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#144 - Orthodontist Spends $500 in Facebook Ads; Produces $65,000 in New Revenue


An online marketer discovers a lack of efficient online marketing in the medical industry and offers his services helping one of his clients bring in 13 new clients and $65,000 in new revenue. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Greetings friends and listeners. Welcome back to satisfy school on your host critical about new episode for you today will actually has a new episode every day, but here's today's from time to time I mentioned faced. Dad's, this is a tool that a lot of people used to generate interest, drive people to their products and because Facebook guys are so popular There is a whole industry of Facebook, add consultants, people who managed campaigns for businesses today, I ll tell you about one of them who makes an extra eighteen hundred dollars a month, focusing specifically on doing Facebook ads for healthcare providers. But this is a great market, because medical professionals operate high value. This is not only high value but also expensive, but They don't usually know much about bringing people in the door because they are physicians. They spent
time specializing in their skills, building this expertise, but they often need help with marketing so naturally there's an opportunity there, at least for the right person to day I'll. Tell you about one of those people who produced stellar results for an orthodontist. You talk and is also building up a significant side income for himself along the way that story right after this today story come from south our in Utah by day suffers a manager for consulting firm specializing in employee organization and leadership Development South, this in bringing in leads through inbound marketing and, in addition, part time graphic design, work that is done for about five years now. He spent his things providing marketing services for healthcare providers, focusing mostly on Facebook ass. He comes to this second profession honestly set out. Three brothers and two brothers in law in medicine. He walks them all push through years of medical school while being married with children
He said they spent so much time and energy studying to pass the board exams that they had. No time to learn anything at all about business, let alone marketing. It means at his day, job sat at acquired skills just google outwards and Facebook add campaigns. He saw clearly are these local health care professionals, so he began approach. Once he knew about their online marketing as he predicted. None we're doing digital marketing at all and most of them no idea what use even talking about they typically turned him. An right, wortley skeptical. So he offered to work free in order to gain their trust and prove that he could help their business now, quick, disclaimer, the result, a minute, about Miss campaign are not necessarily typical, doesn't happen the time with Facebook adds like this. We're, probably not most of the time. Keep in mind, as I said that medical services tend to be expensive and orthodox in particular, braces where children are definitely expensive. So South Approach, a number of orthodox and one of them, took him up on his offer to work for free for a month they spent under five
dollars in the month of February, offering a foreigner dollar off dupine for braces this campaign brought in thirteen new patients. Now, if you have ever paid for braces yourself nor if you had been says and somebody else paid for them. You may already realised that this is a lot of money. The average cost was, more than a thousand dollars, so that one can pain brought in approximately sixty five thousand dollars in new revenue, spend five hundred dollars, get sixty five thousand dollars now, of course, A lot of overhead there is well braces or not little product, there's a wholesale cost. You have to maintaining office you to pay the staff at Cetera, but this is an existing orthodox practice there already in this, business. So whatever the profit margin is, we could probably say conservatively that this five in our campaign brought in at least ten to fifteen thousand dollars in profit, if not much more also not just a matter of popping up the facebook out and going away set designed a process is the magic is not just in offering a Cuban
but using it as a lead, magnet and sending traffic to a landing page. That captures personal information- and I was a little bit jargon- is so, let's break it down in marketing language. The lead magnet is just that thing that attracts customers. They see the aid for the cuban foreigners off interesting and they go to a landing page, which is a one page, simple website. That's designed for the sole purpose of capturing someone's email address or phone number or other means of contacts. Now then want someone fills out the form in exchange for the Cuban. This is really cool. The front desk of the Orthodox Office gets a notification and they call that person within five or ten minutes to schedule and appointment. So just imagine how effective that is. You thought this form and in five minutes later, someone's calling you too. Actual your appointment. It makes for very high conversion. Needless to say, the orthodontist was like: ok, your hired for his next experiment. F targeted an audience of around two hundred fifty thousand people in three surroundings of codes. Facebook makes it very is it to do that? You basically put that variable in they'll. Do the rest.
Change some of the variables he may. The cuban twelve hundred dollars then tried making to keep on six hundred dollars just to see how people will respond, not the end of the month. This campaign generate at thirty three lades, so thirty, three people who are qualified in the market for braces and had selected to receive that Cuba on about a third of those leads, became customers and then factoring in the larger discount. The orthodox, was earning an average of thirty three hundred dollars per customer, so that was a bit more Thirty thousand dollars in response to the second campaign and once again, those phone cause. Those very quick follow up cause we're critical to making sure there was a six ass such says that he knows how to do this very well. It is something that Europe works, elsewhere. But one of his biggest challenges is getting new clients to trust him and gave him a chance He says in Utah, there's a culture of people wanting everything done for free or for cheap and a lot of people who could benefit from advertising. Dont want to pay for it and start up costs for sets business. This facebook, I consulting he
just a hundred dollars a month for a landing page software provider and in seventy dollars a month for Adobe creative cloud software after he does that month, long free trial, he charges eight hundred to them not a month for services, which of course, does not include the facebook add spend he now has paying clients and brings an additional eighteen her dollars a month on top of his day job. His goal is to get ten paying clients each bank. Seventeen to twelve dollars a month while maintaining the day job, and he says, if you land, ten to fifteen paying clients, you can quit his job and take his agency full time, which would give him a better lifestyle and more time to spend with his friend
is right. Now. One of the greatest challenges is juggling his side hustle with a day job and his family. When he comes home from work at night, he spends time with his kids and then once they go to bed about eight hundred and thirty. He goes back to work on a side hustle, so eventually he would love the option to do this full time, but first, just like we saw in yesterday story. He wants to make absolutely certain that this works for him, but I thought this was a fun. Both in using Facebook adds to generate interest in income for existing business, as well as showing you a bit about how this world of Facebook adds consulting works. If you would like to experiment with Facebook ads, you can do so by spending as little as ten dollars and that's great it's fun. You can a lot. By doing that, I definitely recommended I spent a lot of money until you both know it and you're sure that you're getting the result you want now that's for you
business, but if you're doing this for a customer client, then obviously the same is true as well you and make sure that they are getting a good result so that their happy that continue to pay you and hopefully will refer to article There are a lot of people doing this in different ways. I will include some resources on the show, its page for you, that is at sight of small school dotcom, slash one for for you not to leave a comment waiting for the show on the hustle hotline at eight for four nine hustle. Remember all this week I'd love to hear what your site also idea is, or what you're working on going to share a bunch of listener responses next week. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better thank you for listening, I'm critical about this is societal school.
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