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#1508 - Utility Planner Earns $300,000 From YouTube Channel


When a utility planner sees his colleagues living paycheck to paycheck, he starts a Youtube channel to educate people in finance—and ends up cashing in. 

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I'm a believer in questioning everything. For example, why does quicksand works so slowly also poison expires? Is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous questioning? Everything is what honey did when they made the new to sign with available innovations like digital key technology, allowing you to use your smartphone as a spare keep. Of course you always get hung days, complimentary, maintenance for three years or thirty, six thousand miles. Test drive a twenty twenty two Hyundai Tucson at your nearest Hyundai dealer, or learn more at Hyundai, USA, dot com call, five hundred and sixty two three hundred and fourteen four thousand six hundred and three for complete details Lots of people ask how much money can you may find user here is the true accurate answer. Many people make zero dollars. That is correct. Zero dollars, not so
but you know what that's probably not the answer there. Looking for when people ask that question, I think the question that they want to ask is not How much money can any random person make on you too, but for those who are able to really break through and become popular Youtube errors with tons of followers? We all know those oil. Is we ve seen their videos and high quality frequent content? How much money can they make like? What's the story with them, well there's one more factory, I would add to that list tons of ours, high quality, frequent content. What topic is the Youtube refocused on because someone who specializes in an hour say national parks, version they're, probably not gonna do as well at least financially as somebody with this. Number of followers who focuses on exercise and wellness, for example, or something that's really closely associated with e commerce? Another big feel like that is personal finance. What you think about it makes sense right. It makes sense and it makes sense,
so makes dollars. So hey welcome dishonest school mighty, miss Cristel about in today story you about a former utility employ whose found something better? Is you channel brought in more than three hundred thousand dollars last year, three thousand dollars how they do it. What is two channel. How can you go and learn all about it? You can see what he did for himself. All the details up in the story right after this quick message from our sponsor stated? This episode is party Ever rising horizon small business days are happening this Friday and every Friday this July come in and Verizon's team of train business specialists will give you a complimentary tech evaluation to help jumpstart your communications connectivity and security plus limited time off is like a new findings found on the horizon. Not a customer, though, even help cover the costs to switch into a participating store on Friday in July for Verizon small business days finally
Mr White Band available only in parts of select cities, five g nation wide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities offers available would select maiden and business unlimited plan terms apply limited time, offer shop in store safely. in twenty six team, Brian Regular, was working as a utility. What earning a goods Heller no fan of the ninety five life he liked paycheck was investing to look after its future. Unfortunately, most of his colleagues weren't doing the same. In fact here shocked that many of them were also had high salaries were still living paycheck to pay check. Ryan, you, it wasn't a lack of intelligent, striving these people too bad financial habits. After all, Many of them, like him, had advanced to Greece.
No, it has to be something else, and after thinking about it, he became convinced it was due to a lack of knowledge. It's hard for people to do the right thing financially. If they don't know what the right thing is He began to think of ways to change that to help people in us our situation makes smart financial decisions and eventually he decided to start a Youtube channel. This wasn't it this time right, it attempted to make a splash on Youtube, but in the past those attempts had failed, and now he thought he knew why he spent too much time on planning making sure everything was close to perfect before publishing and perhaps most importantly, he didn't start with them. Intentions previously had always began with the idea to make money from the channel. This time was different. He set out with the express purpose of helping people with hopes of a positive our. Why in time, but money wasn't Bert Promising himself, he wouldn't ever think it. He lost. The channel under his own name and begins
Videos with his bomb in the front seat of his car, his first video was a fifteen minute exploration into how young people can build credit, and it was not a viral hit. In fact, very few people sought New most Youtube success didn't happen overnight, so he kept posting more videos in time. He increase the quality and filmed in front of a whiteboard in his home. He kept those original videos very broad and cover the basics. Topics like stocks for beginners how to invest in stocks and what our balance. What seem like pretty boring topic. Ideas were created with the strong intent you see rhyme using basic ass. He up to create videos with titles. He knew people would be searching for. By now right must not only enjoying quitting the content but fell, like is videos were actually helpful, so. hi to invest a little money, five hundred dollars into some basic camera equipment and lighting as the months whereby care producing more content in his musing
Just then, and twenty seventeen Reinhard his person Or video hit with a video entitled How to become a millionaire with five dollars a day, the title resonated and quickly wrapped up hundreds of thousands of years. This video provided somewhat of a windfall the Youtube advertising. to reach a certain number of yours, Youtube allows you to monetize your content with that. The rate for those adds varies, but one average suggests that the right topic can bring in around eighteen dollars per one thousand views so per Ryan that one video hit landed several thousand dollars his pocket. He decided it was time to invest in himself and take his channel for time. So in mid twenty seventeen roughly a Europe, your launching he quit his job to become a full time youtube. The main thing needed for that was posts regularly, sometimes multiple times per week. This kept his views climbing and subscribers growing.
Also, by constantly targeting high traffic keywords, more people would find him organically with his constant stream of years right begin. to expand and look for additional income streams, one of which was a beginners guide to investing epoch, which he price at fourteen dogs. He posted links to it across always videos and the first sale came during a night out at a concert, it wasn't fourteen dollars, it was a new revelation for the first time he realized he could money directly from his own content, not just the eyes. They came from Youtube, Leverage this knowledge over the next year and soon selling ebooks and courses became a key part of Ryan's business. A business thriving her, truly impressive, wet next up, as a new home studio, another investment, but one that seems justified since the year to channel and related products sales. Are earning well over three hundred thousand dollars per year.
Whenever you tourist gonna make a lot of money back. Most of them won't bite, as this story shows with the right topic. Here s, how I was keen ratified a lot about what people be searching for creditors, videos around. those terms which, as I said, personal finances related market to go into for something like this, because the advertisers you're going to attract through Youtube's algorithmic process are going to be paying more than they would for other topic, So here is meant by some Ryan. He says, make sure this is really what you want to do. Creating content can be exhausting it's better to leverage a large group of people operating content for you, but that doesn't work on Youtube, so Youtube it's hard to scale. What you're one person opera. So focused on providing value, not earning money. When I started this isolated applying to making money. I just wanted to help people now back to me, as I like, to show you from time to time it's possible to make money and help people right, which is, of course exactly what he's doing now. So I'm glad it's
full circle listeners. I hope you enjoy the story. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today, show notes and cutting links Ryan's channel he's got more than one channel now, but his primary channel at least pleasant as I mentioned in the episode will be assigned a school dotcom, slash, fifteen o eight on five zero. Eight, you ve gotta, come into question question just to satisfy good account, slash questions. Thank you! So much Johnny me today, I hope, you'll come back tomorrow, be sure you subscribed. My name is, Still about this is site also school. From the onward projects.
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