kindest gets which sell every down his website or twenty dogs, and all he asked if you find a kind of get inspiring, that you share your story of doing something kind for someone else, that's it! So, if your interested the first one in four people, email info at kindness in co, dot com to get your free kids, that is info, kindness and co, dot com, so kindness and co dot com to get your free kits
I am grateful to Jesse for helping us out with this segment and for that kind offer we're gonna, keep doing these new segments throughout twenty twenty. Let me know what you think and who you'd like to see featured from our archives of more than one thousand stories: If you got a question or to update us about your hustle, just come to sorrowful school dot com questions for a future all of these things throughout the year- and today's know it's all right side, hustle school com, one thousand one hundred and thirty nine thanks again and be kind. My name is crystal about. This is side hustle school. From the onward projects.
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