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#152 - Speech Language Pathologist Pulls Profits from PaintShop Pro


Digital scrapbooking is a big industry. By learning to create “scripts” that make scrapbookers’ work more efficient, today’s featured hustler has created a sustainable second income.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there, of its critical about with sawdust school back with you again today for look scrap looking industry, not these, looking industry just in case you gotta, go an enormous industry, both physical and digitally people who scrap book, scrap fuckers are very committed to it and will spend lot of time and money investing in their hobby. If you have this our interest. There are a lot of ways to make money with it today store is about a speech. Language pathologist, who makes me A thousand dollars a month on the side, helping digital scrap workers, work more efficiently, but first I weeklong, we ve been looking at your side, US ideas or current projects less
a couple more responses from listeners, aggressive Bernadette calling from North Bend Oregon. I met you at the sight of the school workshop in Portland in February, when I was there, you- and I talk about me doing some video tutorial down lucky that communication. The people can crack the codes for good communication, hopefully leaving sticky situation feeling successful and in control. Instead of feeling frustrated today might do huge just from my normal life as a college professor, but I am going to record my first tutorial on my phone today. I'm going to go anywhere pass me, but I am practising for when I am going to be doing my tutorials for real things get acres visiting me from Brandon Mississippi. I have an idea for a baby carrier or a walker that would easily
folder. I have two small children and are sometimes when you're carrying a baby does have to put her down for a second to get something done. The walker that she has currently is massive and it can't be moved from room to room. I've looked around to see if there is one that meets this need, and it doesn't. I haven't started on it, yet I'm a little intimidated by the patenting process and where to get materials and things like that considered just buying a cheap launcher and taking part and pretty mechanically inclined to maybe of work, but anyway, thank you for the show. You for what you do is inspiring it's part of my morning. I look forward to Everyday Bernadette and Anthony thank you Serpent seem important recently. I love it dad, I'm so glad you're going strong, definite continue to keep me posted Avenue Mississippi. The baby. Walker does some promising, obviously work there, as you mentioned hopefully as a reward on the other side as well. Let me know how goes will have more than
Collins tomorrow and every day today, stories coming up right after this, Today. Story comes from Carol Echelon and in New Brunswick Canada. By day, she's, a speech language pathologist her side? Hustle is creating and selling scripts repaint shop, pro primary to digital scrap matters. So, what's paints pro and what is a script? My patient? always photo editing. Software made by a company called corral, its lesser known than some other products like Adobe's Photoshop, but it has a dedicated cult following in scripts, are sets of recorded codes, jobs that are executed automatically in the programme, to accomplish repetitive task or to do populations and measurements more precisely that can be done. Manually Carol, oh, teaches people how to use paint shot pro. She works on product. Ring and creation and weak nights in a week, and she holds life classes and works on class content.
It all started more than a decade ago, when her mom gave her a copy, a paint shot pro seven ass. She was upgrading, urgent eight Carol started using it as a graphic programme when she discovered digital scrap. Looking back, then there were very you tutorials available to Shakespeare, said and develops and expertise using the programme to create designs and honour, friend, invited her to teach the scale to a group of amateur photographers at first careless tutorials and guidance on a few Yahoo groups for free, silent. Does anyone remember Yahoo groups? If not me I'm just old. She then The website to host the tutorials for a group and to host work created by group members. She brought the the charging a small fee for tutorials, but didn't get a great response, so she didn't pursue the idea then Kara learned about scripting and she took an online course on scripting for paint shot problem. She started simple sequences using common commands then begin integrating more advanced commands, including some mathematical calculations,. Carol, tried, selling her scripts on an online consignment, store and
know what that is. It doesn't matter because it doesn't exist anymore. The relevant point is that the story, posed a few years later and Karl set up on teaching site called campus and some others and followed her their new members through Google search forums, careless posting in gas posts and a small group of after us who promoted one another speaking. A promotion Carol promotes the storm on the campus site and she also has a facebook page for each of her Courses she regularly posts products previous testimonials and videos. She offers live master classes that are free to attend and Frida watched for the following month. And then she said just for permanent access to the video, with these different efforts current at least two thousand dollars a month and she's now also partnered with corral the company that owns and develops paint shot problem. This partnership happen least a bit by accident after she was tagged, my career, Facebook page She contacted them by private message to ask if she could get copy of the software to give away as a prize. This lead to her being invited
the beta test near relations of the software and now she's listed as an expert on their site. She promotes freebies for while discovery centre, which has led to Brittany, subscribers, some of which event by products. Are courses Curly, Just a couple of years from retirement from her day, job plans to use her side hustle income to supplement her pension? She also hopes income increases, ants and shall have more time to work on it she's having too four workshops or be invited to teach live classes, indifferent cities As I said, the scrapping industry is no joke. It is in fact it I'm intensive hobby as well as a hobby that a lot of people spend money on now. I suppose, technically you could scrap book for free or for low cost, and, I m sure some people do so. This is not a knock on them. Are also so many potential items to purchase that most people who scrap book, physically or digitally above do end up investing in it a bit and, of course, all of us. Do consider and investment not just an expense, because
their reliving and preserving important memories, if you're, currently at least some of that process manually. Why not save time when it make your life easier, took her as identified that need. It is building an entire suite of solutions for that need making something that is valuable and help what other people, while getting for yourself, what have you been for a while, you may not. What of school is all about. In Spain and is good, but inspiration. Combined. Action is so much better. You wanna see the shots for today's episode, learn more about Earl and software Anything else I mentioned come to satisfy school dotcom, slash one. Five too, you can to find some resources there, including a free five steps to hustle course. Thank you for listening, critical about four sided school.
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