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#1250 - Q&A: How do you grow a podcast without spending money on ads?


If a podcast falls in the forest, will anyone hear it? This listener wants to know how to grow his new show—without handing over buckets of money to Google and Facebook.

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Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top portal, for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability and those in the top portal for gender diversity or twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, dot com. Flash launch with she s about gas balls in the forest, will anyone here it I've been wondering for centuries. Also, what is the sound of one podcast clapping? While this listener I want to know how to grow his new show without spending money on ads. He's worried that without dropping ash into Google or Facebook pockets. No one will pay attention while proportionately That's a mighty, isn't comments and, by the way, quick side note this guy's homer court
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You can relax knowing you're getting a homeland that fits your life visit rocket mortgage dot com, slash hustle, because when you need a mortgage, the fits your life rocket can call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing, Lindore licence in all fifty states, Enigma less consumer access, dot, number three zero. Three zero a Christmas is even having from Billings Montana, and I've been listening to the show for about two years now my side, hustlers podcast, I spent my first three months making sure the audio quality Top notch, in that I was growing in my interview, skills and now to grow the shows community and did my toe into the world of advertising. So I have two questions related to podcast growth. First, I want to know how I can grow a show organically, without putting money into Google or Facebook adds I want to go.
Only from word of mouth and a strong social media brand, and I'm wondering if you think this is naive or misguided. Second, could you explain the difference between affiliate advertising versus directs concerts ship and how each works for upon cast was the process for signing each kind? and should my add some different when I'm reading for one or the other can't wait to hear from you and thanks and for all you do that decide how so community haste even what's good. Thanks. So much of the question and congratulations on moving forward with this podcast. So, let's see what do I think I think well I'm sorry to say, but I d Leave Stephen is pretty naive and misguided, and best thing we can do is, is kind of empty savings account and give it all to Facebook and Google. Just let me know how that goes: deepen, ok and second don't actually do that. I don't think it's naive or misguided at all. To think that you can grow your brand, your pie cast or whatever it is without
giving all that money over to Google and Facebook, which often that's what happens to be honest and that there is a time and a place. Spend money I adds by so many people waste so much money. They just gonna, go into the ether and doesn't really produce any kind of return when it comes spending on launching a podcast. You know if you hear a lot of ads for podcast some. It's often done by corporations that have a lot of money to spend or big networks in There is no data driven connection between what they spend in the outcome, so the way that they think about it. You know from corporate perspective, is up we're in a Spaniard out twenty thousand dollars. Watch the show or something, and then I got to go and spend twenty thousand dollars. You know on radio, ads or social media ads or on other shows what that amount is just kind of determines. You know in advance and it's not really connected
the number of listeners we're going to ultimately subscribe and download and such so you know if you get free money from a corporation, to launch a broad gaston. That's great, but assuming that sign option, most pod guests are discovered through other Pica semi, that's kind of how they had cast discovery process works because search engines are still trying to figure out what to do with potash. You know because it is obvious formats and so obviously like we have shown our it's really a pursuit. That's one of the things we try to do to get ranked in Google by a lot of people, still don't listen, I just saw it when it comes to refer everyone. First of first of ongoing check out Stephen show it's called no normal people in no way spelled k and a bit of a plan works there, no normal people I gotta, know normal people that come out, of course, just search where we listened to by pass and looking on his website and yet There are the only normal people you know are the ones you dont know very well, so clearly he's not a lot about his branding his mission. His message spent some time on that audio quality which, as you
sounds fantastic, showed the number one in number two things you can do to grow up, I cast are to be consistent, like you know, to have a consistent publishing schedule whatever it is it going to keep doing what you say, you're going to do in that builds this trust and loyalty, even among us Margaret of listeners and then to find other shows that were mentioned yours, perhaps as a trader exchange or just because you're doing something interesting that their audience would also like. I do think it's going to devote some time each week to kind of cultivating relationships reaching out may be doing some soft pitches and Nicolet. Second question even asked about the difference between a failure advertising verses. Direct sponsorship, Stephen I'm wondering if you mean brand advertising versus direct response, because those the two categories- affiliate advertising- is a bit different with brand advertising versus direct response. The differences in brain advertising, there's a company, that's just buying an adversary, general campaign, there's not a specific. U R, l the people, I suppose
go to which is being tracked, whereas with direct response like you might hear on the shower others, it's like go to this link, specific tracking leg. No normal people die com, slash hustle or whatever it might be, because someone's actually tracking like who signed up for which offers not that kind of stuff. So affiliate advertising is just promoting something yourself or you are an affiliate for a merchant. You are in a commission on it sales. You refer, but the company is paying for placement the way that they would response or ship. So all things considered in this world, the actual sponsorship, whether brand or direct response is usually better. So there you have it a few thoughts. Thank you so much Stephen for listening but the good work keep making your show everybody else out. There he's trying to grope outcasts. Let me know if you workin on. Let me give you some shouts and do whatever I can't you how you ve got your audience I have benefited over the years from lots. People trying to help me in recommending stop. So I am always happy to hear from people since your questions come to satisfy schooled outcomes. Last questions we are featuring them throughout the year, along with updates, rather listeners ass. They move forward with their
Jack's. Thank you so much for listening to you come back tomorrow. My name is critical about this is side us all. Schools. From the onward projects.
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