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#1365 - Q&A: How can I get more comments on my blog and Instagram posts?


Today’s listener wants more engagement from her online community. How can she achieve her objective—and is it the right way to measure success?  

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Far more than social media, Facebook, ads or carrier pigeons, the most effective tool you can use to reach people with your offer is still email and email list is super. Super important is probably the most basic most fundamental tool you need to have as you get started with your project, but hatred. It's out for the first time ever. The service I use is introducing a free version of this tool. It is not just a trial, it is a completely free version. You can sign up for accidental school dot com, slash email with this free version. You can add up to a hundred email subscribers ants in unlimited broadcast messages when you're ready to grow. You can add more subscribers set up email, sequences, automation and more, but you won't pay anything until you're ready. It's a fantastic offer is the service. I use myself just go to sea so Skoda, Cobb, Slash, email that aside us all school dot, com, slash, email in the early days of blogs companies and also some people who did
nobody better. We refer to hits like website hits. You know how many hits does your website get? This goes back quite awhile, but to ensure that all the time or if a website was promoting itself or they were talking about and websites like this website has so many heads you know whatever the number is. Eventually people figured out that this was a meaningless metric, because it's very precise, just saying a hit. If, if one visit, your goes to ten different pages on your website is that ten hits? Sometimes, if you have images or other media content on your website, you not one visitor to that page- can register as a dozen hits or more perhaps some other words very imprecise. Metric people eventually stop using it, but I'm starting to think that engagement is the new hit. The new website hit because everybody wants to visitors and listeners, readers etc. Who will now
they consume content, but also participate in all the social media. Algorithms reward post. That get more comments, which you know, it's probably like a well meaning idea, but it's also why now you can see all kinds of people trying to gain the system posting on Instagram and saying oh tag, a friend, you know tat your friend if you, whatever kind of answering a question, tag a friend if you believe in puppies or whatever, so today's listener wants to get more comments. Ok, really talk about how to get more engagement, but perhaps more importantly, you can kind of probably tell Miss introduction. Is that the right objective, what might be better instead and what could be some more helpful context for this whole goal? Because, ultimately, what do you want to do? It's not just about getting more comments on your instagram. Ultimately, you
have some impact and sales and all that kind of stuff. So let's break it down in this episode. How do I get more comments on my blog and my instagram posts? I won't let you know about a new book that comes out next week. It's called the motivation code, discover the hidden forces that drive your best work. This book is by Todd Henry author of the acts and creative die empty. Many other great works. I have known tat, more than a decade now, but I'm not sure I've ever seen him. This excited about a particular book, a resource that he has put a lot into it. So again it's called the motivation code. I discover the hidden forces that drive your best work. It's all about helping. You have conversations, make decisions even choose career paths, leads you to experience, engagement and fulfilment. He believes once you know how to activate your inner drivers, which is exactly what the book is about, will teach you how to do it. You can transform the work you do into work. You love someone encourage you to priority it. Now Amazon, audible wherever you get your books, the motivation code by TAT Henry
hey Chris. This is alley from Kansas City and I'm a long time listener. First time, question asker, thanks to you and the team for all the helpful info, my site, So is urban gardening? Something a lot of people have been interested in over the past few months. Interestingly track to my blog is much higher now than it was before the pandemic. Even though I am getting a few thousand visitors a month. Very few people engage with my content. I want them to leave comments both on the blog and on my instagram profile, and it seems that fewer than two percent ever do. What am I doing wrong? Can't wait to hear from you Polly. What's up
Congratulations on the new blog! Thank you for this great question. First time, question Asker love that phrasing, so I guess first things. First, I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I think you're actually doing something right and you've chosen a topic that you know how is increasing amount of interest and it's something that can and you are fairly easily, at least in some fashion. Connect to a revenue model should be something you can develop, foresail worth nothing else. You should be able to earn some affiliate commissions through this project. So I guess the first thing is. I wouldn't worry too much about the comet thing, because most people will never comment when you say fewer than two percent. It's usually something like one percent. So if you actually got higher than that, that's great, you know a lot of people just remember like a lot of your readers. They're coming to this blog, especially the repeat, visitors, they're, happy there just enjoying it. They don't necessarily need to participate in that particular way, and I would encourage you and.
But he also to actually be careful about catering to the most frequent commentators, because you know yes, those people are active and loyal, but they're, not necessarily your most loyal readers, her followers, so something I can't. I used to think about a lot in the early days of my blog and essentially took comments on. My blog is because that was kind of how things were moving more on the internet too, engagement on social networks etc, but whether it is on is to Graham or on your blog or anywhere else. I dont think success is based on comments. It can be another ridiculous. Metric like website hits, as I mentioned in the introduction, perhaps not quite as ridiculous is that, but before we wrap up, how can you get more engagement? If that is your goal, I think one thing that's really good is to create common,
That ask questions Gretchen ribbon my good friend and the founder of the onward project, which is kind of the network for the group of pi tests, of which side school is a founding member. She is really good at this, so she's really go to ask a lot of questions in kind of it's not so much about stirring up debate as it is introducing conversation, I think asking questions
ed. Giveaways can be really big cable if you're giving something away like com it to win. What that's it certainly an incentive to comment and, of course you could try that take a friend trick that I mentioned at the beginning, I would just say: don't overdue, that kind of stuff, because the more important thing is that people are coming to your blog words here, Instagram or wherever, because they are interested in it and because it paid out it has value for them, so don't lose the forest for the trees. Are you doing great anybody else out there if you're struggling with comments, but you actually have visitors, then that's great, and if you don't have visitors, let's focus on that more than comments or or any other particular metric listeners. If you have a question come to satisfy school dotcom, slash, questions were and continue to feature them throughout the year, along with updates mother listeners, I'm so thrilled to be able to make this programme for you every single day. Thank you so much for listening. My name is critical about this. Is cycle school!
probably onward projects.
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