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#1608 - TBT: Diabetic Travel Blogger Embraces #VanLife


In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from an Irish travel blogger with type 1 diabetes. She’s recently moved to YouTube—and into a tiny home on wheels. 

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I want to tell you about the most fine stylish charged up electric car out there. It's the many Cooper S E, an electric, unlike any other, it looks like a mini drives like many, because it is a meeting just electrified perfect for this or for the suburbs, stand out from all other electrics and then speed up. It's me go card handling with an electric charge, starting at twenty nine thousand nine hundred dollars reserve as many USA. Dot com- hey. What's up, welcome friends, welcome listeners welcome community. My name is crystal: the program is sign up for school today. Feature episode, one thousand six hundred and eight is our throwbackthursday segment comes out every Thursday we take an end up, look at someone whose story has evolved since we first speech with them and we pads, many stories on apart Casta over the course of the past four and a half years. So it's been really
finding go back and look and see how someone has managed to challenge perhaps or has gone or change their business in some ways. Lots of different expressions of that last week we heard from a fast up in New York City. She is defined go dash dot which sells handbags and other accessories for active women today in our its future, will hear from an irish travel blocker with type one diabetes and at last fact is key actually started her blog focusing on how to be a traveller with type one diabetes. I'll say more about that. In a moment, but she has recently moved to Youtube these digitally but she's. Also, likely moved into a tiny home on wheels also known as a ban that she and her partner plan to take across Europe and beyond. Her name is Catherine Orkut see, and we first feature her more than a year ago. I really liked how she and her partner chose to focus their travel blog on that topic of being a traveller with diabetes, both from a practical perspective, because there
wait you. When you travel bloggers these days, you're going to succeed, you have to stand out somehow, so they found specialty And also from a personal perspective, because my dad also has type one diabetes, I fear not familiar. There are two types diabetes conveniently type one type to most. People have type two diabetes so I think it's less than ten percent have type one, and if you have time. diabetes. It means your body doesn't produce insulin. Naturally, it tends to develop in childhood or adolescents. Sometimes young adulthood, as opposed to type to which tends to develop later in life, it is more influenced by lifestyle factors, whereas type one just kind of like all the sudden. You discover that your diabetic anyway, I won't get you sidetracked. Other points. That's how she and her partner chose to focus their business, but what happened since, like what is the role of travel blogging. Men like in the past year right so, let's hear directly from Catherine she's got a few different updates and I will come back at the end to wrap it up
I'm cabin beginnings and from a Northern Ireland I might find hopeful is dream big of a fine, and I would ask those nine hundred and forty nine Ipad hopeful, the travel dog for adventurous about covering everything from the wild trouble. I ve done it with my partner and we also in fires. I point out that it like myself to travel the world. We are it started a universally by five six years ago, have become a fully fledged frivolous pleaded the copy writing off the university of the problem, but will be realised. Other people can make a living from their trouble, but we thought we do. That initially was actually just that. I point out that it probably will be them realise to make a serious living from out. We would need to find more greatly in general
I've already, hence our laughter, the tv right she managed to create a blog tomorrow. Then a hundred fifty thousand peer trees a month they send about providing us with a great and come a much better, the dual meaning. We actually have more time to focus on our problem founded a blog about about overhead, and this would be a massive impact on the travel industry. The whole watch in turn well. We ve got some views income, but rather than get Why don't we provided North Korea and create another rapidly stream, but we decided to create another web by about Paul about a girl little more. The diabetes lifestyle went by and we want to make their successful has been by cover part of an initial these birds, freedom in this battle.
Their arab there's, not a lot about, commissioner, by travelling with, I believe, but also a rascal information, the five other areas with the boy. I think I've been barbaric. I thought that you take me away the kind of The more information than those of another led by the fact that more than medium term investment, but really excited the buyback willing- and we haven't been toppled and ultimately in place where she decided to computers are uncomfortable, something we wanted to do for years. But when you're on the roads, never actually was the time website. Ok book ever felt. We love. I will talk about both and we decided to record everything along the way and a tendency to impart theories that we could use you are we actually got big plan deprived the camp of arm around the world in over a three year? Pretty ambitious
We believe we can a man on from that were actually committing teaches deleted the farm bill on Youtube driver or the world upon us upload videos, in the hope that we can also tell you anything another revolutionary in the future. The biggest challenge currently facing, probably finding enough time to do everything they travel far a couple I'm a bible by three point: seven learning youth had been to Berlin and then leave out of another web. I am for the MAC, and on top of that we are trying to achieve, and I have to tell you everything which is a challenge, A time limit was a big thing, but then the other problem is actually not knowing when global travel is going through a copper, obviously that both directly and dream they travel far, and that is probably the only people to travel in order to find a useful about four with a big boy.
And I know on combat navigating the world come a little bit of an issue because my partner probably is actually british back. This has caused a few problems in trying to work out how to drive across Europe its path for issues of irish British and I have complete flexibility not, even though I have another thing that we have what we wanted. I've thought about around the world. Thank you so much Kazi really appreciate that is great, They travel bloggers getting back into the game just room. really gonna. Try that yourself, you have to stand out somehow the way too the umbrella tries to stand out, at least at first was by four. sing on this condition, type one diabetes, which can often be quite limiting for people but in her
She was like. I want to be able to see the world and go to places like Sri Lanka and India and elsewhere in Europe. I'll, take care of myself, but not limit myself, so much so by making Ray As for other people out there who have type wine or perhaps no simum, pipeline she's been able. Be a resource, be an inspiration and also just provide some practical travel tips for everyone. So now, as you heard, they ve evolved a little bit and your Youtube show it's called dream. Big travel far. You can also check out dream. Big travel, far blog dot com and honour Youtube. I really enjoyed their van tour. It's pretty cool, it's like that, its long. I watch most of it, you know, show The results of three months, a pandemic work built out on their van, which is there are tiny home on wheels as they call it. Miss Van actually include space for two guests to join them, stay and the ban. So it's a! U know decency, ban, but it's not. I don't know oversized whatever that is, but they have bravely remodelled it.
fashion where, as I mentioned, they can take people along with them. There. Have the new website that diabetic girl tat come out, which is Of a lifestyle site about advice and support on living with diabetes, a little bit less trouble focused on that one, so good, them and hope you enjoy this episode by the way. This is one of our most popular features. We started last year so per went to keep it going this year as well. Let me know what you think and who you'd like to see featured from our archives of more than one thousand stories. You have a question update us about your site. Us all just come to satisfy school dot. Com slashed questions. Do us a favour. Give us quick review on Apple pie, gas or wherever you listen, really helps a lot and last, but not now are shown what's today, including links to everything mentioned and more are its school dot com slashed, sixteen o eight one, six, zero, eight,
wherever you are in the world and cheering you on and come back tomorrow. My aim is critical about this is psychosis tool. From the onward projects.
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