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#118 - Los Angeles Designer Runs Mobile Yoga Studio


An on-location, by appointment yoga studio helps a UX designer earn an additional $40,000 a year working only a few hours each week.

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Hello and welcome this inside us all school, I'm preschool about once again here, if you today to tell you a story about someone who is not necessarily and entrepreneurs have a regular job, but because they want to have aside income, they recognise the value of that. All sorts of reasons. They have an idea and then they take action on it get the idea. How do they do it? What have as a result, that's my trying to do and shall not a day story. Bout, a mobile yoga studio, which is one of those brilliant concept that, as soon as you hear it, you pretty much know what it's about recently had a story about. A ten minute work out that similar in the sense that, once you hear that praise work out. You know it. As you see, the benefit right away, so a story. This LOS Angeles designer who starts immobile yoga studio has also, To this day, the people have to exercise more or less their desired Sizemore in the midst
a busy life. So if you're, busy and you're working for company, you don't have time to get in your car and try to achieve plant around someone else's schedule, etc. While this post has provided a solution, their story in just a moment, today, story comes from Mckenna row from LOS Angeles she's. A u ex product designer sighed, she does music production and she so runs shock refined, which is what level Today, Shocker five offers of all yoga meditation classes by appointment to school, Officers and organizations it all started, Mckenna had owned and operated a physical yoga studio in two thousand and eleven. During that time able to work with some of the best instructors in the city and observe, They worked with students of all levels and body types. This gave her a strong group of good teacher. To tap into for this new unconventional endeavour, and it was Mackenzie granite scale for her day. Job doing use
experience in front in development that helped her with the steps to start the business side of things coming up with the brandy getting the website domain commissioning logo and branding starting a wordpress blog and paying close attention to important terms for search engines now on point while she was doing some research Mckenna discovered that Mobile yoga, in LOS Angeles, was a common search term for companies. Looking too yoga at their offices, she also discovered terms like you're good at the office, corporate yoga and kids Yoga she built her blog around these terms so that she can, I'm an authority site and receive traffic when people search for those raises, she also you male chant to collect emails on the website and focused on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for social media? When she first started Mckenna offered some free yoga classes, advertise through other channels, the website, the email, social media and some small local press that a friend who worked at a pr agency helped to require.
This allowed her to get experiencing feedback from users, and she also connected with a company called helped dimensions which produces health ferris for various businesses. That We invite a shocker five to present their services at those events and led to a lot of introductions. She brings them up the August studio to start ups and traditional companies haze the teachers well, and then she keeps twenty percent aside from paying the teachers her operating expenses are very low, and this year sacrifices tractor earn between forty and fifty thousand dollars, which Mckenna is rightly proud of especially since the only puts in a few hours a week, working on a hustle, that's great, because her full time job takes fifty hours. Week, so she knew and she set this up. She would have to do it in a way that will require a lot of ongoing time from her. That's why she worked with US yoga teachers. She is essentially the coordinator in point of contact and they are the ones actually going out on site and working with students. She actually does have Flexibility, everyday job, so she's been able Take several unpaid absences because the site I was giving an extra income for now. She want
to continue running music and expand, mobile yoga studio into kids Yoga she believes is another opportunity just waiting to be explored. So, as I said When you hear Mobile yoga studio, you know it. Right away, then you could probably see what's popular, because yoga itself is very popular. Especially in a major metropolitan area, like LOS Angeles, there's a lot of people who would like to do Edward. Do it more and there's not a busy people working party Fifty three sixty hours a week or more stressful jobs, so their company providing us as an option can be a real benefit. Now is thinking about this because a food truck story coming up next week, so dumping talked about before on the show and between that and this feature It reminded me at one time I was in San Francisco
I saw a haircut truck parked outside of start up and I thought, What a great idea here, you have all these people in this big building, we're working all day, a lot of em don't have time to get a haircut and retired. At the end day, and maybe they can't make an appointment, but there you can walk. Side, you see the haircut truck once again. You know it and what it is you maybe thank you know when people are busy, but they still gonna take care of themselves. They stolen. Precisely still gonna get their haircut. What can you bring to them huh make your lives easier what we see in a story with a great result: forty thousand dollars a year, a net income working only a few hours a week It doesn't always happen that way, but if even owing to the show. You also know it's not totally abnormal either for the whole. To think about is what are these success stories haven't common there not just accept there are so many. What can you learned from them? Can you a fire to your life? That's all inspiration is good but inspiration, action is so much better or more
Mckenna in shock or five. Today's episode no are at sight of school dotcom, slash one eighteen one. One eight have something fine coming. Free tomorrow is about a star wars, themed photographer, so lots of attack, do weddings and portraits- and that's fine of course, but guy has found a creative approach, I'll be right back without tomorrow. To see, then I'm critical about the societal skull.
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