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#1431 - Catholic School Teacher Resuscitates First Aid Courses


When a teacher gets re-certified in first aid after a ten year absence, he finds that compressing his knowledge into his own course will surely elevate his income. 

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I'm a believer in questioning everything. For example, why does quicksand works so slowly also poison expires? Is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous questioning? Everything is what honey did when they made the new to sign with available innovations like digital key technology, allowing you to use your smartphone as a spare keep. Of course you always get hung days, complimentary, maintenance for three years or thirty. Six thousand miles test drive a twenty twenty two Hyundai Tucson at your nearest Hyundai dealer, or learn more at Hyundai, USA, dot com call, five hundred and sixty two three hundred and fourteen four thousand six hundred and three tails welcome welcome to the first day of the last month of a year. What are yours and right twenty twenty I mean I've mention that different times. Let us keep coming back to. I know that most people all they do is well like what is that
in this year. Oh my gosh- I don't even know how to summarize this year, but here we are in the final month. First day, the last month episode fourteen thirty one. My name is critical about this pie. Cast aside us all school, bring you all kinds of different stories. Case studies tips, advice to help. You create a new source of income. That is what it's about here. My central mission here with this podcast is to help you to create that new source of income, so that you have more options to do more of what's important to you through it all comes down to whatever is you're working on some got a great story for you here today. First of all, on fact, did you know the first horse drawn ambulances were used way back in fourteen eighty, seven by the spanish and then a more common civilian ambulance rose to prominence during the eighteen. Thirty six weeks bit about ambulances today, at least by proxy. More specifically we're talking about a catholic school teacher, I teacher who gets recertified in first aid after a tenure absence
he then finds that compressing. His knowledge into his own course will surely elevate his income. He is doing really well got some great lessons for us, so schoolteacher resuscitate first aid courses. That's where we're going today story it's coming up in thirty seconds, stay tuned, new friend or fantasy players. Your day is about to get twenty percent better, still
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more way of life in a job. It's had its challenges, but they weren't enough to keep him from picking up a second job and his younger days. for that. He volunteers and emergency medical technician, known as an empty in his home town empties, provide medical support. Oftenest person ponderous who arrive on the scene by ambulance. This job is perhaps more challenging than teaching but Larry loved. It gave him an opportunity to help people. The only downside is that is pager would go off sometimes late at night, and he would have to spring into action like a life saving the febrile after several years of this Larry was now newly married and decide to give up his empty side work, but as it turns out, the work never gave up on him. So after a ten year absence, he returned
to get back to his second job? He had to renew all of his first aid and cpr certifications. You that's for a local ambulance department and was soon back helping out those in need, but the recertification process gave him pause. He know that there seemed to be a real demand for high quality, first aid and cpr training in his local community. Beyond that, the additional training he would need to get certified as an instructor will be absolutely free. Over the next year, Larry leveled up to become an american Heart Association, approved instructor. Then the next year he achieved the qualifications to become an emergency medical services, instructor other words. Larry could now trained people to do his job. He was up for the challenge. With little fanfare, he made a post on Facebook, page with words amounting to hey, I'm going to run a first aid course. Anyone interested
included some potential dates and times it turns out. He had enough interest to fill his first course. Capacity was limited, but the location wasn't a problem. There had already received approval from the local ambulance depot to conduct his courses. There was Allowed to use their equipment, Sweden have to invest of his own in case you are keeping track. That means Larry was able to breathe life into his side, us all with zero up front costs here his experience? If the American Heart Association, an online directory four per state instructors, there are people can look up courses in their area. It was easier than finding a pulse with stethoscope. Larry wasted, no time adding himself to the directory and soon people were finding and booking his courses with it'll marketing effort on his part between the harder station directory and regular posts on Facebook. Larry was often book solid, but
I had a little time left over to explore another revenue stream childcare first aid once again at no cost to him. Larry completed the blast, certification short for baby sitting, lessons and safety training, this top people how to administer first aid specifically to young kids. This is essential training for many childcare. And health professionals does to increase the numbers at Larry's in person course, which brings us to another point. You might think that covered nineteen. I have a dramatic effect on Larry Sign ups, but treat told, is barely. impact the reason for that. He believes that first, aid training must be renewed, often for those in fields that required for work. They can't put it off like one might put off, seeing a doktor or having an elective surgery, so he is adapted and continued. Offering courses by keeping class sizes, small, encoded, safe
small class sizes haven't met smaller profits, even in a bad month with few trainings Larry will make an extra five hundred dollars. Contrast that to a good life were revenue can increase all the way up to four thousand dollars and again there very few expenses here, the values in Larry's expertise and a service he provides. The time has not yet come to give up teaching at the school and go full time on teaching. First, eight, although he is positive, that day is coming Papa, very says that getting his purse client first person who signed up for the Spaceboat Post, shocked him in that send told somebody else tyre him nearly fell over There was also a sign that he made the right decision and you know the advice he gives people if you're trying to figure out. What's the kind of thing that I can offer, you said I took something that I did exceptionally well really believed in this work
it was really good at it. I gave a law to it and I learned how to teach others to do it, and this is vital because seldom feel like I'm working and people are more engaged by an enthusiastic provider. So I love that I often go the same way myself like I do a lot of different stuff and make this podcast. I write books to some other things. Whenever I am able to do events such as the state of the world- and you know- I don't always feel like I'm not working, but quite often I do quite often I feel like this is what I would do if I have to work at all, and I feel very fortunate to be able to do it course. Not everything in life can get into that category, but the more we can penetrate the better. I think the happier we're going to beat a more fulfilled we're going to be the more we re able to be of service to others and, in the case of your side, also your business or, whenever you're trying to achieve financially the more successful it's going to be there as well, so. I will leave you with that today. Thank you very for being a shining example of this additional school model of the fact that here zero start up costs effectively. Not listeners inspiration is
But inspiration with action is so much better. Take what you ve heard the story and ask yourself how might apply to me. Is there something I can do like this or, if not, what else does it get me? Thinking about our show notes for today are at sight of school dot com, slash fourteen thirty one. Thank you. much rejoining me, here's we kick off December. We got a lot of great stories, a lot of great lessons. I know it's the midst of the holidays in such as well, but I hope you ll take the time to join me for less than ten minutes a day. My name is critical about. This is cited for school. From the onward projects.
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