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#138 - Hip Hop Glitter Pendants Sell $60,000 on Instagram


A web developer and a faceless artist in Florida team up with celebrities on Instagram to promote hip hop glitter pendants. Thug life has never looked so shiny!

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hello, hello, welcome to side us all school. I'm your host crystal above, coming to you from him, you're damn today where, jet lag, but powering through her usual today, psychosocial It is about a series of hip hop, glitter pendant, begin their life, side hustle entirely through social media, especially Instagram, and the video streaming network periscope an actual here then transitions into something bigger and better and earn more than sixty thousand dollars. That is coming right up, but I wanna beginning shot out to a new show on onward network that is debuting today,
And if you're not listening in real time well, that show is still available. Now. This new show is called happier in Hollywood. It is both funny uninteresting interesting and you can subscribe and apple pot casts a reverie listened about just the shows, hosted by veteran television writers producers and shall runners list craft and Sarah Fain, who been friends since school and work together for nearly two decades lesson. Sarah have survived and thrived in Hollywood, EL dominated entertainment, industry. They say that, along the way, they ve learned a lot about kicking ass, kissing, ass, an office yoga once again, a happier and Hollywood. I have subscribed myself and will be listening and I'll be right back with today. Story, today's hustle story is actually a too for one. It begins with
Oliver calamitous whose an ip director for a law firm in Florida and one day and twenty fifteen shortly after the Social network periscope launched, he was watching a channel and saw guy showing off some flashy wooden penance that he had handmade and was selling. This channel was called big head custom. Never saw them immediately want to know how to get one, but when he asked What is website was he learned that he, We saw through social media mostly insect. In periscope and build through Paypal and using social. Media for early generation is one thing, but actually selling products through Instagram in periscope can be pretty tough. We have seen some successes in people, doing it, but those usually so much back and forth. That has to take place to purchase a simple item. So when he heard, that Oliver immediately saw an opportunity has an ip director. He knew he could make this guy website so that big head custom could take orders online.
The guy who is making these is known as Christian de it's kind of a hip hop thing. No last name to Oliver wrote to Christie, offer to make him a website and manages E commerce in return for a person to the profit at the time, Christie had ninety nine problems and the lack of a good. Where presence was at the top of the list. He said yes and Oliver officially joined the big head custom team and that's where Oliver comes into the story Christie has its own story about how and why big head custom even got started Chris along I'm hustler, among other things, His sword used cars, design, screen printed and embroider T shirts, and in his spare time, when he's not streaming on periscope he's even working on a bottled water business. A few years ago, Chris started seeing artists and musicians wearing these big blinked out penance decorated, with glitter to make them flashy here so in trade that he did some research to figure out how they were made and decorated, it turned out most of us.
And thence were made of clay and hobby store glitter. The problem was that a thin clay pendant easily broke and that kind of glitter rubbed off on your close, not an optimal situation for the best dressed wrapper press who had been an artist, his whole life was sure there was a better way to make parents that wouldn't break and when lose their shine. He started tinkering around in his workshop and eventually settled on a wooden base with it I'm painted a metallic car paint and glossed over to a shiny, finnish, using proprietary process. He had created a superior, right now, I just had to figure out how to sell it. Despite his familiarity the music industry Chris, was not a digital native we actually had no idea what a hashtag was or how to effectively leverage social media. He signed up with all the social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, any didn't have a lot of success. He tried to focus on Instagram, but he would get maybe five likes when you posted photos of his custom penance. So he changed tactics and his words. He decided to go.
School he started giving away dependence for free to influencers and other people with a lot of followers and hopes that they would pose with it on their accounts and this slowly starting to work instead of getting just five likes unopposed here fifty or more likes than a hundred or more. He finally be to see a handful of orders coming in when that video streaming service periscope launched. He was an early adopter and was able to build a following a bit quicker, but there is still the problem of all the back and forth selling pendency a text message and phone calls lots of emails. That's when Oliver entered the picture got him set up with a website Oliver did that with a free template using shop. If I did a bit of work with search engine optimization, but for the most part he let Chris do his thing on social media with a new website. Chris don't have to talk on the phone with somebody wanted to buy appendant and ass. He said I now get orders. While I was sleeping which created a noticeable increase in sales, and
the amount of time I was on the phone to an twenty fifteen with the website up for only about half a year. Chris, and now Oliver cleared forty thousand dollars in hip hop pendants sales may continue to improve over the next year, I'll ever installed a live tech support app on a site where customers could chat with either Oliver or Chris to get support. If I needed it at some point in the buying process, It's a pretty easy thing to do now include a link for the tool they used in the show notes. If you want to try yourself, Oliver says he felt it gave a company a polished, professional, look, by making it look like there's a whole team of customer service representatives waiting to help out the customer, now, there's still a fair amount of process in the production of dependence. The website ordering process is much more efficient, but it still takes the same amount of time to hand make each pendant. The only difference now is that they can be created in batches, which is a lot faster and not allow big head custom to bring it
sixty thousand dollars in twenty. Sixteen Christie is still enjoying the hustle. He appreciates that with Oliver's help it's pretty much on cruise control. At this point, Crispin couple of hours a day working on independence and social media. Oliver spends less than hours a week, managing the technical side of things, including order process. There are continuing with their day jobs in other projects and what this one they both get to do, what they do best and they get extra income from it Hope you enjoy the story, one of my favorite Josie Legs Lyrics is everybody can tell you how to do it, but they never did it. That quote illustrates the hard not hip hop life. Think it also relates to our purposes. My whole go over this as you know, I hope it's fine. I hope you like it, but I also hope you'll hear something that you apply yourself
so you can create an asset just like the ones you here every down the show, ideally something that money for you, what you sleep, like the hip, hop penance but whenever it is something that uses your creativity, something that you are proud that you have ownership of, even if you like your day, job in replying to leave. You also have this other thing, and that is the message I talk about every day. We are now approach, only a hundred and thirty eight days into this process. If anything, I feel more spire than when we started, because I keep finding great stories and also keep hearing from you the listeners, I know that if you are working on projects like this or or maybe not exactly like this, it's some kind of income generating project, and that makes me really excited but enough about me. This is about you. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. Sure notes for today, including hip, hop hindrance and linked to that website. Tat tool I mentioned- are outside of school dotcom slashed one three eight. If you have a comment or question for the show,
Give me a call on a hustle hotline eight for four, hustle. They should I got that new, showing mentioned happier in Hollywood on Apple podcasts or whatever. Wherever else you listen, I'm just going about this aside us as well.
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