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#1347 - Dedicated Runner Goes the Distance for Online Training


When a government contractor and experienced runner injures himself after a marathon, he races to start a blog helping others avoid the same fate—ending up on track for his own success. 

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Do you have an email is yet it is the single most powerful tool you can use to reach people with an offer. I use a service, that's both easy and customizable. At the same time, it can help you go from idea to income now listen. This is big for the first time ever they are introducing a free version of this tool is not just a trial. It is a completely free version that you can sign up to use that satisfy school dot, com, slash email, you can add up to a hug in all subscribers Hansen, unlimited broadcast messages, again it's free and then, when you're ready to grow, you can add more subscribers set up email, sequences and more, but you won't pay anything until you're ready. As I said, this is brand new. Just go to satisfy school dot com, slash, email to sign up, that's saga, school dotcom, slash, email,
Green apocalyptic year will call twenty slash twenty and one for the record books. I have been trying to keep habits that help me be physically and mentally strong. I don't know about you, but I've had various challenges and just been a little bit depressed and anxious and stuff here. So in my area at least most of the gems and yoga studios have been closed for many months now or are only open and limited form are sometimes it's like their open for this week, but then, all of a sudden next week you know they're they're closed again, because we ve had another outbreak or whatever so thankfully I am grateful for one exercise I can do without a gym or studio is running and its action. My favorite exercise so that's convenient, I haven't been able to do any races since January, but I've been increasing my weekly mileage to more than I ve ever done before I'm not a serious runner by any means suffer anybody out. There is a real runner. I respect you are. But for me this is real progress, so it's been guy.
I might actually just came back from a run this morning I, before sitting down, to write the notes for the story, which is conveniently about running. Well, it's actually about a runner. A government contractor and experienced runner interest himself after a marathon then decides to start a blog. We could say in fact he races to start a blog, helping others avoid the same fate by ending up on track for his own success on this guy's actually doing really really well. I hired him myself to write a program for me, so I know him, but it's more in the relationship I paid him to do a programme for me, so we look at the story. Dedicated runner goes the distance for online training. That's tourists come up just thirty seconds. I'm excited about a new music documentary. Podcast long may they run created, directed and produced by sea thirteen originals, the team that brought you gangster capitalism.
And rude of evil. Long may they run is a groundbreaking new show, exploring iconic touring bans who had a lasting impact on music culture and beyond season. One focuses on the ban fish One of the most successful impact for in pioneering bands of all time you can bend season one of long may they run on apple pie, casts Spotify radio dot com in anywhere you listen to your podcast. Jason Fitzgerald began running as a freshman in high school back in nineteen. Ninety eight. He continued to train and compete for over a decade until he graduated college in two thousand and six over that time he became an expert in the art of putting one foot in front of the other. His obsession with the sport became somewhat of a running joke among his friends. He would read all the books had multiple trainers and was always looking ahead and how he could be.
Longer faster and better by after graduation. Real life came racing up behind him and it was time to get a full time job. He settled into a position as a government contractor running was delegated to more of a hobby than a competitive pursuit. Nevertheless, it was a hobby. He took serious, and one. It brought him a lot of joy around the same time we started his career, he said: exploring the new world of online communities. For the first time Jason realized it was possible to build an online business based on your passion. He became determined to do just that and register the domain. Strength running dot com, not quite sure of that. Age what he do with it. In the end, it was a running injury that gave him so motivation to get started. Jason itself
goal of running the New York City Marathon. The training went well, as did the race itself. Afterwards, though, he developed an injury and icy band injury to be precise, they put him out of action for six months. But I was tough, but the injury had a silver lining use the time to assess what went wrong. He was determined to never let it happen again that lead to Jason develop. New training techniques and work out routines. Is training eventually became less demanding, but produce better results After seeing his own improvement, he devised a plan for his strength, running website. Convert the dormant domain name into a blog sharing tips and strategies help runners avoid injury. With a word press theme and free male champ account Jason launched the site in April twenty tit for less than two hundred dollars. He was often racing now he didn't want his sight end up at the back of the pack. So from the very beginning,
He worked to avoid that fate. First, he made sure to write articles based on key words that people actually search for. He used Google's research tools to help with this, for example, instead of tightening an article, my Jim routine, he would title it Jim work out for runners, functional strength, even so hated that building Google traffic takes time and you wanted his sight to spread out of the gate, so Jason contacted other fitness and health blocks, offering to right just posts in exchange for providing content. He could leverage their reader base and obtain valuable links to his sight. Links are a form of currency to Google and, generally speaking, sites with more links rank higher in the search results. Next, he created Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts, and cross postage is content to those platforms. As the months went by is traffic climbed. It wasn't until four months later, though,
Jason realized. He was on pace to get paid that first payment was just five dollars from an affiliate sale, not much, but it serves as a revelation. Jason had validation that this was a legitimate way to make money. So he increase the speed of his training, hiring contractors to help improve the sites, design and fix some technical issues. I'll told he's been another few hundred dollars before the year is out by then. He also picked up a coach inclined to the site. He spent the next year running reps, more content, more guess posts and more traffic. A year later, he put together a training product as a joint venture with a colleague which so well. Incredibly, after just one more year, Jason was making enough money should this site to quit his job and go full time. He had gone from government contractor to cite hustler to full time, blogger interest too short years. It was perhaps a new pr and for our non runners out there that means of personal record. We might also hear personal best option
still Jason didn't stop there. After realising the value in selling his own products, he started creating more now through strengthening dot com. He sells guides on topics such as mental toughness, strength, Nutrition, all aimed at runners, you want to improve their performance without getting injured. Combining affiliate sales with product sales now brings in multiple six figures from his website every year. It's safe to say: Jason has taken the lead in the strength running marathon while big congratulations to Jason and if you're out they're looking for an example of an online community that has just kind of grown and grown over the years as he has we're fine things and continue to develop content. This is a great example rights if we take a look at strength, running dot com, which of course, will end up in
swell, and I was looking at the other day on my Youtube show actually just talking about it with Our listeners guess our lister slash viewers things I noticed was Jason. Has this child? that I think I have as well in the sense that he's been doing this awhile and he's got a lot of stuff there. None of it is bad. It's actually all good and helpful. He's got lots of testimonials. He's got lots of little media logos for all the different patricius had lots of different programmes, but there's so much sometimes hard to figure out what is the most important here. There is a really get headline on a site like if you look at the top, but an addition, just a lot of other stuff going on. So it's not that it's overly cluttered is just could be perhaps a little bit more clear and, as I said, I have the same issue myself, so something I think that a lot of people go through after they ve been doing this awhile. So hopefully, all final I don't proven, and perhaps Jason Wilkins we're all trying to improve over here and micro.
Frontier is an audit, what works and do what works and do more of that so few indefinite situation. What is most effective if you got six programmes Which programmes are bringing in the most people are or serving your customers, your clients, the best I dont be afraid to let go. Of older ones, because, as mentioned, we can all always improve whether it is in exercise or our website or the business we're trying to build or or whatever else quality without today, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Show notes: are it's not a full school dot com? One thousand three hundred and forty seven come check it out. If you got a comment or question for the show that would be at school dot, com, slash questions, up you'll join me again to Morrow much more is coming up. My name is critical about this. His side us.
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