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#145 - Operations Manager Manages to Make Heavy Furniture Light


A Maine university employee uses her logistical savvy to deliver IKEA enthusiasts their goods at greatly reduced rates.

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Hey their side, US school listeners listers welcome back money, Miss Cristel about got a great story very today. Let me first tell you about a life philosophy that I live by at least one of them. And that is, I refuse to put together IKEA Furniture really not just IKEA. Sure, but anything it requires assembly. I am just terrible I have no mechanical skull, so not only not good at it. I have learned, trial and error, but mostly error that it is. Though, not good for my mental health. So I just don't do it. I love this advice. I heard once from Chris broken a friend of mine He said if you dont, like the menu leave the restaurant and what he means by that is lots of times in life or in situations where You find yourself doing something. You don't really want to do that you're like well, here. I have already started this road twenty to keep going and Crissy walk into a restaurant, maybe or even sitting down
if you look at the menu in your eyes, you don't like it, you should get up and leave and if you're reading a book- and you come to page thirty or many page, fifty whatever appointed- as maybe it's just the first chapter, even if, after you read for awhile and you like the book. You should just stop. So one of the ways that I applied philosophy is to the assembly of furniture. I just don't do it, but obviously IKEA Furniture is tremendously popular and really enjoyed working on today. Story. It's all about A university employ who uses her look: to savvy to deliver IKEA goods that greatly reduced prices, and, of course she makes money doing this I'll. Tell you all about it right This has done. Event has been by the University of New England. For fifteen years she began as an assistant operations manager at the College of Pharmacy.
Emerging operations in the halls of academia and stretch a person, skills, you'll, learn about events, management, budgeting in forecasting security in Brussels This coordination, and in fact your duties not even include ordering and supervising the arrival and set up a furniture, as peg did for the faculty offices when they were new. This kind of logic savvy and a sharp eye to see how to fit things in tight spots served her well she assembled her own site, hustle, delivering IKEA goods, to customers and made a new Hampshire, had a substantial discounted them, but a profit to her whether you love IKEA or hate it. It's probably fair to say that the majority of us, have owned at least one IKEA item If not many more in our apartment, our house are dorm room and if you ve had this experience, you may know that getting the goods which are often packaged in large heavy boxes, is a challenge of its on well when the store is hours away, it's even more of a challenge and paying you this from experience her own
to get to IKEA. Portland may location took almost five hours, but there wasn't a great alternative, because shipping rates were very expert to ship an item from that IKEA Store in Portland Main elsewhere in the state began at too twenty nine dollars for flat pact delivery or oversize items, in fact, their most popular item, a Billy bookcase that retail were seventy dollars. You probably seen these many places, maybe you if on one yourself, it actually cost three times as much to have it delivered to main, which is basically like building a bookcase out of credit cards. So pegs hustle idea came to her enough One day she was wrapping up a meeting at the university and she mentioned she was gonna, make the tract IKEA. Several coworkers asked if she could pick something up for them. In peg instantly saw the angle shears. Relations management moxie to size it up. She figured she could drive to IKEA charge a twenty five percent delivery fee. She would save people money,
and make money for herself on aside thus was borne her side hustle and she called it. Spin delivers don't think there's a real spent by the way spin. As a take on a swedish. Regions of IKEA and she just not thou, be fine. Over the next few weeks, Peg used her operations, management experience to create her operations management company, she signed up a square space. She design and published a quick website began posting on Facebook and she Some free exposure from an article on or business in a local free newspaper start up costs for this hustle were moderate, but she did invest in a used Van the cost about five thousand dollars. Aside from the Van everything else, including the website business cards, so administrative, we're just a few hundred dollars and he began getting inquiries. Some people didn't have a car big enough for furniture boxes. Some people want to drive the long hours and pretty much nobody.
To pay those inflated shipping fees, even so pegs ass. She was still surprised when spends deliveries, First order for one of those seventy dollar bookcases watching the payment come into your pay. Pal was exciting. And then the word got out. More orders began to arrive. She started this hustle October of last year. First months, profit was just twenty five dollars, but now she's up to apply, but of between eight hundred and two thousand dollars a month when she started she was going to die, here once a month now, she's going three times a month and by popular request shall even assemble the goods for an extra fee. Sore customers want even needs drivers that, as an add on service, I would definitely pay for peg, doesn't mind the drive and she likes the shopping, but her biggest light is actually making the deliveries when she gets to meet her customers who Campbell
how easy it is to get IKEA merchandise into their homes without driving the five hours, of course, he's happy customers only come through great service, peg and spend delivers are focused on a customer experience. She sends texts, she emails since invoices and confirms delivery times. If you take a look at this fund delivers website which, of course, link up. You can see testimonials from pleased customers to read about the delivery options and timings check out the frequently asked questions and, of course, get in touch if you're in the area and you need a cheap bookcase delivered peg had no idea when she started there. Actually other people around the country and probably around the world who are operating similar services, heard. Is anyone who like to pursue this kind of project themselves, is that you're gonna need a big, reliable vehicle. In fact she says it should probably be bigger than you think. Also says if you work regular hours at your day, job be prepared to give up party or weekend for this project in speaking of that peg works. Forty five hours a week at the university spending,
of one hour, a day, processing, orders and answering questions on the site and, of course, a chunk of hours on the weekends and she had sought to pick up items and then make deliveries. Says she's always wanted to own a business and make her own decisions, but until she thought of this opportunity, she wasn't sure what it would be. The successive spend delivers has given her the competence to explore other ideas as well, so much so that Now has two other side hustles in progress. Neither I'm require screwdrivers, but that's ok. It's clear that she already has all the tools she needs. Despite my aversion to IKEA Furniture Assembly is really a great example of a site us all, because it is something that a lot of people want figured out a way to save those people, money law, making money for herself, and it's also a replica of approach. If you live in an area that has enough people but no IKEA or anything else that those people,
want some where there is at least one way to provide a solution and to profit from it so happens. I'm gonna use this example quite a lot in the future. When people ask me for a good story and by the way, pegged charges a twenty five percent fee, so I could get this wrong. There might be some variants too, But, generally speaking, I soon someone buys an item. The costs, a hundred dollars, Pakistan, making twenty five dollars off. That item now that's great, but I think it's even better to position it as a tutor percent savings for the customer, because it is so expensive to have it kept or otherwise delivered. So just think about that. Seventy dollar bookcase they too in twenty dollar delivery fee. If a twenty five percent be as eighteen dollars But all of a sudden you realize Pang eighteen There is a lot better than paying two hundred dollars to your happy to pay that we Doing any kind of service like this. It's always important to focus on that value proposition for the customer why this is gonna be good for them. Obviously, peg doesn't need my advice because she's dead, great but azure developing your hustle think about the difference, it's gonna make
someone's life in focus on that value, as you think about your fees and how your profit from making someone else's like better. I think about that, a bit more in the weekly recap on Sunday for now. Thank you for listening Hope you are working under hustle excited to hear about it, as always Inspiration is good but inspiration with action to so much better. If you can learn about, spend, delivers or a couple. Other services like this come check out the shown answer this episode, those at sight of those poor dotcom slash one four, five, that's for episode. Two hundred and forty five so good access to free resources leave a comment requested for the show or see where I'm going for next month. Cider school workshops on critical
ensuring you on this is Sicel School.
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