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#133 - Psychologist Earns $74,000 Helping Students Make the Cut


After overcoming childhood barriers, Shirag Shemmassian leveraged his educational success to launch an admissions assistance side hustle.

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Hello, there greetings and welcome back. My name is about this is school. In a recent episode, I told you, about my unconventional childhood one. Until you lot, I mention dropping out of high school stealing a collection of road signs and planning. My friends yard. There are many other stories like that, and I freely admit that some of these difficulties work self created. We should leave. Even though I wasn't motivated to learn algebra. I somehow took that skill of borrowing road signs, but she's that were barring instead of stealing and eventually partly that into a pseudo career of extended site us but What about me today story is about how, after overcoming significant I had barriers a psychologist leverage, his educational success. To launch admissions assistance site. I saw that produced seventy four.
Thousand dollars just last year. That's Roy right after the break Growing up Shiraz Shamash yet did not have an easy around the age of eight. He started exhibiting the symptoms of direct syndrome in the lead up being formally diagnosed, Chirac was frequently marked by his peers. This teasing, however, with Tougher him as the lack of understanding and acceptance, the experienced as a result of the condition not only from his friends but also from his own armenian american family as an adolescent charade fully understand the effects his condition would have on his life, but he knew it would significantly shape, is future goals and it did during high school in college. His interest in mental health. Psychology blossomed. He began to realize he could translate his personal experience with threats to positively impact others. Despite those early challenges, Chirac went on to achieve significant success.
He studied Human Development Cornell and then obtained a phd in clinical psychology from you see allay. He was able to graduate from both schools completely debt free. He now works as a clinical research psychologist developing test used to assess children for mental health conditions, and it was out of the success that his side hustle, developed organically, his friends and family, had noticed his track record of getting accepted to and in receiving funding from really great schools. They begin asking for help with their own applications. He was happy to help free of charge and then those to help achieve similar results of getting into their dream. Schools started telling others who also requested his help more more people knocking at his door, shrug eventually decided to make the side hustle official, launching she Massey an academic, consulting and twenty thirteen He didn't know much about running a business, but he didn't let that stop him. He drove straight into reading an online articles about everything, from structure to sales and workflow, yellow sign up her course called zero to launch
which focuses on growing an online business as a quick side. Not I've seen this course myself and I've seen it help alot of people summit and that again, at the end and link it up for you as well between them. In course books and domain name. Registration is start up, costs totalled about three thousand dollars. He cut expenses wherever he could launching a free square space website and registering for a free male champion, The offer services, including advising and application support to prospective college students, as well as graduate in medical school students and these services, cost anywhere from three dollars all the way up to several thousand dollars the first year, his new company earn just over a thousand dollars and the second year jumped to twelve thousand dollars. Despite the big juncture says those first two years were emotionally difficult, since he didn't feel the business was growing fast enough, but he turned around twenty. Sixteen when his academic, consulting hustle, earned a full seventy four thousand dollars. This big success has given Chirac peace of mind that if he loses his full time job, he could still support his family through the
business. He saving most of the income is also about him and his wife to worry. When they travel about staying in a nicer hotel, buying lattes we're having a good dinner out so far. He supported more children, students through one on one support, Andrew Coaching and his track record is impressive for college. Ninety percent of his students have gotten into at least one of their top three schools and format school over. Ninety percent have gotten into at least one school, which is Definitely not easy. So, like a lot of stories you hear on side of the school of rock is found great success for himself, while doing something genuinely helpful, useful and valuable, for others he's also overcoming initial hardship and turned it into a strength So, as we have seen in other stories college, it missions is a big business, aspires
for graduate school. There is a lot at stake. If you're going down that path, it's going to determine at least some aspects of your future and potentially a lot of aspects. So if someone can show a connection between their test prep strategy, their tutoring process their workshop whatever it is, it's not a hard sell for anyone who wants to improve your odds of acceptance. The value proposition very clear it also a competitive field because a lot of people now this is a big industry, so it definitely helps to have your own approach to it, something that is different, not necessarily something that's going to become a huge market leader, because some of the companies that work in this field are very big businesses, but that's, ok, working part time and his third year Chirac is built this business too, more than seventy thousand dollars a year, and now he's focusing on streamlining, maybe bringing on another consultant making it even more sustainable in the future. I also appreciate that he has this background of having to overcome an obstacle, pretty significant one.
I think it makes it more reliable, especially to anyone else who had an obstacle that in their way or just happen have the same advantages that other graduate school or med school applicants have had so congrats to shrug. You are an inspiration and, of course, for all the rest of us. We only just be inspired. We want to actually do something about it, not mention this course. If you took called zero to launch, I seen this myself and over the past year, I prefer to a bunch of people to the who prey much argument, really good reviews and, unlike the show and lots of other things I talk about, this is not a free resource. The course is a bit of an investment learn about it and probably even learned a few things about the process of launching a product just by checking it out to see if it might be a good fit for you we learn about that. Just come to satisfy school got comp, slash launch, fell a u n c h, I will and got up on a show notes for today's episode, which are at sight of school dotcom, slash one three: three
I hope you enjoy the story avi cheering on today on critical about four sided school.
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